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Kareena, Katrina, Priyanka or Aishwarya?

Who is better? Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan? They are the top actresses in the Hindi film industry (Bollywood) today. Based on their hand, they have been marked out of ten on Talent, Sex Appeal and Manipulativeness. A rating of 8 or 9 simply means that the actor is near the top amongst the four only.

TALENT (signs taken into consideration are the shape of the hand overall, the developed mounts and fingers, particularly Mercury (little finger) and Apollo (ring finger), the shape of the Headline and the length of the phalanges). However, it is not pure acting talent that I have counted as this is not the only ability that makes an actor successful. I have taken into account the qualities of screen presence and charisma which often makes up
for a lack in the acting department. Screen presence they say is that ‘X’ factor that successful actors possess and encompasses an actor's poise, confidence, intelligence and most important - concentration. It gives an actor the ability to get into the character without being conscious of an audience.

Acting ability is usually not the criteria for the commercial success of female Indian actors as their roles do not usually demand it. Beauty and sex appeal also add to an actor's success but these are not factored into the "Talent" section.

Priyanka Chopra – 9.  Where talent is concerned, Priyanka scores the highest amongst the four. You can read about her personality here, and check out her hand photo here. The reason for the high score is because she has something significantly more than just screen presence, which she has in plenty. Her long sloping headline, developed mounts of Moon and Venus, the long fingers with slim tips all show her talent and the desire to excel herself.

Kareena Kapoor – 7. Her acting talent is supplemented well with her screen presence. People who come from families of actors often acquire screen presence naturally. But Kareena has more than just that ‘X’ factor called screen presence. She has a strong quest for excellence and a hunger to remain in the limelight. This gives her an edge, a strong motivation to give her best performance, and perhaps this explains why she is number one today. She has long, slim fingers, particularly that of Apollo (ring) and Mercury (little finger), but her upper moon mount is not very well developed and she has a practical headline. You can check out her hand photos here and here.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan – 5. She is not consistent in her work, but her hand does show some acting talent as well as the ‘X’ factor. As mentioned above the rating of 5 does not necessarily mean she is average but she has average talent when compared to Priyanka and Kareena. She has fairly flat mounts, but a long Mercury (little finger) and her heartline doesn't show the ability to express her emotions. You can check out her hand reading here and her hand photo here.

Katrina Kaif – 4. She got a 4 despite her hand showing the least acting talent because her ‘X’ factor is good, second only to Kareena's. Her bold, confident personality and sensible, focused approach to her work are her assets.  She also scores well in the sex appeal department as shown in the following paragraphs. She has a significant gap between her head and lifelines, but the Mercury (little) finger is on the shorter side, and the mount of Mercury and Upper Moon are not very well developed. She had a good, balanced headline. Here are her hand photos, and you can read a post on her hand reading here.

SEX APPEAL (seen by several signs on the hand, including the Mount of Venus, Heartline and Lifeline).

Priyanka Chopra - 9
Katrina Kaif - 8
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - 5
Kareena Kapoor - 3

A MANIPULATIVE AND SCHEMING NATURE (seen by the shape of the fingers, headline, thumb shape, and the heartline). This often depends on circumstances and therefore I have given a range.

Priyanka Chopra – 0-2. She is very slightly manipulative and in any case this quality is often seen in successful people, in some form.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan - 2-4. She is manipulative but pales in comparison to Kareena and Katrina.

Kareena Kapoor – 5-6. Now, here is a woman who is smart and plans her moves.

Katrina Kaif – 6-9. Her hand shows her to be the most scheming of all although her hand also shows her to be a generous, sympathetic person. Her thumb shows a strong predisposition to a charitable nature, and a desire to help those less fortunate than herself. She is the only one amongst the four with this sign. People are very complex and so it's best not to judge.

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  1. Nice analysis...Good effort! you really are passionate about your work :)
    you said that hand analysis can help you to understand youself better but can you tell me that once you have identified and you are aware of your good and bad qualities what should you do to improve your bad qualitites? do you believe that meditation will help us in doing so?

  2. Thanks Anonymous.
    When it comes to improving oneself, it depends on what the aspect is. For example if it is improving one's mental stamina and concentration, then certainly meditation and other mind exercises help. Just as we improve our physical health by exercise and diet, this applies to the mind health as well. If it is about some unpleasant personality trait, one has to first acknowledge that the trait is not desirable. For example many people who are manipulative and cunning would not like to change as it helps them get what they want. They probably think others are idiots!
    People often want to change certain traits that affect their personal relationships and here palmistry is a great help. Analysing a couple's hands provides their strengths and weaknesses and where they clash and this will enable to pinpoint where they can change. Once you decide you want to stop manipulating people and one becomes conscious while doing it, it can be stopped gradually. Same with other unpleasant personality traits.

  3. Just wondering, is it possible for these traits to change drastically in a few years, and would the hand show it?

    Destination Infinity

  4. Ofcourse it is possible, I have seen it in hands. People with strong will power can change the deeper entrenched qualities which have been inherited but even those with weak will power can do it, starting with the small things and moving deeper. I have seen a hand where will power has been increased drastically because of circumstances which forced the person to change. And why a few years, it can happen in less than a year.

  5. It would be interesting to know their other qualities, like say, their attitude towards their love life?

  6. TN, I had thought of including that, the chances of their having happy relationships, but then the post was becoming too long. Maybe one of these days...

  7. I like priyanka among the lot :-) also my birth daye and her's are the same-18th july..

  8. Priyanka,in my opinion,never gets into the part that she's playing 100%. It always seems like she's looking at the charceter she's playing from the outside...That's just how it appears to me.Kareena,however, can be quite a convincing actor and manages to get under the character's skin more or less.Aishwarya sometimes does a good job too like in Guzaarish.

  9. Vishesh, :)

    Padmini, I agree that Kareena has excellent screen presence and plus something else, and this "X" and "Y" factor makes her very special and also successful, more than Priyanka. I think I agree with your about Priyanka, she is not a brilliant actor (as per her hand). If she was rated 1-10 in an objective manner (from her hand) as compared to actors overall she would score 5 or 6.

  10. i think priyanka dsrvs 10 on 10 ... she is excellent actress n super sexy .. and 4 MANIPULATIVE AND SCHEMING NATURE... priyanka is so far better than others n she proved that !!

    anyway .. i dnt believe this kind of analysis ...i know katrina is popular more than priyanka but priyanka is the best with her superb acting and adorable personality .. katrina is just like an item girl .. she is beautiful but her acting is 1 of d worst thing in bollywood .. kareena is a good actress but her attitude and facial expression .. i mean overall persona is not attractive ... aishwarya is beautiful , even she is a good actress but she is 38 n its a minus 4 her .. Bollywood means glamor , n someone like her cant compete with young n sexy diva like priyankA N KATRINA !!

    SO , i think priyanka is better than others :)

  11. whatever kareena kapoor is the best. because punjabi are the singh id king

  12. i think that no one can compete katrina kaif she is superb


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