FAQs on Palmistry or Hand reading

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1) Is palmistry a legitimate, proven science or an art of intuition? Even worse, is it merely unreliable speculation?

There is a vast ancient knowledge about Palmistry available today and this knowledge has been built upon by many good modern authors on Palmistry. However, when it comes to actually applying this knowledge, some hand readers combine it with intuition, astrology, psychology and superstition. This can discredit palmistry.

Intuition can be accurate at times, but to rely on it or to behave as if it is about hand reading is not correct. From the number of emails I get every week from people who have been victims of palmists who make dire, frightening predictions, I realise that this is a common problem.

I view these intuitive predictions in the light of malice of some type.

Ancient Palmistry documents fatalistic predictions based on hand lines. These books were written at least a hundred years ago, if not hundreds. Life in those times was simplistic and fatalistic, more than it is so today. Today, medical science has advanced, there are fewer wars and less poverty, not to mention fewer unpredictable events. Just as we have progressed in all fields, progress has been made in the science of Palmistry as well. It is preferable to rely on the well-known authors of today, rather than that of yesteryear.

The most important aspect of hand reading is interpretation. If I can think of any science to compare it to, it's Psychology. There are principles on which it operates, but finally, it is all about the diagnosis. Experience is the best teacher.

You can read about the science behind Palmistry: Palmistry Explained.

2) How accurate is Palmistry?

Palmistry is fairly accurate when it comes to character reading, but cannot be precise in terms of dates when it comes to future reading. Predictions based on hand reading are more about trends. But Palmistry can give you a decent idea of your personality and your life purpose and life lessons.

To think that the hand can tell you the future with accuracy, is wrong. For more on this, you can read this post on Palmistry Myths or Can Palmistry predict future events?

3) Is there any scientific basis for Palmistry?

Palmistry has a scientific basis because the enormous number of nerves present in our hands are connected to the brain. Whether we made ourselves and evolved this way, or someone made us, the truth is that the hand is a gift. Our bodies are so perfectly made so why is it difficult to believe that there is a fail-safe? An alarm system? You can read the post on "Palmistry Explained" given in the previous paragraph, and it will give you a good idea as to the answer to this question.

4) What is the connection between Palmistry and Astrology?

None. These are two separate streams of knowledge. If believers in both fields wish to combine the readings from both Astrology and Palmistry, that is their prerogative. Although the fingers and mounts of the hands are named after planets, this was done by the ancient palmists. These are simply names and are used for our convenience.

5) Can my hand tell me when I will die?

Death cannot be seen on the hand, not even on the Lifeline. Death can occur anytime, but this cannot be predicted by the hand.

For more on this read: Death and hand reading 

6) If I have several marriage lines, does it mean I will have more than one marriage? If my marriage line goes downward, will I get divorced?

No. The so-called marriage lines do not foretell marriage or divorce. A person with two or three so-called marriage lines can be married only once, and a person who marries several times or never marries at all can have just one line. A person with a straight line can get divorced and a person with a forked or downward line can be in a happy marriage. These lines are not reliable even when it comes to relationships. These lines on the edge of your hand, under the little finger, are the most unreliable lines on the hand.

For more on this read: The Myth of the Marriage Lines and another post on Love, Marriage and Relationships.

7) Can my hand predict if I will be rich?

Your hand cannot tell you the quantum of money or assets you possess. Property cannot be seen on the hand. It can only tell you whether you think you have enough, more than enough, or not enough. Finally, it is all in your mind. In any case, your riches are not dependent on your hand. They are dependent on your ability, inheritance and/or hard work. Your success is dependent on who you are and what you do. This is reflected in the lines.

For more on this read: Your hand lines are a reflection of you; not vice versa.

8) Will I go abroad? Live in a foreign country?

Smaller journeys cannot be seen on the hand. At times settlement away from your home can be seen. But this does not necessarily mean out of the country. It simply means away from your roots.

9) Will I be healthy?

Health can be seen on the hand, or rather, the natural robustness which is present in your body. Some health issues, minor or major can be seen and sometimes, the approximate timing. However, pinpointing the exact cause may not be possible. For that, you have to have a medical check-up.

10) Which career field am I best suited for? Science, Humanities or Commerce? Which career should I choose? Medicine, Engineering or Design or Agriculture?

The hand does now show what you will actually choose; it will simply show your aptitude. There are umpteen instances where people choose a stream of study other than what they are suited for intellectually and/or temperamentally, and this is due to parental or societal pressures. A person who has the potential to be an artist can choose medicine for example.

While the broad field you are best suited for can be seen, it is not possible to say which particular subject. 

There are far too many career options today for this to be answered in a specific manner. For example, a person with a good imagination and creative ability can be suited not just for Design, but also for Architecture. A person with calculative abilities can be good for Finance, Accounting, or even Engineering. Of course, this has to be balanced out by the personality reading which will indicate your temperament. Temperament is important because an outgoing person is more suited for say, marketing. The life purpose reading can indicate your deeper needs. What do you really want? Money? Power? Service? Creative fulfilment?

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