Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Priyanka Gandhi's hand analysis

Priyanka Gandhi ias an independent minded and compassionate woman but she is not all that she appears to be. She is no wimp! Narendra Modi called her “gudiya” once and he couldn’t be more wrong. This woman is no doll. She is nowhere on India’s political scene at the moment but the truth is that she is an heir of the Nehru family and knowing how dynastic we Indians are, one never knows when this Gandhi scion might enter politics, that too straight at the top! But is she good for India? Scion or not, if she is right for the job then she deserves a chance. But is she suited to politics? That is the question.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gordon Brown's hands tell us that he is a good man, but is he an effective leader?

As a human being Gordon Brown does very well. His hands show him to be a sympathetic, generous and warm person.  He likes people and can be a great friend and partner. Today he is the Prime Minister of Britain and one wonders whether he is an effective one. Whether he is a true leader. A look at the shape of his hands and fingers gives us a clue.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What do Rahul Gandhi's hands tell us about his capability as a politician?

Rahul Gandhi is a decent person, an independent thinker, has a balanced personality and an open mind. The question is: Would he be effective as the Prime Minister of India? People say that he is being groomed for the top job and that is why this question becomes very important. I will try to answer it by studying the shape of his hand and fingers.

Will he make a good politician?
As Rahul’s thumb tells us, his will is certainly a not weak one, but if one takes into account the kind of will one needs to lead a country, then he needs more

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to send me your hand photographs - Part II

In this post I am going to describe in detail the kind of photographs I need to read hands and you can also see some samples of the kind of photos I need. If you want a list of all the samples please check this page.

These are the written instructions:-

Remember that overall there are 3 types of photos I need. 1) The full hand with the thumb separately 2) Palm Closeups and 3) Fingerprints – all these of both the hands.

1) Full hand photos: The most important photos I need are photos taken directly from the front of the hand, one photo each of both hands with the fingers close together including the thumb (to get their relative length) and one each with the fingers held in a natural position (of both the hands) and that means four photos in all. These full hand photos are essential for me to see the general shape of the hand and relative length of the fingers and thumb. When you take the photo of the fingers close together don’t forget to keep the thumb close to the fingers.

To get the natural/relaxed position of the hand clench your fist and then slowly open up the hand, straightening out the fingers and thumb.

Here are a few samples to show how differently people hold their fingers. You can see that the thumb can be seen only at an angle in the photos and that is why I need separate photos of the thumb Please note that the complete hand needs to be visible, including the thumb, base of the palm and the tips of fingers.

Here is another example:

When I say photos taken from the front I mean the kind when you put up your hand when you are taking an oath. Think of the hand as a portrait of a face required for a passport photograph. Photos taken from different angles do not provide the right proportion of the different parts of the hand/fingers. No part of the hand or fingers should be missing from the photograph. In these photos the full hand needs to be visible, from the base of the palm to the tips of the fingers.

To take the photos, hold your hand vertical and the camera face to face with the hand so that the angle is correct and a proportionate picture is taken.

I also need photos of the back of each hand. (two more)

That makes it six in all.

Separate photos are needed of the thumb as the thumb is usually at an angle from the rest of the fingers. Best is to take a picture of the thumb directly from the front, so that its shape is visible, which means two more photos. Photos of the back of the thumbs (instead of the front) are also okay if you do not have long nails. Both thumbs are required.

Here are some sample photos of the thumb.

So that is 8 photos.

For the full hand photographs and thumbs as described above I do not necessarily need photographs of a high resolution. However, for the palm close ups I need high quality images. If your camera is not of a high resolution, a high quality scan of the palm is required.

2) Palm close-ups: A close-up photograph of both palms is required. Please take the full palm, and this means both sides of the palm need to be visible and also the top (base of fingers) and bottom (end of palm, beginning of wrist) . There is no need to send images of the part of the palm. The full palm is required. You can either use a high resolution camera for this, or a high res copyscan.

Send the images by email. They will be big files, so you can send them in batches. Do not reduce them. You can use wetransfer.com if you wish. You can also use Dropbox. Please do not send rar. files.

That makes it a total of 10 photos of the hand, including that of the thumbs, full hand, back of the hand and palm closeups.

All of the above photos can be taken with a camera or with a scanner. Use the highest quality settings available for the scanner/camera. For the full list of sample photos check this page.

The photographs/scans/prints are for three purposes:

1) To see the shape of the hand and the placement and setting of the fingers.

