Friday, October 11, 2019

Saif Ali Khan: Does he deserve his success?

Saif Ali Khan movie poster Bullet Raja
It’s a little tricky to read a hand when nothing stands out. This does not mean that there is nothing on the hand which is out of the ordinary. It’s just that when one sees photos online, one cannot see the details. As I have had several requests to read Saif Ali Khan’s hands, one just recently, I decided to give it a go.

Saif Ali Khan has normal-sized hands, perhaps a little larger than normal, a broad palm, slightly thick fingers, developed mounts of Venus, Moon and Jupiter, and fingers of a good length including the thumb. The third phalanges are developed, except for the Apollo finger. The headline, though straight at the start, slopes into the moon mount. The heartline looks short but actually,
it isn’t, as it is distinctly curved.

You can check out his hand photo here.

So what does this tell us about Saif, the person? We know that he grew up in the shadow of two famous parents, both achievers. It couldn’t have been easy to fill their shoes but he's done quite well for himself.

His hand shows willpower and determination, aggression and pushiness, health and intelligence and creativity and imagination. It also shows a person who is expressive, likes to talk, but not always diplomatic, someone who knows who is not too savvy when it comes to business or money, someone who can be manipulative and someone who is moody and introspective with the tendency to brood. He is the type who likes to do what he wants, and could likely defy society and risk disapproval when he believes he must do something. With all these qualities, it's not surprising that he achieved what he did.

His hands show a strong physicality. It would very likely exude from him if you met him. This characteristic is not that common. Maybe he got it from his father. If he had tried hard enough from a young enough age, it is possible that he would have made a good sportsman.

Success for a person like Saif was very likely and with the backing of family, it was certain.

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  1. "He is the type who likes to do what he wants, and could likely defy society when he believes he must do something."

    Kind of sounds like his character from Sacred Games.

    I always thought of him of having average talent but he sure has improved his craft. His work during these last 10 years has been impressive. Again, this is my opinion. I'm sure he has always had a fan following since his debut.

    1. He does have average talent but he is a determined type and I guess due to hard work he has improved over the years.

  2. Strong physicality? You mean like a sexiness?

  3. The meaning would be according to the dictionary: the fact of relating to the body as opposed to the mind; physical presence.
    Basically what I mean he would have a strong physical presence. Unless you have actually seen this in someone it is difficult to explain.


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