Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A collection of posts on the unreliability of predictive palmistry

The Hawa Mahal Murders

I did not post this month because I was busy with the launch of my thriller – The Hawa Mahal Murders. The manuscript of this book was a contest winner at the Pune International Literary Festival (PILF) last year and it was launched with Javed Akhtar at PILF19, on the 20th of September 2019. It is available on Amazon and on Flipcart, for those who like to read thrillers. It's got suspense, mystery and's entertainment!

Let me get back to hand reading, the topic you are all actually interested in.

I have this recurring dialogue with those who write to me on email. It's usually about them wanting to know their future. I get at least two emails a week on this topic.

Graphic about the future - what's next

This is despite so many posts on this website like How hard is it to change your futureHow much control we have over our futureWhy do you want to know your future and whether Palmistry can predict future events.

I feel like I have been crying myself hoarse on this subject. But the belief still persists that palmistry = future predictions.

Palmistry's greatest use is
that it elevates one's self-awareness. This fact is overlooked. Or maybe we think we know ourselves. But a chat with someone close to us will reveal that we don't really score all that well.

A higher self-awareness brings out our best qualities and improves our future. It can bring about peace of mind and clarity of thinking and this makes us better decision-makers. Self-awareness also prevents overestimating one's abilities or underestimating them. This also aids decision-making.

When our personality improves our future improves. We all make choices in our lives. And each door leads to a different future.

Besides the above posts, there are other related posts explaining that marriage cannot be predicted: The Myth of the Marriage Lines. Another post on Death and Hand Reading explains why death cannot be predicted. And the one on Your hand lines are a reflection of you and not vice versa explains that your character influences your fate to a large extent.

There is also a post about whether Palmistry can predict behaviour. Yes, even our behaviour cannot be predicted by the hand. A hand may show a short, even a raging temper, but it will not show whether the owner of the hand will do a violent deed.

I have collated all the posts here because I want to emphasise that our future is a dynamic one to a large extent and that specific events cannot be predicted.

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  1. Congrats on the successful reveal of your novel, Nita. I'm in Pakistan or else I would have ordered your book as Flipkart and Amazon don't deliver here.

    If there's a link to buy a digital copy of your book then please do share here.

    1. The ebook will be available next month and will surely let you know. :)


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