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Sanjay Dutt's hand reading

The movie "Sanju" is about the life of Sanjay Dutt, and has been criticised for glossing over Dutt's transgressions. It has been said that the film is dishonest. Is it dishonest?

In other words, is Sanjay Dutt a good guy or a bad guy? 

The facts of Sanjay Dutt's life are all over the media - about his difficult relationships, the drugs, buying weapons from criminals and so on. Looking at these facts makes one wonder whether Sanjay Dutt can really be the confused good-intentioned soul that the movie attempts to portray.

The hands can reveal the real person. They can give us an idea of who Sanjay Dutt really is.

Dutt's hand is not the best. Not refined. He has
excessively developed mounts, especially those of Moon and Lower Mars. Not the best mounts to dominate a hand. The Jupiter and Venus mounts are also developed. The headline is weak, particularly in the first half of his life, but this is not evident on his left, passive hand so clearly, it was something in the environment which changed him...or spoilt him? The active hand tells us of the current personality and the passive hand the inherited or subconscious qualities.

The heartline, though strong, is not too long, and does not enter the Jupiter mount. The third phalanges are thick, the second phalanges are on the shorter side, and the first phalanges though not short, are broad. The second phalange of the thumb is thick. And there appears to be a line rising from the headline, going towards the heartline. Or maybe it is a line connecting both these lines.

You can take a look at Sanjay Dutt's hand photographs.

If I didn't know this hand belonged to Sanjay Dutt, I would have said it belonged to an aggressive person and someone who was impulsive, a person who acted without thinking too deeply about whether his actions could hurt others. 

The hand belongs to someone with volatile emotions and someone who is blunt. Certainly not an easy person to get along with, because there would be issues with logical thinking and it would be difficult to reason with such a person. The pushiness shown on this hand would override reason, especially when emotions are aroused. 

And then, if after reading all this, I was told that this was the hand of Sanjay Dutt, then I would say that he is lucky to have been born to Suneel Dutt. If he had been born into an unknown, ordinary family his personality could have landed him in bigger trouble. He was lucky because he had a name, a career and a life to get back to. It probably saved him. But the truth is that he did not inherit such a bad hand, one can also surmise that if he had been born into an ordinary family, he might not have changed for the worse. 

Sanjay Dutt's hand also shows that he has a well-developed imagination, a creative side, moodiness, and intense feelings, but poor impulse control.

It is likely that something in his upbringing, something in his childhood, changed him for the worse. He was born with strong emotions but he was also likely born with better self-control.

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