Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can Palmistry predict behavior?

Whether it is possible to predict future events by reading hands was discussed earlier, and this post addresses another question. Whether a person’s actions and behaviour can be predicted by the hand. As personality traits and even one’s inner psychology are clearly marked on the hand surely the hand should be able to predict behaviour?

Actually no. Reality is too complex for such a clear connection, and while this may be obvious to some, there are some who believe that hand reading or palmistry is a supernatural art which mysteriously predicts behaviour.

Will a person whose hand shows greed, steal? Will a highly sexed person be
promiscuous? The fact is that personality traits like greed or even dishonesty do not necessarily mean that the person will make money by dubious methods.

Coincidentally, in this morning Mumbai Mirror there was an interview with the neuro-scientist James Callen asking his opinion on the psychology of the perpetrator of the recent horrific sexual assault on a foreign national in Mumbai. What he said was that “many of us have the potential to be violent” but “the interaction between your genes and your early life experiences determines whether you will falter.”

Let’s take subject A who has inherited an aggressive, impulsive and even violent nature. Callen’s reasoning has two implications when it comes to hand reading. One, that traits like violence and aggression can lie dormant (because of a good, stable upbringing), and these will be seen only on the passive hand. If these traits are not evident in the active hand, it means that aggression lurks deep under the surface and will only surface in an extremely stressful situation, for example if the person's life is threatened or someone he/she loves is in danger. Ofcourse, the person’s judgment and intelligence also come into play when it comes to what he/she perceives as a life threatening situation. Thus there is no sure way of knowing how exactly the person will behave even though we know that somewhere deep within his/her subconscious there is a violent streak.

The second scenario is that the person who has inherited the violent nature remains violent due to his/her upbringing. This aggression will therefore be evident on the active hand and lurks not far below the surface. How often this flares up depends on the person’s inherent judgment, intelligence, frustration tolerance, and also what is considered acceptable in society. A person with a “violent” streak may therefore never commit murder or any violent act although many tend to channel their aggression towards the weak, like a spouse, children, or those lower in the social hierarchy. Personality characteristics like will-power (ability to control a violent impulse), the level of excitability, impulsiveness and ego all come into play. The nature of the violence exhibited depends on the type of person ... is it do with rape, assault, abuse, or murder? Violence can be emotional and verbal. Physically weak people resort more often to emotional abuse.

The reason I wrote this post is because I get comments and emails asking me to predict behaviour. This is not possible from the hand. Hand-reading cannot predict behaviour. It can show inherent tendencies, developed personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, which is also very important because none of us know ourselves as well as we think. Knowing the self is the first step towards happiness and fulfillment, the first step towards leading an aware and disciplined life.

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  1. What about known corrupt people? Will their hands show that they are dishonest?

  2. Well, considering that a dishonest person need not be corrupt or even steal (depending on various factors as mentioned in the post) that is a little difficult. On the other hand, someone who is actually "honest" could be tempted to cross the line like say cheat on his taxes because he/she believes that it is an accepted thing in the society. If he firmly believes that what he is doing is not wrong (even in his subconscious) because everyone is doing it, then his hand will not show dishonesty as such but it may show other traits like manipulation, shrewdness and so on. The hand reflects self-perception, even if the person is not conscious of it.

  3. I thought behaviour and personality traits were the same! I understood the difference in your post. It's slightly difficult to believe that these things can be found from ones hand. We used to say that the thoughts reflect on one's eyes. Like that, now we can say personality reflects in ones hands! It's been long since you updated. Been busy?

    Destination Infinity

  4. Interesting analysis Nita.

  5. Actually yes, I have been getting a lot of palmistry related work. It gets difficult to cope at times specially as hand-reading requires tremendous concentration and it is difficult to switch from one hand to another.
    And yes everything about ourselves is in the hand. If it cannot be seen or is wrong seen, then it is because of the limitations of the palmist or hand reader, not palmistry.

  6. Very interesting post. Answered some questions I've had about this topic.



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