Thursday, January 31, 2013

Couple Compatibility in Hand Reading

Synastry in Astrology is the art of matching two horoscopes for the purpose of marriage. It is a popular method for those who believe in Astrology. A reader asked me whether there was a similar method in palmistry/hand reading.

There isn't an official name for matching couples through hand-reading, but it can be used for matching couples, even if it is a more complex method. The advantage of palmistry is that hand and fingerprint reading goes beyond superficial personality characteristics and in-depth into the psyche of a person, bringing out the person's hidden
motivations and individuality, his/her driving force and inner self, and revealing the issues he/she struggles with. Hand Reading recognises that no two people in the whole world are exactly alike (no two hands are exactly alike and nor are two sets of fingerprints but to my knowledge birth charts are similar for those born at the same time in the same place or even a minute or so apart). Hand reading recognizes a person’s uniqueness, and also goes in depth into a person’s inner self.

While sexist attitudes (the reader asked whether this can be seen from the hand) cannot be determined from the hand, qualities like narrow-mindedness, bigotry, egoism, and selfishness can be. A particular attitude towards something (in this case sexism) is usually a result of a personality trait like some of the above or it can be due to a more complex underlying reason. Someone with these traits would not make a good partner.

The complexity of a human being makes it very difficult to decide whether two people are suitable (or not) for one another. It is certainly not about making calculations, as in Astrology.

Couple traits which make for compatibility/incompatibility have been the result of several psychology surveys, and some personality traits (like extroversion/introversion, just to give one example) if at similar levels are supposed to pave the way for a smoother relationship. To my mind, it is impossible to predict whether a couple will be happy or how durable their relationship will be because marriage/partnership is all about working hard to make it work. Human will triumphs all. That is why I am wary of astrological charts which pre-determine compatibility.

Hand reading presents to the couple their strengths and weaknesses and the areas where there can be a personality clash. What is important is that they are made aware of where their own weaknesses (specially in regard to love) lie, and then it is all about making a conscious decision as to whether they want to make an effort to adjust. Finally it is up to the couple to decide whether they can make it work and even if they flounder along the way, determination, motivation and love, can help them make it through.

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  1. I feel that marriage is about coercion. There is always one dominant person who subjugates the other to their will. This person is generally the person with the wealth. It can be both man or a woman.

    Of course, over a period of time, the power equation might change, depending on various external factors.

    If both the people in the couple are strong minded, the marriage is most probably heading to a doom. Or, they might stay together for the sake of their kids, parents,etc. Namesake.

    Human beings are inherently different from each other. Our society insists on domination and subjugation through marriage, in the name of family & stability.

    Of course, not to mention the illegal wealth-transfer (dowry & commissions for dowry) that takes place during marriages.

    It is my opinion that no two people are ever compatible with each other (in spite of the external drama people create) and to make it worse, the divide increases over time. Of course, if a partner is willing to compromise and become a dummy, the married life becomes 'happy'.

    A society based on sound principles? You bet!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Well, you do seem to have a cynical view of marriage. :)

  3. Nita,Thanks for this!
    You have often said that lines and hance a person changes over the years.
    Palmistry then offers some scope of free will.
    However in Astrology,The planets' position at birth is treated as something that sets one's path for life. unlike palmistry,astrology takes into account the external forces and familial relationships that could change the course of one's life.Isnt palmistry limiting then,since it can only gurantee one's attitude towards things and not what circumstances one might be bombarded with.

  4. I do not know much about Astrology but when it comes to palmistry I can tell you that ofcourse external events and people change a person's life! How else do we change? We change because of external circumstances. We can become stronger, weaker, more talented, less talented, lazy, spoilt, angrier, calmer and so on. As we change, our future changes.
    People who have grown up in a secure unchanging environment change the least and their life tends to fixed in some some ways. In the olden days people changed less because they grew up in smaller places in large families and there was little mobility.
    And no, palmistry cannot guarantee one's attitudes. In fact as I have said in my post, palmistry cannot even tell one's attitudes. It can reveal your personality, not the attitudes. Attitudes are superficial manifestations of various personality traits.

  5. Interesting analysis Nita. I'm not well versed in the field of palmistry to make any comments. However, as you said, marriage is about working on the relationship to make it a success. After the initial romance and bloom fades,that's when the going gets tough and the work begins.I think to begin with, the partners should be 'compatible' and not get on each others nerves. It looks like this is where you're suggesting that hand reading may be helpful, more or less like a personality test or a weeding out process. I think I'm there with you on this point.

  6. Yes, that's what I mean. Ideally one should have compatible traits but this may not happen because often we ourselves may not know what we want or may not know ourselves as well as we think.
    We tend to look at our faults with rose colored spectacles. Hand reading can reveal the weaknesses of personality or simply traits that are not weaknesses but which need to be controlled because they may clash with another's personality. So it is more about increasing compatibility rather than weeding out if one is love with the other.

  7. Hello Nita

    For compatibility in astrology they look at nakshatra matching and other areas in chart, likewise in palmisty which would you give importance, like shape of hand, heartlines, fingers, fingerprints ect..

  8. Hi ,could you please tell me how can i send my hand pictures to you?

  9. Please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com
    I am out on a short trip from tomorrow (18th Feb) for a week, and will answer your queries after I return. Thanks

  10. marriage line in my hand start and ends at fork .whaat it means?

  11. Doesn't mean anything much. Please read this post:

    1. yes mam..this marrg lines before confusing young minds like us,your all writings inspire us more. its all about how strong we r. and how much dedicated we r towards a certain thing.stay blessed

  12. Mam I have a fork at the end of marriage lines and after 'close' observation i found that both the arms of the fork fade and droop down to meet both heart and head lines (as both of these lines are joined on hand). What it means?? 🤐

    1. I do not read hands by description as very possibly it is not the marriage line which is connected to the heartline. It could be chance lines. In any case, even if what you say is correct, I suggest that you do not pay much attention to the so-called marriage lines. They are very misleading and do not give an accurate idea of the future of one's relationships.


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