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How To Read Hands

Explaining the basics of hand reading – the way a hand should be read.

Hand photo

When it comes to reading someone's hand and deciphering signs and lines, it is a matter of judgment. Certain specific steps are to be followed if one has to provide an accurate reading.

1) The first thing one needs to check is the finger shape and hand shape. The length of the fingers relative to each other, and the length and width of the palm is to be considered, as well as the strength of the individual mounts. These aspects are very important. It can reveal some major insights into the person. 

When it comes to reading mounts, each individual mount needs to be compared to the strength of the other mounts. Checking the apex of each mount helps to decide which mount is dominant. One needs a high-resolution photograph of the hand to examine apexes. Only practise will tell you whether a mount is flat or well developed.

The mounts also need to be compared to the strength of the fingers. If all mounts are developed, the importance of a particular developed mount decreases.

The shape of the hand and fingers can change over time. 

Hand SilhouetteThis aspect is of utmost importance as it is the context in which your hands are read. You will need to do this by way of photographs which clearly show the full hand and also the relative length of the fingers and thumb. 

2) Texture and colour of the palm, as well as the flexibility of the hand and fingers is as important, more important than is generally realised. Whether your hand is hard, elastic or soft and whether the palm is white, pink or red will affect your reading because it will colour the rest of the conclusions.

3) Palmar Lines are to be read next. High-resolution photos are required as even fine lines and ridges need to be seen.

To read lines the same principles outlined above are to be used. Read lines in combination with each other and keep comparing their meaning to that of the mounts and fingers and the shape of the hand. Read the lines in their context. Also, study the consistency of the lines relative to each other. Even with similar lines, no two hands will be the same because the shape of the hand will be different. That is why similar lines or signs on the hands of different people mean different things. Moreover, a single sign or line on the hand should not be read in isolation. Everything needs to be read together to form a cohesive whole.

The lines will provide more details but all that you see here has to be understood in the context of the shape of the hand and also its texture and flexibility. 

The lines can reveal future trends, but then it is the lines which tend to change the fastest! So be careful before you predict anything. A person's future changes if he/she changes, and the younger he/she is, the higher the chance of the lines changing. 

The shape of the hand, the fingers and the mounts can also change.

4) Fingerprint Analysis is done of all the ten fingerprints of your hand. The fingerprints can be similar or very different, but all in all, they are unique and no one will have the exact same fingerprint. These patterns on your fingertips can reveal your soul psychology.
Fingerprints never change and it is important to remember that the fingerprints show your soul psychology, not your personality.

Sometimes the soul psychology does not match the personality, in the sense that the personality develops because of environmental pressures and the true potential of the person is often buried. This can cause conflict in the personality and dissatisfaction with life. By analysing the fingerprints you can find out who you truly are and whether you are using your potential the way you were meant to do. That is why comparing personality with soul psychology can give a lot of insights about the person.

Either photos of the fingertips or actual prints via a stamp pad are required to do this. An example is given below, of fingerprints taken via a stamp pad. Nowadays with high-res cameras on phones, taking photos of fingerprints is fairly easy and one does not need to do it the messy way by using a stamp pad.

Fingerprint photo via stamp pad

Hands often show contradictory signs. The worst thing to do is come to conclusions by examining one sign only. Even worse is not to take into account the type of hand. Many amateur hand readers do this, and this is what has made palmistry lose some of its credibility.

Practising palmistry is difficult and takes years to master. Learning should never stop.

What would you think of a doctor who told you had measles or smallpox because you had a rash on your body? You know that a doctor has to take into account all the physical symptoms as well as the medical history and lifestyle, before making the diagnosis. I have compared a palmist to a doctor in a post titled, Palmistry Explained, and to be more specific – the art of diagnosis can be compared to the art of reading hands.

A good doctor has mastered the art of diagnosis. He has done this not only through his knowledge but also through his observation over the years and the correct and intelligent interpretation of symptoms, giving some symptoms more weight and others less.

The art of palmistry can also be compared to the art of psychiatry. Here too the psychiatrist does not condemn a patient by telling him or her that he has schizophrenia because his family tells you that he acts in a contradictory or "crazy" manner. Neither does a psychiatrist say that a man is insane because he suffers from road rage. It is the person's background, his circumstances, the society he moves in, and his history which is taken into account before pronouncing a verdict. Also, various physical symptoms need to be considered.