2) To see the lines, including ridges and apexes which can be seen in the palm closeups.

3) Fingerprints: 
The fingertips should face the camera directly as fingerprints look very different from an angle. Think of the fingertip as a face and the photograph you need like a passport photo. Take the picture directly from the front. Take a close-up of the fingertip with the focus on the centre of the fingertip pattern.

If you get a high resolution photograph then the fingerprints come out very well if close-ups are taken. Ideally each fingerprint should be done separately or two together because often the fingers are not aligned with
each other. Focus exactly in the center of the fingertip pattern.

The thumb needs to be done separately. Again, treat the thumb tip as a face and let it face the camera directly.

For photo close-ups of fingerprints, you should not use the flash unless you have a very superior camera. Take it in a good light, preferably daylight.

If you do not have access to a high resolution camera, and want to use a scanner for the fingerprints, ensure that you do not press too hard on the scanner otherwise the fingerprints do not come out well. Each finger should be done separately, or maybe two together unless your fingers are perfectly aligned and ensure that the scanner is set to high resolution.

Another alternative method to get fingerprints is with a stamp or ink pad (outlined below).

If using a stamp pad do it this way:
Put your finger (it has to be clean and dry) on a stamp pad and press this finger onto to a sheet of white paper.. very gently otherwise the fingerprint could be smudged. Do this several times with the same finger as the first 1-2 impressions may have excess ink. If you press too hard the fingerprint will be smudged. The second and third impressions are often better. Remember that the analogy of the passport photograph and think of the fingertip as a human face. The fingerprint has to be from the front. Angles are not useful nor are prints of the top half of the fingertip. Focus on the centre of the fingertip.

Do this for all the ten fingers.

When you send me the images let me know the answers to these questions:

Information needed:

a) Let me know if your hand feels soft or hard or firm, or somewhere inbetween.
b) And also if your fingers/palm are stiff or flexible. In this you can use your own judgment as I can usually make out from the photos anyway. I just need a confirmation from your side. For testing flexibility, hold your hand in a horizontal position and try and bend it upwards but do not bend the wrist. Do the fingers bend 10 degrees? 40 degrees? Or is it very stiff? Test the thumb separately because the flexibility of the thumb is often different.
c) Let me know if you are right handed or left handed. Even if you are ambidextrous, let me know which hand you write with.
d) Please let me know your age.

Tips to keep in mind:
  • Use the close-up setting (look for closeup icon)
  • Take Large Photos with Superfine quality (Check "Menu" of your camera). If you have a problem sending such large files, send one photo per message 
  • Turn off the flash if necessary
  • Keep your hand still while the photo is being taken
  • Best to take the photograph outdoors in bright natural light
  • Avoid taking the photograph on dull days or late evenings
  • Ensure that your hands are clean and dry
  • Check the photographs on your computer before sending them. Compare them with the lines on your hand 
  • Dont reduce size of the images

You can write to me (my email id is on the right side bar of this page) to ask me how much it will cost you for a reading, and any other clarifications regarding photos. I take advance payment for all readings.

What you can get from a hand reading:

1) From the first (shape of the hand and fingers) you can get an overview of your personality. Any major changes in personality over the years can also be discerned, as well as some major inherited qualities (by studying both the hands). I rely on this technique to analyse the hands of celebs and at times I am lucky enough to glimpse some lines.

2) From the Lines, the character analysis can be more specific and more detailed than one based just on the shape of the hand. Some future trends (based on what the person is like currently) can also be read from the lines if all lines are visible in the photograph/scan (including minor lines). Major events from the past can be told.

3) From the fingerprints you can see with clarity the issues you are destined to struggle with, the issues which are most important to you, the make or break issues. This gives a clue as to why some inherited traits develop and some don't. Fingerprints show the root cause of why you are the way you are. They also tell you more about the activity that will make you happy and fulfilled. What is the right life for you. What will fill that void, and what the obstacles are that prevent one from being true to oneself.

A reading based on the above can range from 15 to 20 pages and at times it can go up to 25 pages, depending on the hand. It can be useful to you in several ways. You can understand yourself better and get a better idea of your talents and capabilities. We all need to see ourselves objectively so that we can prevent ourselves from rationalizing our negative traits or not appreciating our good qualities.

Finally, Character is Destiny and if you improve upon a personality characteristic, your future is liable to change. In addition, a fingerprint reading can help you unlock deep layers of your personality and help you understand why you struggle with some issues repeatedly.

