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Sushant Singh Rajput - his suicide and his hand

Sushant Singh Rajput snapped at the promotions of 'M.S. Dhoni - The Untold Story' (cropped)

Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide caught everyone by surprise. Celebrities killing themselves in the early days of stardom is rare (Sushant had just about started to make waves) but people killing themselves in modern times is not so rare. Pressures are high in several professions, particularly in the acting field. You are only as good as your last film!

What was it that led Sushant to take this extreme step? Was it something in his personality or was it because he was intoxicated? Did people around him push him over the edge? Or did he imagine that he was never going to make it in Hindi cinema, never going to fulfil his ambitions? It is common knowledge that he had difficulties in his career. 

His hand shows that he had the ability and talent to reach the top. His sensitivity, creativity and talent are more than evident in his hand. Perhaps it was temperament which was not suited to the cutthroat, parochial world of Bollywood! Sushant's hand
is well-shaped, in the sense that it has a broad wide palm. His fingers, although on the shorter side, are not too short. A good balance. The phalanges of his fingers are balanced as well, with no phalange being too short. His fingers are conic at the tips, with strong fingers of Saturn (middle) and Apollo (ring). The Jupiter finger (index finger) may not be that strong, but it is high set. The lines seem clear even in a hazy photograph, and the thumb is normally set (not too high and not too low) with a good balance of both the first (Will) phalange and the second (Logic) phalange. A Girdle of Venus is present, although it is more prominent on the left, passive hand. The Moon mount is the most prominent.

The lines, though clear, are not very well balanced with each other. The heartline is too straight (which reduces its length) and too low-set, plunging towards the headline. Interestingly, on the left hand which shows the inherited qualities (and the subconscious mind), the heartline is normal. The headline is considerably tied to the lifeline, on both palms. 

You can check out his hand photo here.

By itself, the headline being tied with the lifeline is common on many hands and does not usually affect the person in a negative way because it is all about the early years (although some effects do linger). A certain amount of protective behaviour towards children is normal in our society as compared to some western societies. Usually, most people get over this over-protection and come into their own, but this doesn't always happen. It depends on the rest of the hand.

Sushant’s hand shows a complex personality. It shows a high level of emotional sensitivity, idealism, an imaginative mindset, insecurity about the self and introversion, accompanied by a strong ambition for fame and name. Although he inherited the high ambition and drive to succeed, the truth is that these values are more dominant in his current personality, and they are not inherited qualities. All this came at the cost of other things. Ambition by itself is very good. Feelings of insecurity are also often a driving factor in the lives of many highly successful personalities as success assuages the feelings of insecurity. 

So, what went wrong? His hand shows amazing talent, and a creative mindset enhanced by the kind of sensitivity that could have seen him metamorphose into a great actor but he didn’t give it time. 

The answer lies in his hand and in his personality. People with all three lines connected (heart, head and life) often have problems with relationships and one of the reasons for this is that it can show an inability to be in touch with one’s true emotions because feelings of vulnerability are hard to face. True feelings could be suppressed even if they are raging under the surface. This can fuel controlling and other types of behaviour which can drive away those who love that person. It can make the person unable to prioritise the loved one. The objective of Sushant’s life was his ambition to become successful. This is quite normal in many young people today and highly driven individuals do tend to obsess over their careers. But if they are not careful, it can drive away people who love them. 

The combination of signs on Sushant's hand shows that he was probably distant, even cold and controlling. He was also likely to be the brooding type. And this is not necessarily only about romantic relationships. 

Sushant's hand shows intelligence and logical thinking and but like all of us, he needed emotional support during the times he was feeling low. He didn't reach out. He was too proud. He didn't want to appear weak. 

It’s shocking that other people are being blamed for his suicide. No one can be blamed. It's a terrible tragedy. 

(Sushant was an Indian television and film actor who died by suicide at the age of 34 in June 2020)

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  1. His death has brought to the fore the extent of Nepotism that exists in our movie industries. Let's hope that the nepotists would reduce their intensity of nepotism or risk losing Insta followers.

    Destination Infinity

    1. Yes, now the latest one to bring that to light is AR Rahman. And if this can happen to such a brilliant man, it shows how rotten Bollywood is. No wonder one has to suffer the poor quality of films and music coming out of there. I have stopped watching hindi films now. Mostly really bad films are being made with big stars.

  2. Really was surprised that such a smiling person took his own life. Even more shocking to me was Chester Bennington's suicide though he did show symptoms publicly before succumbing to his death.

    I have to say I have only seen three of Sushant's films: Kai Po Che, MS Dhoni and Chichchore and in only Kai Po Che I liked his acting though his lesser known co-stars were better. I am not saying he was a bad actor, but remember that art is subjective, so I wasn't impressed by his other 2 performances. Maybe I need to see more of his work but it seemed to me he was more of a pretty face than a deep actor. Again, I have only seen 3 movies of his.

