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Love, Marriage and Relationships - what the hand reveals

Questions on the burning topic of love, relationships and marriage are eternal. I receive requests to answer these questions almost daily. This post is to clear doubts that interested readers have on the subject.

Some questions have been edited for clarity. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

The Questions:

I am a 24 yr kayasth girl and in a relationship with a punjabi khatri boy for the last 4 yrs.... My family is financially very weak they are not capable to do my marriage but my family is very well educated and in opposition of a love marriage. plz mam tell me is my marriage possible with this guy.... We can't live without each other.

My lover had our palms read by a palmist and when she read my partner's hand she said that he would marry early. When she read my hand, she said my marriage will be very late and I would marry at about 29-30yrs of age. This has me worried because this would mean that me and my partner will be marrying different people. What is your opinion?

Can you help me to read my marriage lines? I have 3 lines, and the middle line is going to the heart line and I also have a lot separate lines rising from this third line. I am a little bit confused.

Can u pls tell me if a boy has two marriage lines on his right hand and one marriage line on his left hand, does it mean he will get married twice?

I want to show my hand to you...the major issue is of my 2 marriage lines on my both hands, 2 on each. Please provide me ur view on this.

Ma'am I am really confused about the marriage line. Please help me out. I got married to a guy at a very early age. Now we are separated. Will we get together again in future ?

What will my married life be like? The love line doesn't touch the fate line and it runs parallelly (horozontally) under the little finger but it is very short. Does that mean I will not have a love marriage? Also, please can you tell me whether I will get married soon.

I heard from one astrologer that there is possibility of divorce in my kundli.
I want to check that if my palm lines tell same. I am unmarried girl currently and want to plan accordingly.

I am already married and in an unhappy marriage. I want to divorce and marry again and want to know if I have a chance of that. I want to know if two marriages are shown on my hand. I have two marriage lines.

When I was 15 years old, a palmist had read my palm and told me that I would have a divorce at age 40. Can you look at my hand and tell me if this is true?

Does the light line beneath the marriage line always signify a relationship or can it also indicate a one-sided love?

The Answers

It is not possible to
tell the age of marriage with any accuracy, and certainly not from the so-called marriage lines at the base of the little finger. Marriage is a legal document, a piece of paper, and cannot be seen on the hand. Ditto for divorce.

Long-term relationships can be at times shown on the hand but not by the “marriage lines”. The "marriage" lines are at times used as confirmatory indications, but are never to be read in isolation to show the time and existence of a marriage or the number of relationships, or the state of the marriage.

Research over the last thirty to forty years has proven to me that the lines below the little finger neither show the date of marriage, nor divorce, nor the number of marriages, or the number of relationships, happy or otherwise. This is explained further in this post on the Myth of the Marriage Lines.

Signs which indicate relationships

Lines joining the Fate/Saturn Line from the Moon Mount can indicate influencers of fate (of person/persons, group or even significant event/events) but are not always seen. An example of an Influence line from the Mount of Moon is shown in the photograph below.

When present, these lines are more accurate (as predictors of long-term relationships) than the short horizontal lines below the little finger, the so-called marriage lines.

Parallel lines to the Lifeline on the inside of the Mount of Venus show emotional influences, that of parents, siblings, friends, mentors. If such an Influence line is present on a person’s hand after the age of 20 approximately, one can possibly interpret it as a romantic influence although one can never be a 100% sure that it is. This influence can be two-sided or one-sided and can even include obsessions with celebrities.

It is the impact on the mind which is seen. The other person’s mind is not reflected on your hand. For obvious reasons.

Therefore, the beginnings and ends of relationships cannot be predicted. If a strong attachment exists after a break-up, the hand shows the relationship as ongoing (by the presence of an Influence line) even if it has physically broken and/or is not reciprocated.

An Influence line appears when the influence has a deep emotional impact, and there is a feeling of emotional closeness lasting over several years. The person on whose hand this is found is usually influenced strongly by the influencer. The influencer may or may not have a similar line. The hand below is of a person with barely any Influence lines. He is a happily married man with a great love for family, which includes his wife, children and parents. He strongly influences his family but is himself not influenced by the members of his family.

A spouse or lover does not always manifest as an Influence line on the Venus mount – even if the union is happy. The reasons are given below.

If a happily married couple does everything together, are intimate best friends, and are co-dependent on each other emotionally then invariably there will be a clear influence line on both the partners’ hands.

If a happily married couple have different interests and different friends, they may not have the Influence line or the line may be weak/faint. Often, such couples are emotionally independent of each other.

If in a happy marital relationship, one of the partners is stronger emotionally than his better half, and he/she is a great support to his (or her, as roles can be reversed) emotionally dependent partner, then an Influence line is unlikely to be present on the stronger partner’s hand. It will invariably be present on the dependent partner’s hand.

There is another kind of married couple – one where the couple is not influenced by each other much. Possibly even a little emotionally distant from each other. But there is love. Not an ideal marriage but if there is no other person in the equation, one cannot pronounce them unhappy. In this case it is unlikely that any of the Influence lines on the hand represents the spouse.

In conclusion, those little horizontal lines at the base of the little finger should be ignored. Whether they are numerous, or none, whether they are dark or faint, forked or single, curved or straight, they will not tell you about your relationships with any accuracy.

