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Are Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza right for each other?

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik look good together. Both are young, beautiful, successful, and sports personalities. Both of them have seen the world and are broad-minded people with similar views. But happiness is not dependent on this. The question is: Are Sania and Shoaib a good match temperamentally? A peek at their hands can give us a clue as to whether they are truly right for each other.

The passion of youth

There is one similarity in both their hands, their heartlines. From this we can deduce that they are both
passionate people. Their coming together has a lot to do with their passion and youth. Whether they will get along or not is another matter.

Both have similar heart and head lines, gently curving and long. However, in Sania's case, there is a wide gap between the headline and the lifeline in contrast to Shoaib's. On his palm, the lifeline and headline are joined quite a bit. While both of them have large, broad palms, Sania's fingers overall seem a little longer. 

Check out a photo of Shoab's hands here, and Sania's hand here.  

Sania’s Saturn or fateline is close to her lifeline and her lifeline goes a little outward into the palm, in a normal way, not too wide and nor too close to the thumb. The mounts on her hand which are developed are Venus (the mount near the thumb) and the Moon mounts (the moon mount is on the edge of the hand opposite the thumb). On Shoaib's palm, the Moon mount is developed as well, and more so than on Sania's. The Jupiter mount (the mount below the index finger) on his hand is also developed quite well, unlike that of Sania's. Overall, the mounts on his hand are more developed, with the exception of the Upper Mars mount, which is underdeveloped. 

Sania's fingers are more or less straight and she holds her fingers fairly apart, but Shoaib has a distinctly bent Saturn (middle) finger and a conic-tipped Jupiter (index) finger. Both of them have good third phalanges. Sania has a medium-set thumb which is of normal length while Shoaib's is a little higher set, and held close to his hand. 

What do all of these signs show? That they are very different people, with different dispositions. Sania's hand indicates that she is strongly influenced by her family and is also very attached to them and similarly she would be attached to her husband and his family as well. She is also more loving, with more warmth of nature and more outgoing and more optimistic. 

Does this mean that she was influenced by her family to choose Shoaib? One can never really know but even if she was, the fact is that she met him when she was away from home and must have been very attracted to him. They are both passionate people and have similar attitudes to life and love. As Sania was engaged to her childhood (family) friend, it indicates that her parents were encouraging her to settle down and that must have played a role in her decision. As Shoaib too comes from a traditional background, he could have been looking for marriage as well, not an affair.

One thing Sania's hand shows is her remarkably independent nature, but this does not mean that she is rebellious or goes against her family's wishes. She is far too attached to them. It may mean that she manages very well on her own, and takes her own decisions...with the full support of her family. The strong attachment to her family leaves no doubt that she will not take any step without their encouragement and support.

Why is she marrying Shoaib even though she knows him for a short time?

One of the reasons (as mentioned above) could be the subtle pressure from family and society, which would prevent her from having an affair before marriage. But there is another reason. Sania tends to be impulsive and once her mind is made up she would be very bold in making decisions and these quick decisions would be based on her feelings. At times she can be a little hasty, but this does not mean that her decisions turn out to be wrong because she is an independent thinker. 

Problems in the Sania-Shoaib relationship?

Sania is more loving and affectionate than Shoaib, and Shoaib Malik in comparison can be rather cold in nature and also secretive, and way too cynical. In this relationship, Sania is likely the giver.

Other signs on Shoaib’s hand show that he could be difficult to live with. For one thing, his hands show that he is idealistic, and has a dissatisfied and cynical mindset. He is also likely restless and envious in general of everyone and everything. Also, some insecurity is seen on his hand, and a stressful attitude when he is under pressure, and because of these qualities, he may not be the ideal partner. Besides, his hand shows a dominating nature and Sania too is not the submissive type. 

Knowing the way Sania is from her hand if she gets into a permanent relationship with Shoaib, her loving and giving nature and strong attachment to family (of which he will be a part) will make her go all out to please him. In the long run, it will be to her disadvantage because satisfying him won't be easy.

Is Shoaib lying when he says that he never met his wife?