Why I cannot work for free
I take hours and at times days to study a hand, and therefore cannot do it for free. Even if it a character analysis, I spend a lot of time on the hand. It is not easy to decipher the relative length of fingers, their setting, the relative strength of the mounts. I work by taking detailed measurements. Finally it is all about the merging of the different aspects of the hand and when signs seem to contradict each other. At times I mull on a hand for a day or two before I finally reach a conclusion. The time consuming nature of the work means that I cannot do it for free. However, brief and economical reading options are available for those who do not want to spend too much.

Also note that my fees are increased from time to time. Please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com before you send me the photographs to get to know the current prices and choosing your option.

Payment Method:

1. The hand reading fee can be transferred via Paypal if you live outside India and even if you do not have a Paypal account you can still pay via Paypal using your credit card. Paypal is a very safe and secure system. The Paypal icon is on the right sidebar of this page. You will be asked to pay in USD. Just convert your own currency into dollars and put in the dollar amount. The bank does the rest.

Unfortunately Indian government rules do not allow payment via this method if you reside in India.

Money can also be directly deposited into my account from abroad if you prefer this method. I can send the bank account details including the swift code once I receive the photos.

2. The other alternative is via net-banking or a direct deposit, and works best for Indian residents. Money can be credited by either cash or cheque. This can be done from anywhere in India. I provide the bank details once I receive the photographs.

Thanks and email me for any clarifications.

(This post is a duplicate of a page which is here)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Robert Pattinson's hand analysis

A cursory look at Robert Pattinson’s hands makes us believe that he is quite perfect in every way! A balanced and talented artiste, very capable and intelligent. Reasonable and honourable. In fact one feels that nothing can disturb the seeming equilibrium of his personality. However, deeper into the reading one realises that Robert Pattinson does have his weaknesses, like all of us do, whether famous or not.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What the hands tell us about Brad and Angelina's relationship

A comparison of the hands of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston reveal how very different they are as people. Jennifer is a serious, idealistic person. She is very talented and moody as well, with a tendency to brood. Angelina on the other hand is more casual about life, even flippant at times, and is always ready for adventure.

Both are aggressive and determined ladies, but Jennifer tends to be more overtly aggressive than Angelina, although at heart both of them are soft and vulnerable. That must the kind of woman that Brad is attracted to...strong and independent but soft inside.

Looking at it purely from what has been revealed by their hands, it does seem

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Angelina Jolie's hand shows that she is fun to be with though she isn't serious enough!

Angelina, the famous Hollywood actress, can be a little too casual about life, and can lose focus. It’s almost as if an important cog in the serious business of life and living needs some tightening. This gives her personality an undesirable tilt and lack of balance. But she has other personality characteristics which have earned her fame and name. She has a certain force to her personality, she is a go-getter. Ambitious and dominating, she is an independent thinker who likes to follow through with action.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tiger Woods hands reveal why he was unfaithful to his wife

The world is talking about star golfer Tiger Woods' infidelity, wondering why he was so bent on destroying his idyllic life by having one affair after another. What do his hands reveal? Do they explain the mystery of why he sabotaged his marriage and career?

I don't go by the idea that infidelity is "normal" for stars. Infidelity is an individual thing. When a person cheats on one's partner, it shows certain aspects of his/her character, whether he is a star or whether he is a person on the street. Rich people however do seem to get more opportunities.

When it comes to infidelity there are certain factors which come into play. Firstly one’s values, secondly one’s sex drive, thirdly one’s self-control and fourthly whether one is selfish and self serving, and lastly one’s love for one’s spouse - not necessarily in that order. Oh yes, there is also one more thing. Anyone who betrays his partner and is not in an "open" marriage, will find it difficult to keep it a secret. People who can manage to do so are capable of being fairly devious. Honest and straightforward people would find it tough difficult to keep their infidelity a secret from the person they live with, a person whom they possibly love.

Where does Tiger Woods stand on these qualities? What do his hands tell us?

