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What the hands of MG Ramachandran (MGR) show

MG Ramachandran (MGR) movie poster
MG Ramachandran was considered almost a God in Tamil Nadu and was known as "Makkal Thilagam" (People's King).*

He was popularly known as MGR. There are not too many photos of his hand on the net, but the hand shape is visible. His palm was rectangular and his fingers longish. In particular, he had a long Mercury (little) finger and a long thumb, both low-set. His fingers were held a little apart from each other but his thumb was held a little closer to his palm. The thumb phalanges were balanced. His Jupiter (index) finger seems slightly low-set as well. The Venus and Jupiter mounts on his hand are well developed, and so is Lower Moon. From what little one can see of the palmar lines,the head, heart and life lines appear to be balanced.

You can check out his hand photograph here.

Some dominant characteristics on MGR’s hands are high ambition,
leadership qualities, strong willpower and good reasoning powers and judgment. He was a leader and guided by the head. As the hand also shows deep unselfishness, when this quality is combined with the strength of character and reasoning abilities, he would be naturally drawn towards philanthropy. It is rare to see these characteristics in a politician or an actor.

MGR was a very compassionate, generous and sympathetic man. He was a doer, a quick thinker and an excellent communicator. His communication abilities went beyond verbal or language skills. He understood nuances in communication. He was sharp, expressive, eloquent and very shrewd and persuasive. Yet, he was not a manipulative person.

All this appears to portray MGR as a saint, but actually, MGR was as human as us, if not more and this is revealed by his hand. Intuitive and empathetic as he was, objective thinker as he was, feelings were important in his scheme of things and he was sensitive. This made him want to avoid confrontation. His hand shows that he was the brooding type, had a gloomy imagination, and was emotionally susceptible and vulnerable. This could have resulted in moodiness. Insecurity is shown on his hand. People use various ways to make themselves feel secure, religion for example. Others carefully construct a loyal circle of friends and relatives to make them feel so. Apparently, MGR did the latter.

MGR had charisma and this we know for a fact because he created a kind of personality cult around himself. So it must be there on this hand. Unfortunately, this could not be confirmed as the lines on the hand are not clear. There is no doubt however that compassion and genuine love for people were a part of this charisma.

*Indian actor, filmmaker and politician who served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu from 1977 to 1987. He became the cultural icon in the state.

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  1. A successful actor and politician. A rare combination indeed. I'd never heard of him before reading your article. Nice analysis as always, Nita.

    1. Thanks. I guess he was much before your time.

  2. Dear Nita,
    I came across a book by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in my university's library. Could you do a reading of his palms if you are able to find relevant pictures?

    1. Sure, I would love to. The issue is getting the palm photos and knowing whether he is right or left handed. Bruce Willis, for example is left handed, and I could not get sufficient pics of his hand. I need to see something that I can write about.

    2. Oh I didn't know he was left handed! Also Nita, if Bruce Willis' reading is not possible could you do one on Hong Kong legend Chow Yun Fat? I think both photos of his hands are widely available though I'm not certain.

    3. Okay, I shall keep that in mind. I have heard of Chow Yun Fat. This month I am not sure I will be able to post anything though. I have written a fiction novel called "The Hawa Mahal Murders" and it is being launched on the 20th of this month at Yashada, Baner, in Pune. It's been very hectic.


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