Shoaib insists that he was tricked into his first marriage, and that the woman he married was not the one believed he was marrying. He could be telling the truth as he sees it because a deceptive nature is not seen on his hand. On the other hand, his hand shows cautiousness, but this does not tell us whether he is deceitful or not. Besides, Shoaib was just 20 when he got into his "bad" marriage and one might surmise that at 20, a person can be fooled, or perhaps make a huge mistake and try to cover it up out of sheer desperation. Even an otherwise honest person can do this, and regret it later.

Whether Shoaib Malik had a genuine marriage in the past or not is not really the question. The real issue is whether he is the right match for Sania Mirza. Their hands show that there will be difficulties. 

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  1. I always wonder why Indian parents want their kids to get married...guess it becomes irritating and kids do it just keep them quiet...which means that kids don't really want and then the parents complain that today's gen, doesn't know how to get along..

    And come on knowing someone for a while before getting married is good, I guess. It will help avoid so many problems...

  2. I think Indian parents feel the pressure of society and give society more importance than the happiness of their child. At least that is what I believe. In any case sometimes they are right, in the sense happiness is tied to social acceptance, isn't it. Being married with a family brings social acceptance. And then divorce is not socially accepted so those who marry in a hurry and its a bad match stay stuck!!
    I think Sania is in too much of a hurry. She can easily wait for a few years to marry.

  3. exactly, she can wait longer. But that's her choice.

    But social acceptance..well by the looks of things what will happen if the moral brigade gets more foothold?

    I think celebs/well known ppl should set the trend and be brave..a polite example was the way Sachin spoke out and told he player for India...A brighter example is google's China policy..
    If it's a problem in the society, everyone has to pitch in/lend voice...recently beckham wore the green and gold of the red knights(google to find out more) and that lent so much of support..
    Maybe Indian celebs want to maintain a clean Image? And suit the common man's imagination?

  4. vishesh, overall I think celebs are not always the kind of people whose private lives are exemplary. I mean, look at some celebs, particularly film stars, they tend to lead a bohemian life. But about Sachin, ofcourse, he spoke out and that is certainly brave. I think sports stars tend to lead better private lives. As for Sania, I think she probably thinks she is being very brave marrying a Pakistani!

  5. Dear Ms. Nita,
    I am extremely impressed by your blog.
    However, I am a little curious about one thing- You read the hands of so many famous people. All of them have a certain public reputation. How far do you rely on these pre-concieved notions and do they significantly affect you analysis of the person?
    Also, I wanted to know if you will give a hand reading without mentioning the future of a person.
    I want my hand reading done, but I'm only interested in seeing how I can better myself.
    Thank You.

  6. Anonymous, I do get influenced by the public reputation, there is no doubt about it. But I ensure that the signs are there before I say that a person is a certain way. For example when it came to Mahatma Gandhi I looked hard to find signs to prove that he was a peaceful non-violent person, but couldn't find any. I was sure the signs were there, but just that I had not seen his hand at the right angle. At times the public reputation can be a disadvantage. For example when I was reading Roger Federer's hand I was sure I was wrong when I wrote that he was weak, but then after I had published my analysis I found out that he was indeed like that. Not being a tennis fan I had assumed he was a strong character. But as the signs were there I wrote it anyway. So to answer your question, yes, I do get influenced, in the sense I tend to look for signs of known characteristics, but I do not write anything unless I see it on the hand. And usually I write more than what is known.
    And ofcourse I do character analysis without the future analysis. Character is destiny, and the destiny is not fixed. I personally do not see the point of reading the future, as I believe that by improving oneself, one can improve the future. So if you email me, I will let you know the price. I spend several hours studying a hand, and therefore charge a small amount.

  7. Very interesting hand analysis!

    I was a little skeptic about palmistry, but some of your posts on its true nature really erased all my questions.

    This is my first time here and am really very impressed by your analyses!

    I've been a regular follower of 'A Wide View Angle Of India' and I really learnt from your articles. Now I shall surely follow this blog for further updates!

  8. Thanks Parth, and welcome. A lot of people have a wrong impression about palmistry and that is a pity. Palmitry is based on certain principles and is logical and accurate. However it requires years of practice to be able to analyse a palm correctly.
    Glad to have you here.


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