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Kurt Cobain of Nirvana - hand reading

Kurt Cobain’s hands point to a personality that was bitter and melancholy. I hesitate to use the word “suicidal” because not all people who think negative thoughts commit suicide. There is some controversy as to whether Kurt Cobain committed suicide or was murdered, and a study of his hand can offer us some clues.

The shape of his palm is large and square, his thumb tending to be low-set and long, his finger phalanges slim or waisted, and he has a fairly balanced
headline, from what is visible of it. All these are excellent signs on any hand, and tell us of a person with a broad perspective on life, very generous and compassionate, giving, and with above-average will-power and self-control. Certainly not the signs that are found on the hand of a suicidal person.

Cobain's creativity and talent are boundless, and of an elevated nature, seen by the shape of his Apollo finger and first phalange, as well as the Mount of Moon and developed first phalanges in general. All these signs also show a distinct lack of materialism. Money, fame, these were not that important to him. 

You can check out a photograph of his hand here or here

However, some other signs in combination paint a grim picture. The shape of his Saturn (middle) finger, its length, the shape of his Jupiter (index) finger, the shape of the lower mount of Moon and the lack of developed of Upper Mars point to a person who is extremely negative, critical of everything, depressive and manipulative as well. Such people are difficult to live with. 
The general moroseness of personality is compounded by the imagination shown by the Mount of Moon, giving rise to a desire for solitariness and a general shying away from society. The hand shows a person who nurses wounds, possibly even basking in the state of solitariness and sadness. There could be some self-esteem issues. Such people find it difficult to get along with others, even superficially. It's a vicious cycle really, because it makes them withdraw into themselves even more. Their imagination tends to be on the morbid side, increasing dissatisfaction.
Cobain's hand shows low mental resistance and inconsistency of personality. All these are not good signs. It can lead to depressive thoughts. If it wasn’t for Kurt Cobain’s strong thumb and headline one could have dubbed him as “suicidal” and “depressive,” but actually he wasn’t.

He always had the ability, the clarity of mind, the intelligence and the willpower, to bring himself back from the brink. But he didn't want to. That was the crux of it. Besides, he was not the type for keeping loved ones around him. He never would make it easy for anyone to love him or give him the support he needed. The negativity of his personality can, in fact, be infectious.

(Cobain is a music artist, known as Nirvana. The photo used is from the Wiki: (Julie Kramer / CC BY-SA [])

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  1. very interesting...thank you

  2. thank you for this enlightening post.
    does his hand show anything about his musical creativity?

  3. Anonymous, welcome. :)

    Meghna, Ofcourse it does. He has genius level talent. I've mentioned it, although not in the exact words.

  4. First time I am reading this name! I guess people who are in creative pursuits are quite different from the worldly group!

    Destination Infinity

  5. DI, Cobain made a very different type of music, and he is unique in that sense. Not everyone enjoys that type of energetic music, that is so much Cobain's forte.

  6. wow. thank you for this reading.

  7. hi thanx for including him.he played guitar with his left would it be accurate to rely only on right hand.about his music there are no words.we don't see this type of music this days.

    1. Huge Nirvana fan here. I couldn't agree more. Rock music is dead. All that most people have listened to in the last 15-20 years is pop and EDM. I am so glad I was a teenager in the 90's.

      Kurt only played guitar lefty but did everything else with his right hand. So...

  8. what does that bending of top phalange of saturn finger towards ring finger denote?

  9. Nikhil, I agree with you about K Cobain. He is brilliant, and no one can compare with him! About the hand reading, there is ample evidence to show that Kurt Cobain was right handed, just as Sachin Tendulkar (although he bats right handed)is left handed. It is the hand you write with that counts. I never analyse a hand unless I see a photo of the person writing. That is in fact one of the reasons why I have not analysed many hands suggested to me by readers, because I do not have a picture of them writing.
    About the bending you mentioned I hesitate to write it here because no one sign can be taken into account before making a judgment. If I write that then people will come to the conclusion that that sign means such and such a thing. Far from it. It is a combination of signs that comfirms a particular quality. Also when it comes to any characteristic one can possess it from a scale of 1-10 in intensity and therefore this too has to be judged.

  10. The two things that jump out in this picture of his hand are his bent Saturn finger, pointing towards both creativity and depression. This same feature also showing the terrible digestive problems that he suffered from, which he listed as one of the reasons he used so much heroin, and when nothing helped he wanted to die. Also, the waisted lower phalanges of the fingers, showing an erosion of the personality, suggesting a lack of nurturing in childhood, are disturbing. But his eyes are the strangest!
    Thanx- Erin

  11. Awesome! He has a similar hand to mine. What finger is Jupiter and Saturn?

  12. Jupiter is the first finger, the index finger. Saturn is the middle finger.


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