Friday, August 2, 2013

Your hand lines are a reflection of you not vice versa

Your future depends on who you are and how you behave. Not on the lines ir signs of your hand. Lines do not control you or your future. You do.

Despite writing about this several times I get people who misinterpret this to mean that their fate hinges on the lines of their hand. They believe that if their hand lines are good they are lucky, and if the lines are bad it's bad luck.

An anxious businessman wanted to know if he was going to bring "financial ruin" on himself because of
certain crosses and bars he saw on his hand. A pregnant woman asked whether a cross on her "marriage line" meant a miscarriage. An excited young man wanted his hand read every few months to find out if a "star" had appeared, a sign which he believed would give him the fame he so badly wanted.

The businessman's hand showed him to be a very ambitious and materialistic person with a tendency to be a little reckless. That was what was going to get him into trouble, not the deep cross on his hand.

As for that young woman who feared a miscarriage, miscarriages cannot be read from the hand, and even if they could be read hypothetically speaking, the best course of action would be to go through a complete medical check-up and also ask the doctor what could be done to prevent one.

I asked the excited young man (the one who thought he saw a star developing on his hand) whether he had done anything in the last three months to bring about a change in thinking. Unless he was sure that he had taken some productive steps, there was no point sending me a fresh hand photo.

There was another woman who wanted to know whether a particular sign on her hand meant that she was doomed to suffer in relationships. I told her that success in relationships is all about the choices we make and who we are, and that is what is reflected on the lines.

hand photograph

It’s best is to use the hand to understand yourself better, and then adopt a problem solving approach rather than obsess over hand lines. True, the worse the circumstances, the stronger the character needed to change things. But finally it is all about self responsibility.

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  1. Belief in concepts like fate, luck, supernatural powers, etc. seems to be deeply ingrained into our psyches. People tend to 'take advantage' of what they can know about their future and try to create a different future for themselves through astrology. These are the I-am-one-step-ahead-of-God types. It will take a few generations of rational thinking to change all this.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Yes, it's sad isn't it that people want reassurance from supernatural or "magical" sources. These sources are often unscrupulous and promise all sorts of things. A pity though that so many people associate hand reading with the supernatural. In fact hand reading is not only based on rational principles, it is the best guide, far superior to psychological or aptitude tests which are subject to error depending on the person's background and his/her state of mind at the time.

  3. The lines on that hand are almost identical to mine...


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