Friday, June 14, 2024

Rajnath Singh - Ordinary and yet not so ordinary

It’s always amazing when the hands of people who have risen to the top seem ordinary in so many ways. Ordinary in intellect and ordinary when it comes to true leadership, of the benevolent kind.

Rajnath Singh has good sized hands, large, rectangular palm and short fingers. The Mercury (little) finger is long, as dominant as the Apollo (ring) finger, and the thumb is fairly good and possibly a little stiff. It’s a good length and not set too low or too high, although it is held close to the hand. The Jupiter (index) finger is bent, and low-set which makes it look short. His heart and head lines are

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Are all serial killers psychopaths?

Graphic serial killer
By 愚木混株 Cdd20 Pixabay
Do serial killers have traits in common? According to the FBI, while the motivations and methods of serial killers vary, most serial killers tend to be self-seeking, and use charm, manipulation, intimidation to satisfy their selfish desires. They exhibit sensation-seeking and predatory behavior, impulsivity, and a desire for control. 

Not all serial killers are psychopaths, however. The psychos tend to exhibit a total lack of empathy, lack of guilt or remorse, are out of touch with reality and often live in a fantasy world. If one examines the hands of serial killers, which of these characteristics would be evident? 

The hands of serial killers are mostly

Monday, March 25, 2024

John Mayer the Musician and Player

John Mayer with guitar
John Mayer, a world-famous singer, guitarist, and song-writer, is known not just for his work, but also his numerous love affairs. At forty-six, he is still a player. He insists that he wants to marry, so why doesn’t he?

His hands are large, but not over-large, considering his height, which is almost six feet three. What is remarkable is that his palm is very broad and the thumb quite low-set and long, with a slim second phalange and a strong top phalange. The long, low-set thumb may be ideal for his guitar playing, but such a thumb has a significant meaning, in palmistry. It indicates will power and determination, and leadership qualities, and that’s just for starters!

The Venus, Jupiter and Moon mounts are well developed, but yet, not over-developed. His fingers are a good length, the Mercury (pinky) finger being significantly long, with a conic tip. The other fingers are well balanced with each other in length, and the Saturn (middle) and Jupiter finger is possibly a little bent. The Jupiter (index) finger has a conic tip as well, while the other fingertips are rounded. The third phalanges of his Apollo (ring) and Jupiter fingers are a little thick. The lines on his hand are fairly well-marked, with the headline long and slightly sloping but not too sloping. The heart line is not clearly visible in public photos, but it does seem that it is not as darkly etched underneath the Jupiter finger.

These hand features paint us a picture of who John Mayer is and it

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Bongbong Marcos – a better leader than his father?

Bongbong Marcos Philippines
Bongbong Marcos, is the son of the disgraced ex-President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, and his wife, Imelda Marcos. But today Bongbong Marcos is the elected the President of the Philippines. Do his hands tell us that he is the chip of the old block? 

Well, genes are genes, and one does tend to inherit a personality, just like one inherits one's physical features. Yet, each one of us is still a little different, as in the case with Bongbong Marcos. It was his bad luck that both his parents were in the eye of the storm, and neither of them impressive characters. The interesting thing about parental genes is that unless the child is plucked out of the environment, there is little chance of the apple falling in another orchard.

Before getting to Bongbong’s Marcus’s hands, a note about his parents hands can tell us whether there is similarity between their hands and the hands of their son, Bongbong. 

Ferdinand Marcos

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Wang Yibo - an actor and a philosopical man

Wang Yibo
The swanky Wang Yibo is a Chinese actor, dancer, singer, rapper, and professional motorcycle racer. Quite a versatile celebrity, and one of the most famous in China.

His hand is unique, in the sense that it is large. Sure, people do have large hands, but it is not so common. That is perhaps why there are many mentions of Wang Yibo’s large hands. Large hands have significance in palmistry, but their significance can never be understood fully unless one takes into account the hand as a whole. 

