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Amitabh Bachchan's hand analysis

Most people who lead exceptional lives have special hands and Amitabh
Bachchan is no exception. His personality (as revealed by his hands) shows talent and will, energy and mental strength. If one looks at his hand superficially, it seems balanced but a closer examination reveals that Amitabh is not as perfect as he seems. Like any other human being, he has his weaknesses.

He has a large hand, shortish fingers which are slightly bent, a long Mercury (little) finger, developed Mounts of Moon (Luna) and Jupiter, and fairly clear lines.

Great ambition is evident from his Mount of Jupiter and Jupiter finger and also the burning desire to be
in a leadership position in his field. He always wants the best and wants to be the best. And as is clear from his Mounts of Moon and Mercury, and Mercury finger, and the common sense Headline, he has the talent to back up his ambition.

You can check out one of his hand photos here and here. The cartoon above is a free one.

Amitabh is not just an extraordinary talent, he is also remarkably shrewd and clever, and this quality is an acquired one,  developed over the many years of experience. It is not an inherited quality, shown on both his hands. His hand might show a lack of tact, but when necessary this actor makes all the right moves.

The longish shape of his hand, fine texture, and the lack of development of the lower part of his hand indicate a dignified person, a person who takes time to come to decisions, It also tells us of a sensitive man who is particular about small things. He does not forget wounds easily. However, there could be a tendency to be selfish and suspicious. This reading, in combination with the position of his thumb held in relation to the hand, tells us of a person who does not make friends easily.

His Jupiter (index) finger, its position, and the shape of the phalanges tells us that he is a good man, and humble too. He has principles and ethics, and tries hard to stick to them. His standing in society and his reputation is of utmost importance to him.

Amitabh does not have a talent for business, clear from the phalanges of his fingers. Nor is he the cerebral type. The shape of his hand does indicate that he is thoughtful, but at the same time his phalanges and Mount of Venus, as well as the Headline, reveal a strong physical and material side. Status symbols, society, the comforts of life, and money, all matter to him. Although he is not conservative, society and his position in it is very important. He would try very hard indeed to keep this bubble intact.

He is not a saint. It is not as if does not have control, but his strong Venus and Heart Line makes him susceptible to the charms of the opposite sex. This is not necessarily a bad sign, but his ability to resist is just about average. Considering how large his hand is, the thumb is not particularly long and it has a conic tip. He may have a good thumb, showing good will-power and logic, but it is not an extraordinary thumb, and it does not show leadership ability. An impressionable thumb means the tendency to get carried away.

As he is controlling, even manipulative at times, this could impact his personal relationships. However, he is not stubborn and also does not have a big ego. He keeps his head on his shoulders and is fairly calm of temperament.

His hand shows a deep understanding of people and he would be very understanding and liberal with his loved ones if they tried to reason with him. However, his conic tips, thumb, and phalanges speak of his impressionability and idealism.

(Amitabh Bachchan is a famous Indian film actor)

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  1. I think mental strength is one of the biggest quality necessary to get anywhere in life..And most ppl who succeed have it?

    How about Martin Luter king or Aurobindo Ghosh next?

  2. kya aap mere bare me bhi bata sakte he

  3. Vishesh, thats true, it is important because everyone has obstacles that he has to go through and it is only those who do not get discouraged who carry on and succeed. However how much mental strength one has is relative, some have more and some less. Having it in average amounts is necessary for success in life but it is more essential to succeed in certain professions where there is uncertainty. In some professions there is less uncertainty and here you require less of it. When I do my reading I tend to mention qualities which are much more than average as these qualities stand out.

    Shekhar, I do read hands online and regularly get requests from readers who send me their hands via email. It takes hours for me to analyse a hand as I study a hand from all angles before I reach a conclusion. I do paid readings. The link you can check is here:
    This link is also given at the top of the page.

  4. Whenever I watch him and hear him speak, I get the feeling that he's a very cultured and well read person who thinks through issues and arrives at some conclusions. He talks beautifully and you can tell that he's inherited some poetic qualities from his father.He's really something else - I like him a lot:)

  5. Oh, I didn't know you were a fan! :) True, he comes from a cultured and educated family, and it shows in his speech and behavior. And he certainly is talented. He has a special flair for comedy I think.

  6. shriram deshpandeJune 3, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    many people have more good jupiter mount but they all donot have position.
    when one goes to such a high post then one is to have some extraordinary qualities.Please do focus on that qualities which make him such a success & any ordinary person donot have that qualities.All have hands mounts & so many have very good but they donot attend such a miracal success.please say on this as we are looking for great peoples

  7. Shriram, I will be focusing on this aspect on the book I am writing.


  9. Just type in the name Amitabh Bachchan in google images and you will get many photos. Go through them and you will find one or two with his hands visible. That is how I found them.

  10. Hello Mam,
    I was going through your profile and experienced your great work.
    I would like to send my hand pictures also wanna know about the consultation fees of your as i reside outside of India (Canada).
    How many days you usually take to proof read the hand and send your your readings??

  11. Hullo Gaurav, I have written to you with all the details.

  12. Hello ma'am. ...m greatly impressed by ur in depth knowledge and insight into the subject....I wish to get my hand analysed asap since I m going thru a rough patch presently..kindly snd me the details for hand analysis price and requirements

  13. Hi Ninaa, Please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you the list of different types of readings available.

  14. Saved as a favorite, I love your blog!

  15. Mam can you please read the hands of mg ramachandran former chief minister and super star of kollywood after 30 years of death he is worshipped like a God in my state till to this date people caste their vote for his emblem whom ever stands in his emplem no man in this world have achieved his game and name in this century please read what's the magic behind his success

    1. I have been wanting to read MGR's hand for sometime, but there are hardly any hand photos of his on the net. If you have any, please do send. Reading from just 1-2 unclear photos can't give a very good reading.

  16. His saturn finger appears to be bent

    1. If it is bent, it is not significantly so. The angle of the photo may make it seem so. That is why I usually study at least a dozen photos before I write my piece...and now I have added a link to another photo so you can check.


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