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  1. How about money/fame? Does that reflect on hands?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Yes of course it does. Not the quantam of it, but relative to what the person desires.

  3. Hi this is Premkumar, How can they provide astrology and jyothisham based on your hand, name, birth day and etc. Can i trust these type of Astrology services and etc. Any one knows please update here. Thanks advance.

  4. When i will Get marriage,How many Marriages are there in My Life,
    and I Have only Single Marriage Line .

  5. As mentioned in the post, it is not possible to tell how many marriages you will have. And if you have a single marriage line, its good. However this does not mean you will be with one woman only. I have received your email and replied to it as well.

  6. Hello Madam,

    Where can i send you a email of my palm to get a prediction.


    1. I have replied to your email Vikram and sent you the charges for the different types of readings.

  7. If marriage line bent downwards and join fate line, what does it indicate

    1. Often, there are connecting lines which make it seem as if it is the marriage line. But the marriage line itself bending completely downwards and touching or joining the Fateline? That is indeed rare. If you think you have such a sign, kindly send me the hand photo and I will see it is really the case.

  8. Once my bf went plamist she have said that our affair will be broken up and he will marry a another is itpossible to say without examining my hands ?? Pls reply I am totally frustrated

    1. It is not possible to predict affairs and marriage from the hand with accuracy. On any hand. There are all sorts of people who will predict things, and all of them will say different, often dire things, so I suggest you forget it all and live your life. Don't look at your hand. Examine your life and your relationship. That's the way to happiness.

  9. hello... m a girl and recently i hv shown my hand to some palmist. and she told me that m going to have a break up in my 5 years old relationship... things are not going that well too. but still we think we can work this out.. so m afraid bcz she said m nt going to marry him.. and this relationship is going to end soon.. i want to know if my positive, good efforts can change my break up into long term relationship (marriage)... if i can do anything good to change my line.. Do reply plzz

    1. Dear Shruti,
      I don't know which line you are referring to, because this cannot be seen on any line. You cannot tell of a break-up from any line on the hand. Please read this post:
      Read the comments on that post too and I hope they clear your doubts.
      And if you are asking whether your positive good efforts can change your life, sure they can, but that depends on the causes of the issue, the frame of mind of the other person etc. and how committed he is to the relationship. It is not dependent on any line.
      So whether your efforts work or not, depend on the severity and difficulty of the issue, his frame of mind and commitment, and how hard you try to fix it, and whether you do the right things necessary to fix it. Please forget about palmistry and concentrate of sorting out your life.

    2. And one more thing. Your life is not dependent on the line. Your life events do not follow your lines. You make the lines on your hand. But again this is not referring to the marriage lines, because they are completely unreliable when it comes to predictions of relationships.

    3. M referring lower line of my small finger... btw thanku so much fr answering and he is very committed.. so now i think i can sort things... ☺

    4. Mam. I'm 28 yr old from a very middle class family. frustrate, desperate and dying everyday. Have been struggling right from the age of 16. With me happening just opposite to what I'm doing for. Despite my hard-work and dedication towards career, family I happen to be there where i was 13 yrs ago.

      Please tell me ur email so that i could mail u picture of my palm and kundali details.

      Thank you.

    5. Looks like you are looking for a fortune teller. I am not one. I suggest you read this post:
      I also suggest you seek a mentor, an elder in your family.

  10. I have a good influence Line to the fate line which is also good looking and there was a love while every day travelling with a beautiful girl of 12th class which continued up to 5years at last we departed without each other's notice during the 5year period we did not discuss properly due to crowd in the bus.but cheiro stated influence Line promises love marriage!

    1. Your comment had gone into spam. Just retrieved it.
      Regarding Cheiro, he lived a long time ago. Like in all fields, knowledge keeps getting updated.

  11. Hi ma'am. Have you seen a case of a single marriage line that's more or less straight but abruptly bending downwards at the end towards the heart line? Quite a few sources say that this mark signifies that your partner will die in a sudden accident and middle age widowhood/widowerhood. Have you have seen such signs before on other's hands and did they actually correspond to such morbid outcomes? I'm really stressed and scared about this. Your response would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Akansha. You should quit worrying because for one thing, the marriage line is not a reliable line and cannot tell you about your future with any accuracy. Secondly, it is absolutely impossible to tell of another person's death from the hand. It is shocking that people claim that this can be done. All sorts of things are being written about marriage line but usually I discount it entirely from my reading. And no, I have never in my experience ever seen such signs which lead to bad outcomes. That is precisely why I don't bother much about the line. What I am saying is that it is not possible to tell you what will happen to your partner from your hand. That may not even be visible from his hand, leave alone yours.

  12. Hello maam .... I am worried about influence fate line is broken and influence line from mount of moon is cutting fate line moving upwards is that shows bad relationship? I'm too worried

    1. Hello Unknown, An influence line coming from the moon and cutting the fateline is not necessarily a relationship. It can refer to an event like for example and expected job which did not materialise. However very often chance lines are mistake for influence lines so if you send me your hand photo I can tell you whether it is really an influence line which is cutting the fateline. I will not charge you for this.


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