His thumb and his headline shows that

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Saurav Ganguly's hands reveal the secret of his success

Saurav (Sourav) Ganguly is a self-made man. Some might say he was born into a rich family, that he had all the privileges, and he must have got all that he needed to enable him to become an international cricketer and play for India. So how can he be self-made? Well, he is self made in the sense that what he is today is entirely due to his own efforts. He has achieved what he has by fighting against all odds. He shaped his  career without much support or encouragement from outside. One can say that he rebuilt his entire personality. What he was when he was born (inherited qualities) and what he is today are two different people. This man has changed his destiny. His fame and name they are all due to his own hard work, his own motivation and his struggle against his fate, a fate was in store for him when he was born. One cannot help feeling a certain amount of awe for a person such as this.

Saurav writes with his right hand and therefore it is his right hand which revealed who he is today. The left hand revealed his previous self, or rather what he was when he was a child. The left hand usually shows inherited qualities which are latent. The left hand can change too, but unless one has the prints of hands from an early age it is not possible to find this out.

His past and present self
First let me describe the major changes in his personality traits over

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Would Hillary Clinton have made a better President than Barack Obama?

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton couldn't be more different as leaders. When the American people chose Obama they chose to take their country in a different direction than Hillary would have. I preferred Hillary and would have liked to see her as the President of the United States.

Was I right to think that she would have made the better President? I wondered what a comparison of their hands would reveal!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hillary Clinton's hand does not show her to be an intellectual

I had expected Hillary Clinton’s hand to be that of an intellectual, knowing her academic background and splendid career. But she doesn't have that kind of hand, even though she is a very intelligent woman, and if one has to compare, maybe even more intelligent than Barack Obama. Yet,

Monday, November 23, 2009

The hand analysis of Hrithik Roshan

The first thing that strikes you about Hrithik’s character is that he is a controlled person. He can be quite disciplined with himself, and while a part of the reason is that he has the will-power, it is also a great deal to do with his temperament. He is focused on his goal, is not lazy, and is consistent. He is patient, not expecting results overnight.

Hrithik is right handed and it is the right hand that was read to reveal his current state of mind. As he has a double thumb on his right hand (a birth defect), his left thumb was read. Birth defects or malformations of the hands and fingers due to accidents or the genes are not a palmistry indication.

More than his fair share of good qualities?
Hrithik has a beautiful thumb, long, tapering and waisted, with its phalanges balanced and with a good placement on the hand. This tells us of Hrithik’s

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did not get along

I believe that two people, whether they are similar to each other or not can make their relationship work, if they set their mind to it and their basic human values don’t clash.

But even if a couple finds it hard going, for various reasons, it hardly means that they break up. If they do, it is often because breaking up is more acceptable in some societies than in others.

An examination of the hands of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston give a clue as to where they clashed and where they could have had problems in their relationship. Jennifer Aniston's hands show that she is more aggressive than Brad Pitt and more selfish too. She can come on rather strong, as she has a

Monday, November 16, 2009

What Brad Pitt's hands say about his character traits

Brad's hands may show him to be a sensitive and refined person, but it is also true that they show that he likes to have his way. Being the refined person that he is, he doesn’t believe in overt domination. He does it more subtly, and can in fact manipulate people very well because he knows which buttons to press.

Calmness and control
It is the shape of his Jupiter finger and his long Mercury finger and strong Mount of Mercury which gives us this reading. His controlling nature may not be obvious, particularly so because he is not too aggressive and nor does he have

Friday, November 13, 2009

Palmistry Myths and Misconceptions and how palmistry can help you lead a better life


