Friday, March 22, 2019

Is Kamal Hassan suited to a political career?

What do Kamal Hassan's hands tell about his personality? He has well-developed mounts of Lower Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Moon – above normal development. However, this is more pronounced on his left, passive hand. The first and second knots of his fingers are developed, and the fingers are straight and slightly thick,
particularly the third phalanges. The little (Mercury) finger is of a good length and held apart, while the middle (Saturn) finger could well be short. The first phalanges are not particularly long, but the second phalanges are good and the Jupiter (index) finger is conic. The thumb is long, with a strong first phalange. The heartline is better as compared to the headline, in the sense that it is evener. The heartline is also long and forked, although it is slightly shorter on the right, active hand.

What do these signs show about his personality? Would he be a better actor or a better politician? Or could he excel in both careers?

You can check out his hand photos here and here.

Kamal Hassan movie poster
These signs together show that Kamal Hassan is an emotional man, at times volatile (although this has decreased in his current personality). He is ambitious, creative, and can be exacting because of his attention to detail. His creativity, in fact, is of a higher level than is seen on most people’s hands, and this includes other creative people. The artistic side has a highbrow quality to it, which means that his abilities are at a higher plane, lifting him above the humdrum aspects of life. In fact, the everyday routine could stifle something inside of him. The best part is that he also has a business-like approach due to which he would be able to harness this creativity to make money for himself.

He is likely to rebel against any type of conformity and his personality is such that he will do what he wants and will not care what people think. This reluctance to ‘fit in” can make it difficult for him, and definitely difficult for others. Combined with the lack of belief, this can result in him having far fewer personal barriers than the average person. This can mean changeability as well as a lack of consistent thinking. Ego is also present and at times overconfidence in future outcomes. Risk-taking ability is high.

While his creative side prevents him from being materialistic, he enjoys his pleasures. He has strong willpower and determination.

However, he is not really suited for a political career because he is too straightforward. He will find it difficult to handle the manipulation and machinations that are so typical of politics in India. It can lead to a lot of heartburn, especially as with Kamal Hassan, emotions run high. How well he copes depends on how well he can adapt.

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  1. My personal opinion is - movie actors should keep out of politics. Unless they want to lose their hard-earned money.

    Destination Infinity

    1. I think their craving for fame gets so much that they just don't want to retire!

  2. Could you please please do Marlon Brando? He is fascinating and even kamal Hassan did impression of him! I have photo if you need

    1. I would love to read Marlon Brando's hands. In fact I have tried to find photos of his hand earlier but could not find anything good. You see, if the photo is not a high resolution photo, I need several photos, preferably a dozen, before I can write anything worthwhile. You are welcome to send me his hand photo if you have it. Send it to my email id: blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot) com


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