Sunday, June 17, 2018

Alia Bhatt's hand reading

Alia Bhatt is the new Bollywood heartthrob. Everyone wants to know what she is like in real life. Is she the typical film star, a spoilt rich brat, or is her personality actually that of an innocent girl-next-door?

Well, her hand does not show arrogance, although it does show a great desire for fame and name. This is an inherited quality which has been
enhanced. She enjoys being the centre of attention and likes to perform. And she is certainly in a career where she can realise this.

Alia has a rectangular palm and longish fingers. In length, her fingers are balanced. All of them taper at the end, although the first phalanges are not particularly long. The second phalanges are good, and the third phalanges of both Jupiter and Saturn fingers are long. The fingers overall are not too bent, except for the Apollo finger. The mounts of Jupiter and Moon are developed, and interestingly, the Mount of Venus has increased in width on the right active hand.

When it comes to the lines, it is always difficult to see the quality of the lines from photos found on the web. From what little can be seen of the palmar lines, both the Headline and Heartlines seem alright. The Fateline begins close to her Lifeline.

Check out her hand photographs here and here.

The Heartline is long on both hands, and on the left passive hand it begins on the Jupiter mount, is more curved and starts with a wide fork. As the passive hand shows the subconscious (and the inherited qualities), this means that Alia inherited a warm loving, demonstrative nature, an idealistic approach to love, and a healthy sex drive. These qualities have been a trifle diluted in her current personality, and this is a good thing. However, the sentimental and emotional nature is still present to a large degree, even if a little more in balance. She will be loyal and true, and always close to her family.

The shape of the hand points to a receptive and imaginative person. The hand shows independence, but it also shows vulnerability. And sensitiveness too. Because of her heart qualities, Alia is liable to be hurt, although her hands show that she is more practical regarding her emotions today than she was earlier. Alia will be happy if she partners with a practical, systematic person because such a person will give a sense of security.

Her hand shows good will-power, strong determination and a kind of willfulness, and once she decides on something she will go all out for it, doesn't matter what. There is confidence, high ambition, boldness, a willingness to take responsibility, and a desire to lead. These are the qualities which have brought her the success she has today.

There is a risk of Alia becoming self-indulgent, because she doesn’t like regimen, and enjoys food. She needs to take better care of her health in later years.

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  1. I really like her. What are your thoughts on her intelligence, savviness and know how of the politics within the fraternity? Does her hand show her to be as calcukative and scheming?

    Genius lies in choices and she's indeed made really smart choices.
    In my assessment I find her to have a certain x factor which a lot of other actresses lack.

    What according to her hand works in her favour and gives her a competitive edge over her contemporaries like Deepika among others? I am curious as to what her pitfalls are as per hand.


    1. Hi Anonymous. Her hand does not show that she is calculative and scheming, and yes, many of her fraternity are like this. This can be seen as a weakness. Also her heart qualities are strong, and this can be a weakness. She is the opposite of cold. Ranbir (she is dating him nowadays) has a streak of coldness, so let us hope he does not hurt her. Her main strength is her determination, and where she scores over actors like Deepika is that she is a natural actor and performer. In other words - she has more talent.

    2. One more thing. There is nothing wrong with her intelligence. Alia is street smart. Concerned with the practical day to day things of life. Certainly not an intellectual. This could limit her ability as an actor, although she has a quest for excellence.

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  3. Ive commented several times here on your blog, but you always overlook me.i see you relply to others. and you also don't fulfill requests. that's really not nice for someone who takes the time out to read your blog.


    1. I comment if I have an answer, that's all. It's nothing to do with the commentator. About Parineeti, I have once checked for her photos, and didn't find anything good. But I did not want to say that, because I might find some photos of her hands in the future. And I appreciate your reading my blog.

  4. If that's the case, you can just say you haven't found anything yet. But if you don't reply to a request or question it gives the impression you are leaving that person in the dark. Try to see it from the reader's point of view.

  5. Can you look at ranveer Singh and said Ali Khan?

  6. Please do a reading of saif Ali Khan. That man is such an enigma living under the shadow of successful parents, spouse and a very popular kid

    1. I will keep your suggestion in mind, definitely. I have been thinking of reading his hand for sometime, but somehow didn't feel inspired. Let's see.

  7. Replies
    1. He too I have considered but always felt that who would want to know about him? He is hardly popular nowadays...but okay, will read his hand sometime in the future.


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