  1. Palmistry or hand-reading does not tell the exact future as the signs and lines on our palms can change - if we change. The shapes of our fingers can also change over the years. This is in fact one of the best aspects of palmistry because it proves that you are the master of your destiny. As you change, your lines change and consequently so does the future. This busts a major myth of hand-reading – that palmistry foretells the future. And that we have a fixed destiny. 
  2. It is not possible to recognize the exact profession of the person by looking at his/her hand. What is shown by the hand is the natural ability and talents of the person. And he/she may or may not be using those talents, the profession cannot be shown. Besides, there are far too many professions today to specify one as explained below.
  3. The exact profession the person is suited for cannot be shown because there are a myriad of professions today. For example, the hand may show a talent for healing others, but the person can be a medical doctor, a nurse, a house-wife, psychiatrist, counselor, or a spiritual healer and so on. 
  4. Palmistry cannot tell with any accuracy the number of children that the person will have, nor their names or gender. Not about your relationships with them. In fact nothing about children can be seen from the hand.
  5. The timing of marriage cannot be told by looking at the hand. Marriage is just a piece of paper, a societal seal, and this is not shown on the hand. The hand can tell you about relationships. Usually a strong relationship can be assumed to be marriage. However, if deep intimacy does not exist between the couple, there may not be any evidence of a strong relationship or influence, but this does not mean the subject is not married. Nor does it mean that the subject is unhappy. The more the impact an union has on the life, the stronger the influence, the greater the chances of it being visible on the hand. For greater understanding of this please read the post on the myths of the marriage lines and the post on love, marriage and relationships.
  6. Minor relationships are not shown on the hand. Only those which impact the life are seen on the hand. At times intense one-sided relationships are visible because it is not the physical presence of the partner which is marked but the impact on the mind.
  7. If you want to know about compatibility then the hands of both the partners in the union need to be examined.
  8. The date of death is difficult to confirm from the hand as death is seen in different places, and is not a fixed and immutable event. It is not fated. The hand can more accurately tell you the natural vigour of the person and the general health but cannot confirm specific diseases with accuracy. A person can live well past the end of the Lifeline and die even with a strong Lifeline which goes right till the end. For more understanding on this please read this post on death and hand reading.
  9. There are no “travel” lines as such on the hand although traditional palmists believed them to be present on the Mount of Moon. These "travel lines" are simply lines which enhance the qualities of the Mount of Moon. This shows the love for travel and such people usually do travel, taking every opportunity they get. Specific journeys cannot be seen.
  10. Migration to a place far away from home, far from one's roots, can be seen although not with a hundred percent accuracy and not in all hands. There is no way to determine the distance of the journey, but people who are uprooted, or have their life dramatically change (as per their perception) usually have some indication of this on their hands.
  11. Specific events cannot be seen from the hand. For example events such as whether you will pass an examination, or whether you will win the lottery and so on - such things are not seen on the hand. However the hand can reveal whether the period you are in now is good, difficult, or indifferent. Whether it is fraught with tension and worry. Obstacles can be seen as well although their nature cannot be seen.
  12. Meanings cannot be attributed to signs like "Fish" or "Lion" or "Trident" or alphabets or other such signs as these so-called shapes are formed by chance lines. It is the meaning of each of the chance lines which has to be read - how deep and strong they are, where they begin, what they touch and where they end. Stars and crosses do have meaning, but they have to be clear and properly formed to have significance.
  13. The hand does not show change of geographic location at a certain point of time, although changes in the life in general can be seen at different points of time. These changes can be of job, career, or simply a change in the life circumstances. What specific change it is cannot be seen. At times geographical change may not have a significant impact on the psyche of the person and therefore this change will not be evident on the hand. 
  14. It is not possible to tell how much a person will study (education) from his hand. However, a person’s ability to study, in terms of interest in academics, enjoyment of reading, thinking ability, as well the ability to concentrate can be determined. People with these abilities usually do study if opportunities are present.
  15. It is not possible to tell the quantity of wealth or riches or property the owner of the hand has or will have, as money is relative. A person with a hundred thousand dollars or a million rupees might think that he has a lot of money and another with the same amount might think he has very little. A man with a hut might think he has property while a man with two bungalows might think he doesn't have enough. The hand reveals the perceptions of the owner of the hand, not the actual numbers.
  16. A hand-reader cannot tell the name of the person by looking at his/her hand and palm prints, and neither can he tell the race of the person. It is possible to tell the gender of the person because one can hazard a guess by seeing if the hand is feminine or masculine.
  17. No genuine palmist will ever draw a conclusion based on just one sign on the hand or a line on the palm. Signs have to be read in combination with others. Hand-Reading is the art of interpretation. Besides, the shape of the hand, relative length and shape of the fingers as well as the mounts have to be taken into consideration before pronouncing any judgment on a hand. 
  18. The hand we write with tells us our current state of mind and the passive hand tells us about the past or about dormant characteristics. That is why the passive hand (often the left in both men and women) tells us of the "destiny" that was reserved for us, and the active hand shows acquired qualities and correspondingly the destiny we carve out for ourselves. 
  19. Hand-Reading does not reveal the same information about every person, particularly when it comes to reading the lines on the palm. Some people have more lines than others because events impact them more. The number of lines is related to a person's sensitivity. Lines are formed because of the connection with the brain and nervous system.
  20. It is not possible for anyone to teach palmistry or hand reading in a few days or even a few months. Hand Reading takes years to master. It is all about practice. It certainly cannot be taught online as the feel of the palm, the texture of the palmar skin, the flexibility of fingers, the thickness and thinness of lines and size of the Mounts are important indicators that cannot be taught online. Only an experienced palmist will be able to recognize these aspects by looking at photographs.
  21. Palmistry has nothing to do with Astrology, notwithstanding the fact that the names of the mounts and fingers are based on the planets. These names are simply just that... convenient names which were set by early palmists. Palms cannot be read in conjunction with astrological charts as they are two separate streams. 
  22. Hand-Reading does not involve any psychic ability and has nothing to do with the supernatural or paranormal. It is purely a study of the lines and shape of the hand.

