Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Martin Scorsese – complex and brilliant

Taxi Driver movie poster
Taxi Driver was a classic
What did I expect to see from Martin Scorsese’s hands? I know that he is a brilliant movie director famous for dark themes and action films. I expected to find creative brilliance and dark imagination. His hands did not disappoint. 

He has a squarish hand with short fingers, and three of these are decidedly conic, maybe even a little pointed – the Mercury (little) and Jupiter (index)   fingers and the thumb. Scorsese has slightly thick fingers with pronounced third phalanges, shortish second phalanges, and a long, slim, first phalange of Apollo on a prominent finger. He has a long, supple thumb with a long will (first) phalange. He has a fairly long, slightly curved heartline reaching the Jupiter mount and a medium-length, slightly sloping headline which is likely forked. The most prominent mounts on his hands are the Moon, including Lower Moon, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury mounts. That’s a lot of mounts to be well-developed. The first phalange of his Apollo (ring) finger is long. 

You can check out his hand photos here and here.

It’s all there. His creative brilliance is clearly etched on his hand and it’s not only seen in one place. The headline, the curve of the moon mount and his Apollo finger all point to it. But creativity of the genius kind is not a characteristic that can stand alone like an island, unconnected with the personality. His hand shows a desire for perfection and excellence. What also stands out is his impressionability and idealism, which is present significantly in his personality. Impressionability, for example, is a characteristic that tends to enhance one's creative side as it makes one more receptive and very empathetic. Without empathy and impressionability, creativity cannot flourish. Combine them with a burning ambition and you have this amazing film director.

Of course, these same qualities can affect his personal life as he could get carried away, especially because of his intense emotions.

He is strong-willed, impulsive and a risk-taker.

Raging Movie Poster
Another classic:Raging Bull
His dark side jumps out at you from his hand. However, Martin Scorsese's will and other positive qualities have enabled him to channel this aspect of his personality into a productive medium. 

He has this unique complexity about him. He is sensitive, idealistic, emotional and impressionable but at the same time he has a strong will and there is a strong practical and sensual side to him. The instinctive and physical drives are intense and thus this is what he should always be aware of so as to keep himself from going overboard. Self-control is something he will always have to work on especially because of the impulsivity in his nature. 

Even though he has a strong physicality, he also possesses a wisdom that has its roots in pragmatism. 

Pretension and artifice are something he would eschew. He is a unique bundle of a human being. A genuine one at that. That is probably why his work will always come from his heart. He never had the desire to be rich but yes he wanted fame and a name. And he’s got it.

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(The movie posters are free images)


  1. One of my favorite directors of all time. Also I remember seeing a short interview where he almost died from a cocaine overdose. He was heavily addicted until a fellow director got him out of it. This cocain addiction can be attributed to him being impressionable?

    1. The impressionability is more likely to be associated with the penchant for marrying several times!:) It will also affect his art. The addiction is probably due to his sensuality and the love of physical pleasures. And also his impulsivity which affects self control.

  2. Oh very interesting! Which is your favorite Scorcese film? And could you do 2 readings in 1 article next time: The hands of politicians YSR and Y.S. Jagan?

    1. Can't say I have seen all his films but The Departed left a lasting impression. About those politicians, sure, will check that out.

  3. Oh yes that is my favorite. I recently watched his Nic Cage starrer Bringing Out The Dead. Overlooked by many as it flopped at the box office. But what a film. Had Scorcese written all over it. Looking forward to more analyses of creative people's hands. ;)


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