Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hand Reading of Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor is one of those lucky women born into a famous family, but that is not the only reason why she has been so successful. Her hand shows that she made the most of the opportunities presented to her. As her best qualities have developed to a fine degree, she must have grown up in a caring environment. But behind that facade, what is Kareena really like?

The major characteristics of her hand are her long hand with a broad and large palm, a fine stable Headline, a long thumb with
its phalanges just the right length, slim fingers from top to bottom, strong Apollo and Mercury fingers and the mounts of Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon well developed.

Check out a hand photo of hers here.

These signs tell us that Kareena is a strong-willed person, with control over her physical self. She has the discipline and the focus to achieve her dreams. And while she has an overpowering need for celebrity and success (like a lot of people) she is different because uses her energy effectively. She has achieved her dreams because of her focus, hard work and determination.

There is an element of self-love in her personality, shown by the shape of her fingers, particularly that of Jupiter and Apollo, and also the shape of her hand. This self-love would be a negative in most professions (several politicians have this quality) but in her field, it can be used to an advantage as it would give her the confidence and verve to do her best on the screen. Kareena's Apollo finger and deep Sunline show the brilliance of her personality, as well as a talent in a creative field (Mount of Moon, Apollo Line and finger). She has managed to channelize these talents in a disciplined manner due to her Thumb and Headline qualities.

If she lacks the oomph that some actors like Priyanka Chopra have, the answer lies in her hand. The limited Heartline and Mount of Venus tell a story. She may not be cold, but she does lack an intense warmth of personality and strong sexual passion. It may be sufficient for her to get by in her personal life, but not enough to give her that extra edge on screen.

As Kareena has a never-say-die attitude (Upper Mount of Mars and thumb) and also unrelenting ambition, she would very likely try very hard to compete with those who have a natural sex appeal.

Kareena may not overtly dominating or unreasonable, but she likes to have her way. She can be quite manipulative, and is a shrewd person who is always playing her cards to win the game. Her hand shape also tells us that she does not make close friends easily and nor does she give her love easily. She has to be careful that her actions are not selfish and she does not get too suspicious of people.

Overall, she is sensitive. Not the one to forgive easily.

It is the practical side of her personality, her malleability and spontaneity, and her happy, optimistic nature, as well as her ability to see another point of view that can make a good companion, although a demanding, self-absorbed one.

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  1. I liked her acting in Refugee and Jab We Met. But otherwise my perception is that she is an average actress. Lets see how she answers her ageing with that never say die attitude.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Hmm, I too think of her as an average actress, that is my perception too. However her hand does show talent, though ofcourse not a very great talent, but certainly an above average kind. I was expecting her not to have any! I guess she must have something to be so successful. They say she is the top actress today.
    Anyway, I have a feeling that once she has her babies she is going to retire or at least disappear, like her sister Karishma.

  3. I think her acting is okay. I mean, what sort of acting do her roles demand!


    PLease reveal his secret.

  5. That's a good suggestion. I have taken a look at the photos on that site. I will search for some more, see if I can find out which hands he writes with, and then he will make a good subject for the next reading.

  6. There is no clear picture of palm print seems to be upper spatulate as equivalent to actress Padmini with phylosophic touch never satisfied with what you have achieved early as per Sep21 numerological prediction.Long headline joined with life line indicating a cautious temperament.Sun finger elevated than jupiter finger hence not a dominating type.Very small Venus mount and depression indicating not a passionate temperament when there is demand from her opposite sex.Cut short your over ambitious temperament.Marriage is likely to have with an inferior in station or or with some one you will be submissive.Karinakapoor make provision for students scholarship in your name.If you become wealthy you employ your riches to endow university or assist students for their research works due to your scientific temperament.

  7. I think your reading is spot on.


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