  1. Hands can tell you the kind of person you are in an objective manner and the knowledge of the Self is the beginning of wisdom. In other words, self-awareness is the path to wisdom. Inaccurate self evaluation can lead to a lot of unhappiness and wrong decisions.
  2. Hand Reading can tell you broadly about the major trends of the past and at times the future. For example, the good and bad periods. Also, a way to avoid future problems can be suggested based on the character analysis. Hand reading can give you self-awareness but the actual work has to be done by you. 
  3. It is possible to see future trends from the lines on the palm, whether they are about obstacles or good, productive periods, or periods of poor health, all assuming that a sufficient number of lines are present. Specific events cannot be seen. 
  4. The hand can reveal the natural health of the person. But when it comes to specific health issues, it is sometimes possible to tell whether it is genetic but the exact health problem cannot be diagnosed with accuracy. For that a medical doctor is the best judge. 
  5. It is possible to tell whether the person will get satisfaction from the amount of money and success he has and whether he or she will fulfill her/her dreams. And by helping making the person self aware the person can improve his/her destiny.
  6. The hand can explain the personality issues that could affect a happy relationship. The study of the fingerprints as well as the hand helps here.  
  7. Checking to see whether two people are compatible is possible. The hands of both the partners can be compared and the hand reader can give an indication as to the difficulties they may face.
  8. Through hand reading one can get career guidance. Inherited and developed raw abilities can be seen. A hand shows which qualities and talents are developing, and which lie dormant. This is more accurate than an aptitude test because aptitude tests simply measure knowledge and skill while the hand shows natural ability. The hand cannot show for example computer skills, but it can show logic, and reasoning abilities, the ability to concentrate etc. The hand also reveals inclination, and this is very important, as it prevents one from selecting one's career based on one's 'marks' in a particular subject. 

  1. Our ego prevents us from knowing who we are. We may all feel that we know ourselves, but the truth is that we often tend to look at our negative traits in a rosy manner. Thales, one of the seven sages of Greece, said: "The most difficult thing is to know yourself." Hand reading can help get you an objective look into yourself. But the person who has to work to improve is only you yourself. 
  2. As one negative trait can impact one’s whole future and one’s relationships, understanding ourselves is important. If it is possible to change this one trait, then why not try? And people will not change unless they are convinced that this trait actually belongs to them. The quality of rashness for example can lead to taking undue risks and future financial or career failure. Weak will power can lead to an inability to focus on any one activity, and yes it is possible to increase one’s will power. Greed can lead one to leave a stable job and venture into an abyss or lack of confidence can make one afraid to leave an unfulfilling and stagnant career. The lack of a communication ability can also lead to career failure. Lack of self esteem or lack of focus can lead to inability to take decisions, again leading to difficulties. Unfortunately many people do not want to admit that they have less will power, or they are rash, or they are arrogant, or they are fickle…and so head towards a life they do not really want. Recognition is the first step towards improving the future. And it is never too late. Life keeps on providing opportunities but if one keeps reacting in a knee-jerk manner the result will be the same.
  3. Hand Reading can also help you in select the best career. It is not just about academic performance and skills, but also natural abilities and potential, temperament and inclination. For example a calculating and logical mind may be excellent if you are dealing with numbers, not people. 
  4. Palmistry can be of some help if you are having relationship problems. It is possible to see why there are clashes. How to rectify them does not lie in the realm of palmistry, but advise can be given. The hands of both the partners need to be examined for this.
  5. Palmistry does give a few indications about the future...based on who you are today. If it shows success for example, it shows that you will be successful if you continue doing what you are doing today. If it shows failure, it means that you will fail if you continue what you are doing today. This means that you can change, take life in your hands and control your future. General trends of the past and future can be seen - the good periods, the difficult periods, and obstacles.

