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Shiv Nadar's hands show a clear headed thinker

Shiv Nadar photo
The most striking aspect about Shiv Nadar’s hands is his dark, deeply etched lines. There aren't too many lines either. Also significant are his long Apollo (ring) and Mercury (little) fingers. Other hand features include a broad palm, well-developed mounts of Moon, Lower Mars, Jupiter and Venus and good first and second phalanges of the fingers. The thumb is a good length and the first and second phalanges are balanced. There is a good balance between the length of the fingers and the palm as well.

Shiv Nadar’s heart and head lines do not appear to be very long although they seem to have lighter extensions. Without seeing these clearly, it is difficult to draw conclusions about this aspect. Nadar's headline is considerably tied to the lifeline. The Sun/Apollo line is not as prominent as the main lines, busting the myth that

this is a so-called “money” or "fame" line.

You can check out a hand photo of his here.

Today, Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL, is worth 27 billion and is the richest IT billionaire in India and the third richest in India.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to verify whether Shiv Nadar is left-handed or right-handed although it is most likely that he is the latter, which makes his right hand the active hand. Pictures show that he wears his watch on his left hand, something which right-handed people often do. Another clue is that Nadar uses his right hand a lot. This may not prove that Nadar writes with his right hand, but this reading has been done assuming that he does.

Does this mean that this reading will not be accurate if Nadar turns out to be left-handed? It would then make his right hand (on which I have based this reading) Nadar’s passive hand. The passive hand shows a person’s intrinsic/inherited qualities which are present at the subconscious level. The active/current personality could well be quite different. 

From my experience, successful people have better lines on their active hands as compared to their passive hands. This is particularly true of self-made people, like Shiv Nadar, who became an achiever due to his own hard work and perseverance. There were no decent pictures of his left hand, so this cannot be verified. It doesn't matter, however, because as all it would mean is that the qualities described in this post are his inherited or subconscious qualities – if he is left-handed. His left hand, in this instance, would be even better.

What Shiv Nadar's right hand shows is a clear mind, strong ambition, imagination, aggression, drive, energy, and a burning desire to succeed and make a name for oneself. Excellent business sense is shown but this hand is not that of a money-making machine. Shiv Nadar is a thinker with a creative mindset. This is the hand of a person who is a doer as well as a thinker and who possesses will power backed by logic. He has an uncanny understanding of situations and people, almost intuitive. Yes, there is a great drive to succeed but no greed. And at heart Shiv Nadar is a humble man.

No doubt that the owner of this hand is a remarkable person, successful and driven. But Shiv Nadar is more than just successful, isn’t he? He is a star of sorts because he is a self-made billionaire. One of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time and one of the richest men in India. So where is this shown on the hand?

Perhaps it is indicated by the fact that his Fate or Saturn line appears to sprout from his lifeline. Many people have lines rising up from the lifeline and going upwards but rarely do these lines go right up to the mount of Saturn to become the fateline. Most such rising lines from the lifeline stop below the headline. A line that starts from the lifeline and goes up to the mount of Saturn is unusual. One of the interpretations of this sign is that it belongs to a self-made person but this does not mean that all those who have a fateline rising from the lifeline are on their way to becoming extremely rich or powerful. That depends on the other features of the hand. 

Another thing – not all self-made people have such a fateline. 

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(Free photo by Shaik Mydeenderivative work: Perumalism, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Nisar Sufi (Aspiring Palmist)May 2, 2021 at 9:50 PM

    Yes exactly! A self made businessman who flows largely under the radar in terms of people searching him on Google.

    His outlook also gives an image of humbleness so it is nice that it reflects on his palm as well.

    2 questions I have:

    1. Why does the line rising from life line often stop at the head line?

    2. Did you find my email containing the link to your book, The Hawa Mahal Murder's review?

    1. Lines rising from the lifeline can stop anywhere but usually they are not long. They show efforts being made and they need not be long. The meaning will still apply. And no I am not sure which email you mean.

    2. Nisar Sufi (Aspiring Palmist)May 3, 2021 at 11:27 PM

      Oh alright that makes perfect sense. Here is the review:

    3. Thank you for your review. Is it possible for you to send me your email address? Mine is on the website here.

  2. Hi Nita, what does the headline tied to the lifeline for longer duration mean in his case?

    1. Basically this sign indicates someone who was introverted in the early years. It all depends on how much these lines are tied and it is only because they are considerably tied it means this. It can also mean a protected environment, cautiousness, shyness, etc. That is the general meaning but by looking at the whole hand in detail, it is possible to be specific.


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