Wang Yibo's fingers

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Sam Altman – an altruistic man for whom the sky is the limit

Sam Altman, said to be at "the frontier of discovery," was fired as the Chief Executive of OpenAI, for alleged breach of trust, and then hired again. No one is exactly sure why, although there are rumours about him being sacked due to safety concerns of the new AI technology. The company has denied these rumours. Only an investigation will reveal the truth, although

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Benjamin Netanyahu – strong but changeable

Benjamin Netanyahu, popularly known as Bibi, the current Prime Minister of Israel, doesn’t have an ordinary hand. His character as revealed by his hands, is shown as strong and ambitious, with a personality which is action-oriented, street-smart and aggressive. His hand also shows Netanyahu as someone with strong emotions and also someone who is impressionable, idealistic and has great communication skills. Impressive as it seems, Netanyahu is a complex human being and has weaknesses in his character.

If one examines his hand features, what is striking are the long,

Monday, September 11, 2023

Kiara Advani – an actor with a future

Kiara Advani
It’s said that Kiara Advani is one of the most promising stars in Bollywood today. Her hand is good, in the sense it shows talent, sensitivity and a strong character. What's even better – her hand shows her to be a genuinely nice girl.

Her hand is a long one, with a big thumb and a good first phalange of the thumb. The lines are fairly clear, slightly curved, and there is a gap between the head and life lines. The Saturn (middle) finger is significantly bent although the others are not. The little (pinky) finger is relatively short if one compares it to the other fingers, and is low-set and held apart. The tips of the fingers are either conic or rounded and the most prominent mounts on her hand are the Jupiter and Lower Mars mounts, although the mount of Moon is developed too.

Her hand tells us that she is not likely to be a complex person, nor does she have a secretive, manipulative nature. Her

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Taylor Swift - a unique combo of talent, balance of personality, and drive

Taylor Swift Sketch
Taylor Swift is quite the phenomenon in 2023, being the most streamed woman on Spotify! She also has 12 Grammy awards under her belt and is one of the best-selling musicians in the world. 

Her hand tells us why. She is a genius. This is not just about her talent. Usually, the word genius is used for someone with immense brainpower. In Taylor Swift's case, she can be considered a genius because of an extraordinary combo of creative talent +

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Kriti Sanon - shrewd and ambitious

Kriti Sanon in a sari
Kriti Sanon is one of the notable actresses in Hindi cinema in 2023, with several hits under her belt. She is pretty and talented. What about her future? Will she last in Bollywood? She is here for nine years already and that does say something about her staying power. Whether she lasts for another decade or even another five years, depends a lot on what she wants from life and who she is.

The hand can tell us a little about who she really is. Considering that she comes from a non-filmi background, her hand will probably have a story to tell because her life took an unexpected turn and it might even tell us about how she made it in this cutthroat film industry. There are hundreds of pretty faces, but Kriti Sanon must have something special about her.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Michael Jordan – aggressive and talented

Michael Jordan Basket player graphic wearing red shirt
Kelin Clement Pixabay)
Michael Jordan, also known as MJ, is a self-made man and this is clearly evident on his hands, particularly in the lines of his palm. The differences between the two hands are fairly distinct, with the lines on his right, active hand being much longer. (The passive hand shows the subconscious/inherited personality traits and the active hand shows the current self). This shows that he enhanced his strengths to a considerable degree through focus and commitment.

However, although the lines on his left, passive palm are shorter, they seem to be of better quality. The fateline is also longer on the

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Park Eun-bin – why is she still single?

Park Eun-bin photograph
South Korean Park Eun-bin started off as a child actor and today is quite a well-known actress in Korea. She is over 30 years old and single, and has apparently never been in a serious relationship! She says she has never dated. Beautiful and talented, and yet, no time for romantic relationships? What do her hand say about this aspect of her personality?

She has a largish palm and the thumb is conic-tipped with a strong first phalange and slim second. The Mercury (pinky) and Jupiter (index) fingers are conic-tipped too. The thumb is held close to her hand but the Mercury finger is held a little apart and is also low-set. The Saturn (middle) finger seems a little bent as does the Jupiter finger although much less. Overall, the