What to expect from a private hand reading

I do private hand readings of individuals on payment. The price of private readings depends on the type of reading required.

A complete reading will be around 15-20 pages long, including the personality analysis, a brief note on past and future trends, and the fingerprint reading. To know more about this and the actual prices, you can email me.

We all believe we know ourselves, and we do too, to some extent. However, we often look at ourselves through rose tinted spectacles and maybe are reluctant to see what others see. Or we could be harsh on ourselves, blaming ourselves unnecessarily. A few enlightened people can see everything about themselves very clearly, but for most of us it is difficult.

As one very famous Greek philosopher said: "One of the most difficult things is to know yourself"

A hand and fingerprint reading will provide you with an objective analysis of your personality traits and this will help you in your personal growth.

The types of readings are given below and they can be taken singly or in combination.

1) Hand Reading: Character/Personality Analysis (from the shape of the hands, fingers and lines). This will much more in detail than you see on this website, and will be at least 3-4 pages long. This will include both strengths and weaknesses of your character, including those which are inherited and those which are acquired. An analysis will be made of your natural abilities and talents. The reading will also give an overview of the kind of person you are.

2) A brief note on Life Trends (Past and Future Trends).  

3) Fingerprint Reading: This will provide a deep understanding of yourself, specifically your soul psychology, our innermost vulnerabilities and life purpose. The analysis can range from 10-15 pages and it puts the personality reading into context. Understanding our fingerprints helps us because the earlier we get to know what we really need deep inside, the greater the chances of us making the right choices in our life. Fingerprints explain why some inherited personality traits develop, and some don’t, and why two people react in different ways to the same circumstances. It also explains why we struggle with some issues all our lives and why we are attracted to a life which seems at odds with what we are doing now. This reading answers the all-important question: What is our right life?

4) Three Questions answered.

5) Compatibility Analysis: This is done for a couple, and the strengths and weaknesses of both are analysed. This will include a character analysis and fingerprint reading for two people with  a compatibility section.

The post on hand reading myths will explain to you the kind of questions you can ask and another post will explain the type of photos I need

Check the Testimonials page to see what clients have written after receiving their reading. There are several Testimonial pages, the link to the next one being given at the bottom of each one.


  1. Would you know what this means.....pentacle below headline under Apollo...with a straight line going up to Apollo mount ending in star burst. Pentacle drawing in from moon and venus right from bae of thumb. I'm thinking this shows mental creative ability to bring about contentment and happy ins....

  2. May I inquire price of hand reading

  3. Laura, there are no pentacles on hands. A pentacle implies a circle, and there are never any circles on hands. There can be stars, either well formed or badly formed, and they need to be separate from the main lines. Mental creative ability is seen from the headline, the mount of moon and the Apollo finger, all to be read in combination.

    If you write to me I can provide you with the price of a hand-reading. There are many different types that I do and there are different charges for each. I will explain it in an email

  4. If someone has had surgery on their hands affect the reading? ie scar through the palm?

  5. The scar is not read. Only the lines on the palm which are unaffected by scar are read, and so it will not affect the reading. However, if the scar is a major one and obscures most of the lines, or the important lines, then it becomes difficult to read the hand.

  6. Hello Nitaji, im Jaydeep from Pune want to know the fees for a general reading as well as advanced reading..Thanks

  7. jay b, I cannot get your email via this comment and therefore could not send the rates to you. My email is blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com so please write to me here so that I can send you the rates. There are 6-7 different types of readings available.

  8. My email id is given right on this page, in fact on this very post. This post on which you have commented. :) It is also there on the right sidebar.

  9. Ma'am,
    In your long term association with professional palmistry can you suggest the best form of a sun line ? Since it is really hard and rare to find one fault free from inception to end.

  10. A perfect line is any which is dark, clear and well etched throughout , from the start to the end. Preferably without bars, islands or waviness. Perfect lines are rare and a perfect sunline even rarer. But a perfect sunline is not necessary for success and happiness. :)

  11. Ma'am ,
    from your vast experiences, would you please explain the best possible upper Mars line characteristics ?

  12. Rudrodip, I am not clear as to what you mean by an Upper Mars Line. Which line are you referring to?

  13. Ma'am, Thanks for your reply, I have an interest for this study and I had dedicated good amount of time since 3 years to this science, do intuition play a key role in process of prediction ? If so, is there any specific practice which you can suggest ?

  14. I do not rely on intuition at all as intuition is nothing but guesswork. I follow the scientific practice of studying the shape of the hand, fingers and lines. I also study the nails, the back of the hand and the colour and texture of the hand. It is purely a logical exercise.
    Besides, predictive palmistry is an area that one should venture with great caution. Lines change, as we change and this reflects the change in our future.
    Experience is the best teacher.

  15. Ma'am thanks very much for replying and your time. I strongly agree with you about the logical part, but I believe that the course of major lines will remain constant where as the the minor lines appear and disappear. At this juncture can I conclude palmistry is about interpreting predominantly the minor lines with major lines as fundamentals. Finally are you referring the "back of the hand" with respective to the content in "The New Palmistry How to Read the Whole Hand and Knuckles" book by Judith Hipskind ?

  16. I have not read Judith Hipskind so I do not know what exactly you mean.
    I am not sure on what basis you say that major lines do not change. How many hands have you read in depth? Have you kept notes and files on your subjects? How many years have you followed these people? You need to follow a person's hand over years, at times 10 years, or 20 years.
    People do not change overnight.
    The lines are about changes in the personality.
    I have cases with me where the main lines have changed and also the shape of the hand and fingers. I have case studies of hands over 30-40 years.
    All lines can change.
    However I agree that those who believe in fate and destiny and are passive people leading regular unadventurous lives without dramatic events do not change, even after years. But this is not common in today's modern world.