    Also, Nita doesn't the Moon mount being the most developed show laziness especially of the physical type whereas Sushant was quite fit?

    Great article as always, :)

    1. I confess I have not seen any of Sushant's movies. About his acting skill, he was a newbie and actors grow. He had the potential to become a great actor. A developed Moon will only show laziness if accompanied by other signs like a soft hand, poor lifeline. Another thing. I know a lot of active people with prominent moon mounts. It's possible that they may enjoy relaxing but when it comes to activity, it all finally depends on their drive. That is the critical factor. So all these factors have to be taken into account.

    2. After your message I re-read my post, wondering whether I said he was a great actor. I hadn't. I said: "So what went wrong? His hand shows amazing talent, a creative mind-set enhanced by the kind of sensitivity that could have seen him metamorphose into one of the greatest actors of our time. But he didn’t give it time."

    3. Hello mam how can I contact you?. How much do you charge for palm reading?

    4. Please write to me at blog(dot)nita(at) gmail(dot)com

  3. Oh yes Nita my response on him being an average actor was due to many of my friends considering him as talented as Irffan Khan was. Of course I did not mean to contradict anything you wrote.

    1. You are welcome to contradict. A debate and questions are always welcome!

  4. Sushant Singh Rajput. Did not commit suicide. Though what you have stated in your readings of his palms is quite true to the actual and known version of his life. Personality wise he is as stated above but there are many reasons still that make the suicide case more imploreable. And also going by the readings through the vedic kundli analysis he had very strong chances of having his life in danger.
    But at the end only God knows the truth. But also we all need to find out and search for the same. Otherwise many more countless lives will be lost and well all we would have to ourselves is these meta physical resources.
    A seaunce would be highly useful.

    1. Or we can wait for the police investigation to be done.

    2. The latest information is that the CBI has filed a case against his ex-girl-friend for abetment to suicide. Clearly, the Mumbai police and the CBI believe this to be a case of suicide.
      I was re-reading your comment, Ayyushmaan. I am sorry that your idol is no more but that doesn't change the facts of the case. Also what I have written in my post is not known. I have not read anywhere that he was over protected by his parents and it was something he never managed to get over. Introversion persisted. Also, over protection often makes it hard for people to stand up for themselves as they have always had someone fighting for them. It also makes them insecure. Also no one has mentioned that SSR was a little cold, in fact they have said just the opposite. The other qualities mentioned like being ambitious at the cost of relationships has also not been mentioned anywhere. In fact, people are praising SSR to the skies as he is no more. I can go and on, as to why this post is based entirely on the analysis of his hand. It is not my opinion. But I get it. You are not familiar with palmistry.
      It is indeed a sad situation that so many young people are killing themselves. Two young actors have killed themselves in the last month here in Maharashtra. It is the pressures of life and loneliness combined. As for mental illness, this can play a part. I do not see any signs of mental illness on SSR's hand but the truth is that one cannot diagnose this condition from the hand.

  5. Hello very good analysees..he got simianline..he got confusion in life..
    So he feel like dead..right
    You r also CBI of palmistic
    Ok thank you bye
    From muktsar,punjab

  6. OMG! Why don't you join CBI/RAW ,ETC. any investigative agency. Everything (genuine) not the viral stuff, about Sushant , are just narrating what you told in this article. "But if they are not careful, it can drive away loved ones because it can make the person distant, even cold." I don't want to comment but my intuition is proving this fact too. I was eagerly waiting for this article and thanks that this came ..
    And yes the opportunism which Kangana is playing with ,that also you proved years ago and the way Uddhav Thacheray is controling the situation we can understand that too by one of your recent article.
    I am proud that I have read
    Such great powerful articles
    Thanks Mam🙏🙏

  7. Hi Nita,

    I have read sushant has a broken head line and it's clear from his hand pics. Is a broken head line means suicide, life threatening issues etc. I to have a broken head line. Some says it's change in careers or change in way of thinking.

    1. A broken headline is not a bad thing at all. Yes, it can mean a change in the way of thinking. It is not life threatening. So please do not worry. It certainly has nothing to do with suicide or death.

  8. Dear madam, I observed in his right hand that there is a horizontal line cutting a straight line under mount of Saturn, may be a dangerous one? You are an experienced palmist. Just I want to tell my observation. You are very broad minded to share your views and comments with common people like me. that's your greatness. thank you.

    1. Hi Vasu, the horizontal lines on the mount of saturn are a broken girdle of venus. He appears to have this on both hands. And no, the girdle of venus is not dangerous in any manner in the sense that it does not tell you anything about the future. Usually people with this sign have extraordinary sensitivity and are difficult to live with. But this reading needs to be tempered according to the length of the line, whether it is actually broken, how many pieces, and the rest of the lines of the hand. A single line of the girdle is usually a desired sign. Unfortunately when one reads hands from photos on the net, it's not possible to be exactly sure about the lines.


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