Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warren Buffet's hand reading

Everyone knows that Warren is the smartest investor out there, and that he is also a philanthropist. His money-making talent is glaringly obvious in his personality as revealed by his hand, but his philanthropy is not, unlike the hand of Bill Gates.

Buffet’s hand is fleshy, the mounts well developed, and he has strong, long lines deeply etched on his broad palm. His fingers are on the shorter side, his thumb a little low-set and large, and the Apollo (ring) and Mercury (little) fingers are longer than normal, particularly the Apollo finger. These signs give us a clue as to how and why
and why he made so much money.

The significantly long Apollo finger shows a finely developed risk-taking ability along with a strong desire to succeed. This by itself does not mean that the subject actually makes a lot of money in life or that he becomes very successful, but in Warren Buffet’s case, it is corroborated by other signs. 

Buffet has a long, deep headline, a long thumb, a long Mercury finger, a squarish palm and short fingers. The mounts of Moon and Jupiter are developed as is Lower Mars. The first phalanges are not particularly long but the second are good. The heartline is long and curving and there is line joining both head and heart lines.

His hand show clear and pragmatic thinking, a finely honed shrewdness when it comes to handling money, the ability to evaluate situations and people, a strong will, and superior reasoning ability. His hand also shows a creative mind-set. His hand does not show leadership qualities but it tells us that this is a person who is calculating and logical, perhaps to an extreme. Even when it comes to people, Warren’s mind always ticking and calculating - as to the value they can add to his life and in this sense it can mean he is a little selfish.

You can check out a hand photo of his here.

If this sounds as if he is a cold money-making machine, it is far from the truth. Warren Buffet may be calculating, but he is not cold. He has strong emotions, passion, and the ability to love deeply and consistently. He is loyal and true and would do anything for his loved ones. 

But is he a natural philanthropist? Not really. Warren Buffet has the ability to give, no doubt. He has a tendency to be something of an extremist and once he gets something in his head, he does it. However, he is not a perfectly balanced human being, which Bill Gates comes very close to being. Warren Buffet’s hands show that he can be dogmatic and manipulative and can use people. He is not too warm and friendly. He likes control a little too much as well as attention and has a great desire to succeed and make money. His calculating mind is a great asset to him.

Bill Gates is more driven by a desire to make a difference in this world, at least the way he is today. Warren Buffet’s motivations are mixed. I think these differences have a root in the fact that Bill Gates is an intellectual at heart, while Warren Buffet is more of a businessman.

Warren Buffet is known to live a simple life (as compared to other billionaires) and yes, his hand shows that he eschews status symbols. However, he enjoys good food and the comforts of life to some degree. He is not ostentatious, and status symbols could well embarrass him. He does not love money for money's sake, but power is important to him.

He has the force of character to do good, and he certainly wants to do good, but he is not as open as he should be and nor is he unselfish. Whether it is secretiveness or a need for privacy, or his controlling nature, one is not sure. Well, all philanthropists need not be sweet people or easy to live with.

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  1. Warren Buffet made so much money and that too without creating anything. He has to have a ruthless streak in him.

  2. Even Jack Welch has said that Warren Buffet is the smartest person in any room! But I don't understand why people make so much wealth that they may never use in their lifetimes! The philanthropy part was a surprise as he generally builds up his image as a philanthropist!

    Destination Infinity

  3. TN, I agree. Unfortunately I could not see his lines clearly to confirm that.

    DI, When you said he "builds up his image" you could not have said it better. That is what he does. His image is very important to him.

  4. Someone who I admire. I can understand the need to not show off- it is just too easy. In fact it is also a way of differentiating yourself from other rich people ;)

  5. Vishesh, yeah, that's a good point. This way Warren Buffet can feel special and different. He probably looks down on people who waste money!


    one of the politico powerhouse in india., it would be an interesting finding about him.


  8. Hullo Mr. Curious. Thanks for the links. Sharad Pawar is a master politician isn't he. well, I will check for more prints of his hand and will do it a bit later. Last week I was unable to post anything, and this week I am working on a comparison of the hands of various top bollywood actors.

  9. ok., thanks and good luck.

  10. If you are describing the hand-features on the basis of which you are putting analysis, then you should have evidence (photos) to corroborate that. Also, in your posts, you've often missed to clarify the reason. E.g., "the shape of hand suggests that he has this quality", Now, you haven't mentioned what feature of the shape drives that quality??

    1. Peeyush you are right. But if you notice this post is one of the older ones on this website and I wasn't writing it that comprehensively at that time. I may have written it in a hurry.
      As regards photos I have a policy of not using copyrighted photographs on the website (I know a lot of people do it but I don't). However I have started to give links to photos but in this there is no link. In the older posts I didn't do that but I will edit this post to give a link to a photograph. Will also edit this post to make it better.


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