  17. And no - palmistry is not about interpreting minor lines. It is about reading the whole hand. The shape of the hand, mounts and fingers is the context in which you interpret the lines. The main lines are the most important. Head, Heart and Life. Followed by the Fate and Sun and Mercury Lines. Followed by other lines.

  18. Ma'am, Thanks for the insights. I admit that my experience in this field is amateurish. But kindly clarify the change in Major lines. I perceive that a major line cannot change its original course or length for example a life line which had curved the entire venus mount can be vanished abruptly or can it reach the mount of moon (I am not referring a fork here)? or a head line which had terminated on the upper mars can change its due course to the mount of mercury ?
    Kindly give insights on what exactly “change” is wrt major lines. I find your replies encouraging in this forum. Very few hand analysts have such compassion. Sorry if I am testing your patience. Thanking you in advance.
    Further the book which I had referred is all together a new concept where the author explained how to analyze the knuckle folds (the lines under the nails and knuckles) for immediate future I,e days, weeks and months, which I couldn't comprehend.

  19. Actually, you are asking me how much a man or woman can change. Surely you know the answer to that question. He/She can change a little, or a lot and it depends on the circumstances of his or her life. And yes, a whole direction of a life can change if the circumstances are such, which means a line can change where it ends. It can reduce or increase. it can become frayed or strengthen.
    Your approach needs to change. The lines are simply a reflection of the person, not vice versa. If a person changes, the lines changes. The more dramatic the changes, the more dramatic the change in the life.

  20. Only serious research over at least a decade on the hands of at least 50 people whom you know will make you truly understand the art of hand reading. Take their hand photos when they are young, in college, and follow them for 10-20 years and you will get all your answers.

  21. Ma'am, as you advised I will definitely do enough research. Lastly ma'am, I had an idea of developing an procedure where the palmist can paint the lines on the palm without even looking at the client's hand, only by listening to the life major events and encouraging the client to participate in a set of questionnaires where the palmist can access the personality. Simply my ides is reengineering, when a palmist accurately predict/ interpret looking at the clients hand, why the palmist can’t accurately imagine and paint the lines on the hand by simply listening. Can this happen?
    Ma’am, have you ever visualized the lines on the client hand after reading his/ her quires?
    Thanks in advance.

  22. Hari, An important thing is please post only one comment. Till now you have posted duplicate comments. This time however you have posted the same comment not twice, but 5 times. :)
    Regarding your query:
    1) No person has the exact same lines as someone else, as lines are like fingerprints, unique to every individual and this is natural as not even identical twins have exactly same lives.
    2) The lines have to seen in the context of the shape of the hand shape and finger shape, the texture, elasticity, flexibility of the hand. This is the most important. A CEO of a company and a taxi driver can have very similar lines so what you suggest is impossible.
    Remember the hand and finger shape is the CONTEXT in which one interprets the lines. Unfortunately amateur palmists go by the lines only. That is a big mistake.
    3. It is difficult to do as you say as recognizing a person's characteristics is not easy. A manipulative person who is a clever liar can be difficult to recognize, at time by his/her own spouse so I am not sure how you assume that people will tell the truth. Besides what is even more common is that people do not understand themselves so how are they going to participate in a questionnaire and say yes I am a liar, yes I am stupid, yes I am a cheat, yes I am a greedy person.
    My patience is running out with your questions because you are not seeing the obvious.

  23. You will probably ask me now how is that a taxi driver and a CEO of a company can have similar lines? Well, there are two reasons. One is that the lines are a reflection of one's own self. They are about our own ambitions and expectations. If a slum dweller's ultimate fulfillment is buying a taxi his hand will show fulfillment of all his ambitions at the end of his life. A well to do person's ambition may be to become a CEO and his lines will also show similar signs.
    Lines are relative to the person. You recognize the person by see his hand shape, mount and finger shapes.

    And no I have never tried to visualise the lines on a client's hand by reading his queries. A person who asks about his career or love life can be of any type of personality. He can be in any profession. He can be of any gender.

  24. Also I need to add another thing.
    The same life event is reflected differently in two people's hands because it depends on how important they think it is. For example a broken engagement can be seen as a terrible tragedy in someone's hand while another will be affected only for a few weeks and it may not even be visible on his hand.
    I think you should read all the articles I have posted under the label of palmistry before you ask me any more questions.

  25. Thanks Ma'am, I will definitely read the articles. I apologize for posting multiple comments, but it is inadvertently done. I only get acknowledgement after posting the comment twice. I am really thankful for your time and responses. I hope my perception towards the science had changed with your valuable insights.
    Hari :)

  26. hello,
    my marriage lines are 2 below pinky fingure, dark,, now i have noticed from past few days there is another line developed between these 2 lines and is touching the nearest line, making it fork shape when i close my fingures like punch,, what does it mean, i had one relation which was lost , now i am into new relation but we are seperate for some time,, this new line is making me very scare about my future what will happen if my this relation,, oh gosh i cant think of anythin negative,, is it true these lines describe relations

    1. I suggest you read my post on marriage lines.
      And no, these lines do not describe your relationships. That is just superstition. If you want to have happy relationships, I suggest you choose the right person, and be the right person yourself. Whether you will have happy relationships does not depend on your lines. It depends on you. So stop thinking of these lines, which are completely misleading.

  27. mam what are reunion lines,, if anybody's engagement has broken and re unite later is it possibe to judge from hand reading,,

    1. No. It is not possible. There is no "reunion" line on the hand.


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