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The hands of Joaquin Phoenix the Joker

Joker neon sign for movie
The world is talking about Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – a blockbuster. The actor is much written about, as much for his controversial statements (pranks?) as for his extraordinary talent. Some have said he doesn’t like fame but that’s not really true. Joaquin Phoenix's hands may not show him to be money-minded, but he thrives in the limelight.

His hand is a good size, with shortish fingers and a long palm. There are some distinctive features on the hand. For one thing, the Apollo (ring) finger is long and the little finger, although of a decent length, is clearly low-set, and the Jupiter (index) finger is a little short. The second phalanges are shortish but the first and third phalanges are long. The mounts on his hand are developed with the moon (especially Upper Moon) and Venus mounts are well developed. The actor has a good thumb with a normal balance of the first and second phalanges. The lines on the palm are clear enough, with a short girdle of Venus and a Simian line on the right, active hand.

These signs portray a versatile and creative personality, possibly a little over the top. Being a showman
would come naturally to someone like Joaquin Phoenix, whether in his personal or professional life. Along with the desire to shine is an inherent restlessness. He would not be happy living a mundane and routine life and needs to stay passionate and involved to be happy. He is the kind who would plunge himself into something with no holds barred.

Check out his right hand photo here.

His character is such that he tends to approach everything, whether at work or in his personal life, with a single-minded focus. There is this tremendous focus of energy in the moment, an intensity which can be quite unnerving. It's a great asset to an actor as it gives the ability to immerse oneself in a role.

Expressive though he can be, when it comes to non-verbal communication, it’s an area of weakness. Emotional sensitivity is high and he is likely to be emotionally insecure as well. The actor's inability to express his true feelings could be related to this. Intimate relationships could become a challenge for these reasons and he needs a partner who will understand the phases he goes through, his moods, his sensitiveness and also his reluctance to reveal his real self.

Fame is more important to this man than money. In fact, getting rich or flaunting wealth is not his thing. He would not naturally make decisions which make him the most money. To be a complex person like this, a person who is not easy to get along with, a person who does not have his eye on the box office, and yet succeeds, involves the intervention of lady luck and also extraordinary talent.

His talent is extraordinary no doubt. There is a cerebral and intellectual quality to it which is rare in actors.

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  1. WOW this was fascinating. I totally thought he hated Fame but guess not! The reluctance to reveal is so Scorpio. Joaquin is a true blue Scorpio. His moods change drop of a dime and he seems really difficult to be around.

  2. Nita, I'm glad we got 2 palm readings from you this month. :)

    I'm not a big fan of Joaquin Phoenix in the sense that I fully agree he is uber-talented (loved him in Gladiator) but I haven't seen many of his other films so he's not one of my favorite actors. I haven't seen Joker yet but I'm sure that when I do I'll be blown away by his performance.

    Two questions: 1. Could River Phoenix (his later old brother's) fame be a reason for him to be emotionally insecure and state outwardly that he hates the limelight as opposed to his inner feelings?

    2. Is the Girdle of Venus beneficial for him in the case of him being an actor?

    I look forward to reading your reply.

    1. Actually I don't know much about Joaquin Phoenix's personal life but insecurity is something which develops in childhood. He also does not have a simian line on his passive hand, only on the right, active hand. There was likely something unusual about his childhood but we don't know what it is. About him stating that he is not fond of the limelight, it is because he may not know himself as well as he thinks he does. And regarding the girdle of venus being beneficial, probably yes, it can help in emoting.

  3. can u do emran hashmi?

    1. I can do anyone if I have a certain number of decent pictures. Of celebs, I need a lot of pictures as there are no close ups and the hands are usually at odd angles. I will keep emran on my list to do.


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