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Rajnikanth's Handreading

Rajnikant is not your typical narcissistic film star and his hands bear it out quite starkly. He has a long palm and longish fingers (except for the Jupiter finger which is also low-set). Notice the short and fairly slim lower phalanges, a few conic tips to the fingers which happen to be very straight and the joint life and headlines. He has good lines too, clear, straightish heart and head lines. The mount of Moon and Lower Mars are very well developed.

Rajni's hand tells us about a personality which is simple, shy, lacking in vanity, and with a disinterest in living a showy lifestyle. On the downside, Rajni is likely to have had
self-esteem issues at a young age, more so before the age of thirty. In fact, his hand shows acute introversion in childhood and such people are not just sensitive, they are late bloomers. Perhaps this is the reason why fame did not go to his head – his inherent shyness and humility followed him into his adult years and kept him grounded. 

A hand image of Rajnikant's can be seen here.

Rajnikanth film star
Some of Rajnikanth’s personality characteristics which changed, or rather developed, were to his advantage, like that of aggressiveness and creativity. This can be seen by comparing the active and passive hands. The active hand tells you about the current personality and the passive hand about the inherited/subconscious qualities.

An ability enhanced over and above what has been inherited is an indication of a self-made person. Such hands, where the natural ability of a person is developed almost from scratch is unusual in any hand and shows intense dedication to the craft, immense focus and hard work. These people have it harder than most because a conducive environment is usually missing. What this means is that family members do not possess similar talents, and are therefore unable to mentor or inspire the person. Many people with such developed abilities come from humble backgrounds although this is not always so.

Interestingly, Baba or Swami Ramdev is another famous person who is entirely self-made. His hands, like that of Rajni's, show an enhancement of natural ability (as the active hand is better), in fact even more remarkable than Rajnikant’s. Ramdev's intellect and talent grew tremendously over what he had inherited, although Ramdev was never inherently humble or shy.

A strong business mindset is shown in Rajnikant’s hands, perfectly acceptable in the hands of a commercial movie star. He may not be an intellectual but his hands show him to be extremely shrewd and aggressive, with a natural ability to evaluate people and the ability to handle money. Of course, his sensitivity and introversion would be a disadvantage.

His hands also show him to be a straightforward, broad-minded, cheerful and optimistic person who loves life. He is creative and imaginative. His hands are quite normal in every way, showing normal passions, compassion and warmth belonging to a person who would be easy to get along with in his personal life. Moodiness is shown, but not melancholy.

One cannot help but think that the larger-than-life persona that Rajni portrays in his films is diametrically opposite to his real personality. Maybe his shyness stopped him from expressing his true self, his real greatness. He was able to express himself by acting.

(Rajnikanth is a top Indian movie star, more famous in the South Indian Film industry).

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  1. There was a time (in the '90's) when his fame was at its peak. His preference for a political candidate became people's preference as well - He was so influential back then. Contrary to what people from other states believe, his sheen has decreased considerably (in TN, his home state) now. And he himself was the reason for it.

    His image as a superstar was carefully built by many directors, producers, script writers, song writers, etc. The whole movie industry benefited by having a Super Star. He always spoke the right things and did the right things on-screen. Style, was but a small factor. His success was more due to the philosophy of representing everything good. And eliminating the bad.

    In a movie, he can renounce all money and live a saintly life. But the reality is totally different, and you are right about his passion for money. The celluloid industry gave him everything - Fame, cult-status, large following, etc. He almost lost all of that due to his initial brush with politics. Fortunately (for him), he left it at that.

    Destination Infinity

  2. DI, Thanks for your insights into Rajnikanth.

  3. chiranjeevi has a "M" formed by the heart, head and fate lines. What does this "M" signifies as in my right hand the same kind of "M" is formed and it can be seen properly. is it bad o good ? i am asking you this as i have read your all palmistry readings and i am impressed! my age is 18years .!awaiting your reply ma'am

  4. Krishna, There is no such thing as an "M" in palmistry as far as I know. Each line has to be evaluated on its own. The reading depends on whether the main line is in its proper place, where it starts, where it ends, and its strength and quality.

  5. Hi Nita,

    If you don't mind can you please read hand of Barun Sobti, he shot to fame with his serial Is Pyaar ko Kya Naam Do. As a actor he has broken all the records... would love to know your analysis on his hand...not sure if you can get a good hand print of him.


  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try and see if good pictures are available of his hands.

  7. thanks a ton...will wait for the update...:)

  8. mam could u tell me the effect of joint head line and life line?

  9. Well it depends on how joint it is. If it is only a little joint, it is perfectly normal. If it is joint for some length, then it can show some cautiousness and shyness particularly in the early years. Also one has to check whether there are any branches from the headline crossing the lifeline and entering the lower mars area. The meaning is then slightly different.
    In any case, I would advise you not to come to any conclusions by checking one sign. Personality characteristics are shown in several places on the hand, and some signs have more weightage, some have less. If there are parts of the hand which contradict this cautiousness that I mentioned, then one has to see how much of it is really present.

  10. Hi Nita,

    I love your blog , its very informative. There are so many websites out there which gives information of palmistry. I m trying to gain knowledge about it and now sure which website gives the right information about it.

    I wanted to gain some insight about one line which they call " relationship lines". It runs across under the pinky (fifth) finger. They say number of lines you have determines number of marriages you have. I have 2 strong lines, does that show that I will have 2 marriages. Another thing is that, there is a small line running across one of the line, does that mean I will have relationship outside marriage?. That's what all the website says.

  11. Those lines do not tell you how many marriages you will have, not even the number of affairs! I know many people with 2 or 3 strong lines who have had only one marriage and they are in their eighties. Those so-called marriage lines are the most unreliable (for telling you about marriage) lines in palmistry.
    Also, there can be relationship "outside" marriage shown on the hand because marriage is not shown at all. Marriage is a legal document, and legal ceremonies are not documented on the hand. If you wish to know about relationships, look for influence lines joining the Fate line or influence lines on the Mount of Venus.

  12. Upper spatulate hands are more energetic clas one hands to deal with practical inventory just one of John Biard where as lower spatulate Einstein gives out Theoritical back ground.In a spatulate hand even a small fateline exhibits more output than a conical one.Hence the fate line of spatulate hands are more useful .Bill gates is one of beautiful square and fateline going to sun mount indicates a financial sucess

  13. Yes, I have read that, about the fateline being more significant on spatulate and square shapes. However I have never seen it actually borne out in practice. The hand itself is a reflection of one's inner self so the line's strength is what matters. It is how important that aspect of life is to oneself, in one's own mind. So a fateline and sunline has to be seen relative to the other lines.

  14. Hai mam can u read my palms and let me know about my health wealth and children pls let me know, then I can send u my hands pics

    1. Hello,
      Children cannot be seen on the hand. If you want a reading please write to me on my email id given under the About Me section and I will send you the charges for the different types of readings available. Thanks.

  15. Hi Nita, love this one. I hope this isn't too generic of a question but does the south Indian culture harbor more humbleness and simplicity. How is most of the stars from there, including someone as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai, are such nice people.what is the difference created in North Indian culture?

    1. Well, communities do have some generic personality traits although best not to generalise. Each human being is different. And every culture has its good aspects and not so good aspects.


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