In the same manner, in palmistry or hand reading, one has to look at different signs, and read them together. One also takes into account the past (which can be seen from the hand) as well as the person's temperament (again seen from the hand) if one has to say anything about future trends. The circumstances and the society the person lives in are very important.

If you want to get your own hands read, know more about What to expect from a private hand reading. You can also read the Testimonial pages, starting with the first one.

The hand photos have to be done in a particular way. I have explained in detail how to send me your hand photographs because the angle and lighting are of utmost importance. If you are interested in getting your hands read, then go through this post:

Please do not ask me to read hands for free as I spend hours studying a hand, and thus cannot do it for free. Also, I get several requests for free analysis every week, another reason why I cannot do it for free. 

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  1. hi neeta i think u have pics of my hands.did u want me to send u more? amrita

  2. Hi Amrita. Yes I have some recent photo prints of your hand. And whats more, I have some I took 25 years ago!! So I can do a good comparison. Give me some time. I need to set this blog up and running properly first. Although its been set up I need to post more regularly because I am finding it hard to appear in Google quickly. It takes a long time to do the hand of a celebrity because pictures are not clear and I need to search the images, often scores and scores of them for the right one and then try and decipher. Its difficult and time consuming.

  3. Nita... It would be really nice if you could have a look at these and suggest. I am right handed. Let me know if you need more photos or any information. Thanks in advance. Finally, request you not to publish the photos with my name. You can send me an email at <--- right hand <-- left hand

  4. Chiranjib,you should read this post of mine:
    It is the second part of this post on which you have commented.
    That will give you a better idea of the kind of hand photos I require. I do not publish hand photos of private readings.

  5. Thanks for this blog as there are very few scientific blogs on palmistry.You are correct on all counts as per my experiences in palmistry too(Although I am interested in the science for the past 15 years only).However I partially agree to point no. 10.I have seen people settling in foreign land where the life line occasionally sweeps deep into the mount of moon.May not be always true .I was amazed to see hands of a few who late confirmed to have settled in a foreign country.


  6. Hemanga, The basics of any science is that the mark is right each and every time and so it is with Palmistry. If you have seen a particular mark being right only some of the time it means that it cannot be used to predict what you say. In fact I know someone with that sign who has not traveled abroad at all. The Mount of Moon gives a person restlessness, thats all and often people with this sign do travel if they get the opportunity.

  7. Yes madam agreed.
    I was travelling from Mumbai to Ghandhinagar.One average looking gentleman was one of the many travelers in my AC III tier compartment.By instinct I got to look at his hands.There was a wide sweep of the lifeline that ended on the moon mount .Although curious but I never asked about his whereabouts.After a few hours past the gentleman told the fellow group members that he had settled in South Africa and has traveled throughout Europe.Married and separated in Europe and now looking for a prospective bride in his hometown somewhere in Gujarat.I was truly amazed at the truth of a single sign.I agree that it may not be true always but at it conforms some time.


  8. And yes one more thing. Many people without this sign travel all over the place. That is also something to consider.

  9. Hi Nita
    My name's Amin and i'm from iran. it's 7:15 am and i haven's slept since last night and i'm confused by my hands and their lines cuase they're different from right to left like they're for two different men. i'm sure you heared about iran sanctions so i can't pay you but i must beg you to do this for me and it's a real problem for me. could you please analyse my palms? i will send you photos of my palms if you agree
    thanks for your time

  10. Hi Amin. I am sure there are ways to pay as paypal is not the only way. I know paypal is blocked in Iran. If you have some relative or friend outside Iran they can pay via paypal. My fees are nominal considering the amount I spend studying hands.
    I get many requests to read hands for free (4-5 a week) and if I oblige I will have to just do that and nothing else. The reasons vary from "I am jobless" or "I am in trouble" or "I want to do this secretly"and I am sure they are genuine reasons but I cannot oblige. I sympathise with all of these people, but I need to take money, even if it is a little. This is the way I am earning a living and I spend hours reading a hand.
    When it comes to your hands, all I can say is that if your left and right hands are different, you have carved out a different path for yourself than what your destiny was. Best of luck Amin.

  11. Hey my name is Afshan. I want to know whether my marriage is love marriage or arrange marriage...
    So please help how I contact you for my palm reading..?

    1. Dear Unknown,
      How you meet your partner, whether your parents introduce you or your friends, this can never be seen on the hand. If you still want to contact me for a paid reading, you will find my email id on this website, under the About Me, section.

  12. Hey my name is Afshan. I want to know whether my marriage is love marriage or arrange marriage...
    So please help how I contact you for my palm reading..?


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