(A duplicate of this post can be found here). 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar's hands tell us who he is

Sachin Tendulkar and Cristiano Ronaldo are two successful sportsmen, both stars in their own right, but their temperaments couldn’t be more different. True, both men are simple at heart, but Sachin is more so.

It is interesting to see how the hand corroborates Sachin's “known” character traits, although this post might reveal some additional aspects of his persona. It could also explain why Sachin is the way he is. In other words, what makes him tick.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cristiano Ronaldo's personality and characteristics as shown by his hands

I wish I knew Cristiano Ronaldo. No, not because he's handsome, which he is, or famous, which he undoubtedly is, but because his hands show him to be a real nice guy! His hands tell us that he is reasonable, refined, straightforward, truthful and trusting as well as charming and devoid of pettiness and meanness. A simple guy at heart, although he can be moody. He is also broad-minded and understanding.

And when it comes to his talent, it's not an ordinary talent because it has the force of a powerful and brilliant imagination behind it. Ronaldo has a strong ability to do

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to decipher signs and lines on a hand

There are certain rules to follow but when it comes to deciphering signs and lines, it is a matter of judgment. Similar lines or signs on the hands of two different people invariably means two different things. Moreover, no one sign on the hand or line on a palm is to be read by itself. Different signs/lines need  to be read together to form a cohesive whole.

The shape of the hand is important
The most important thing is to find out if the hand is long or short, narrow or broad and what the texture of the hand is (it is possible to see this from photographs, particularly of the back of the hand). The consistency of the hand (yes, texture and consistency are two separate things) and the size of the hand (as compared to the size of the person) are also to be considered. The relative length and position of the fingers and thumb is most important.

Once one is sure of all of the above, then one can proceed to interpret the

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mamata Banerjee's hands tell us about her character

Is Mamata right for West Bengal? What type of personality does she have? This is what her hands tell us:

The hand reading of Mamata Banerjee

Mamata's hand and in particular her phalanges tell us a lot about her inner self. She is not a strategist, nor much of a

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Michael Jackson's hands reveal his strengths and weaknesses

I am a fan of Michael Jackson. However, it’s difficult for me to separate the work of a person with his persona and I had become disenchanted with Michael after reading what he had been accused of. Being a handreader I knew I could always search the net for Michael’s hand and try and find out if he was all that people said he was, but I didn’t want to do it. I liked his music too much and was afraid of what I would see.

I did it though, and you can check out a hand photo of his here.  I read Michael's hand from the shape of it mostly, although the lines (which are visible in some photos) helped clarify and confirm and in one case gave a clue to his poor health and the danger to his life in the future. This was something he could have rectified if he had known it.

The hand reading of Michael Jackson
At first glance Michael’s hand does not look completely balanced. This despite the fact that he has good evenly placed fingers with either square or slightly conical tips, which on the face of it show a balanced personality. The problem is that his thumb is not an ideal one and his lower mount of moon is too prominent.

The size and shape of the thumb tells you the kind of will a person has. And the placement tells you what this will be used for. Michael’s thumb tells us

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aishwarya Rai's hands show that she is no ice maiden!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's hand analysis

Aishwarya Rai feels deeply, and if she appears distant, it is because she is a reserved and private person. She may not be a woman of strong physical passions, but she is a woman of deep attachments, particularly to family. Her heart line tends to dominate the hand, and it also ends around the mount of Jupiter. This makes her love idealistic. Such a woman would never marry anyone just for the money or position. Love and ideals are too important to her.

However her strong emotions would make her a demanding spouse. She

Saturday, October 17, 2009

What Jennifer Aniston's hands show about her personality and temperament

Hand Reading of film star Jennifer Aniston, who shot to fame after she took on the role of Rachel Green in the television serial F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

It’s always a pleasure to read the hands of famous people and that's not just because their hands show more positive qualities than negatives ones, as compared to ordinary folks like us. After examining scores of photographs of hands from every possible angle, a reading is finally made.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do Narendra Modi's hands show his complicity in the Gujarat riots of 2002?

Hand Reading of Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat:

The more hands I see of politicians the more I realize that politics attracts all kind of people. There isn't any particular talent or personality trait that appears to be necessary to become a politician! All one needs is the ambition to become one!

Narendra Modi, like some other politicians whose hands I have analyzed, appears to be an untypical politician. This is because his finger of Mercury is not as long as it should ideally be and it is low set as well. He is not that shrewd, and at times that he can be quite

Friday, October 9, 2009

Does Barack Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize because of his ideals?

Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize, and while many say he doesn't deserve it because he has not done anything worthwhile as yet, there are others who say that he does deserve it because he has the right attitude and the right intentions. After all he has made all the right noises to bring peace to the middle east and he wants to end nuclear non-proliferation. In other words, his fans appear to believe that his efforts will bear fruit in the future.

But can we assume that his efforts will bear fruit? At least from his hands it

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What the hands reveal about the character of Nicolas Sarkozy

Hand analysis of Nicolas Sarkozy, President of the French Republic

If I had been given this hand to read without being told who it belonged to, it would have been difficult to guess that it belonged to a politician. This is because Nicolas Sarkozy is not your typical politician. His hand shows that he

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Palmistry Explained

In a message on my front page I wrote:
Don't be afraid of Palmistry:
Palmistry unnerves people because they feel that a certain thing is fated to happen. But when we go to a doctor with high cholesterol or other symptoms, are we frightened even though we know what could probably happen if we continue a certain way of life? If we can go to a doctor without being afraid, we can certainly go to a palmist...because we know that nothing is "fated" to happen. It's all in our own hands.
A good palmist or hand-reader also gives you a diagnosis and tells you of certain trends in your life as well as the probability of a certain event happening...if a certain lifestyle and behavior is continued. The work has to be done by you. Your character is your destiny. Your destiny is not dependent on chance but on yourself.
If we change, our lines change and with it our future. And just as no doctor can predict with certainty that a heart attack will happen, a palmist cannot foretell the future with any certainty. 

To continue:
Palmistry is not a mystical thing
That palmistry cannot foretell the future with certainty is not a disqualification of palmistry. It is in fact its qualification. Because, if our future was pre-determined, what is the point of palmistry or any other such study? It is precisely because we can change our future that we get our hands read. To know our weaknesses and strengths and to see where the obstacles lie.

A doctor sees the physical symptoms to arrive at conclusions, a palmist looks at the lines in the hand to do so. The doctor studies the lifestyle of the patient and asks him to change it if it's necessary and also gives medications to improve the life of the patient. Palmistry does not give you any pill. The palmistry pill is one's motivation and desire to change. Remember, your

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hand analysis of Lal Krishna Advani

It is difficult to get hold of the hand prints of famous people but their hands are often widely photographed, particularly at rallies. Although the lines are not visible, the shape of the hand and fingers are, and they can reveal something about the person. Without the lines I cannot say anything even remotely about his future, so this is just about his character traits.

L. K Advani has always been a bit of a mystery to me and that was why I decided to try and decipher his hand. Even now I find it difficult to make up my mind about him.

Here is my reading:

A warm person at heart
Advani's innate nature is warm and sympathetic, which is evident from Mount of Venus. However these qualities are seen more often by the few who are close to him. The placement of his fingers and heart line show that to others he can be hard to approach and even arrogant, and it is likely that this trait

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hand Analysis of Sonia Gandhi

This analysis is of Sonia Gandhi, the Italian born woman who is the President of the Congress party, a party which is currently in power.

Common sense
If one goes by the overall shape of her hand, and whatever little is visible of her headline, then it shows that Sonia Gandhi is not an unintelligent woman as many accuse her of being. She may not be a scholar but she has an average intelligence and plenty of common sense.

She has well balanced views about life and is overall a pragmatic person.

Her Sun finger shows that she has taken risks in her life and it has stood her in good stead so far. But these risks were taken not because she is bold and

Friday, August 21, 2009


There are three ways to get your hands read:

1) Finger and hand shape analysis: This can reveal some major personality characteristics.

2) Detailed hand analysis: Sharp images of the palm and hand is required. You will need a powerful camera with a close-up setting or scanned images or actual prints.

3) Fingerprint Analysis: Either photos, scanned fingerprints or actual prints via a stamp pad are required.

I have explained in detail how to send me your hand photographs here:

How to send me your hand photographs - Part II

Please do not ask me to read hands for free as I spend hours studying a hand, and cannot do it for free. Also, I get several requests for free analysis every week, another reason why I cannot do it for free. 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hand Reading of Barack Obama

Barack Obama is ambidextrous although he writes with his right hand and this makes hand reading a little tricky. In such cases it's best to check both hands. To make things more complicated, Obama's right and left hands are quite different, but as he writes with his left hand I have depended more on the left hand than the right.