Monday, September 11, 2023

Kiara Advani – an actor with a future

Kiara Advani
It’s said that Kiara Advani is one of the most promising stars in Bollywood today. Her hand is good, in the sense it shows talent, sensitivity and a strong character. What's even better – her hand shows her to be a genuinely nice girl.

Her hand is a long one, with a big thumb and a good first phalange of the thumb. The lines are fairly clear, slightly curved, and there is a gap between the head and life lines. The Saturn (middle) finger is significantly bent although the others are not. The little (pinky) finger is relatively short if one compares it to the other fingers, and is low-set and held apart. The tips of the fingers are either conic or rounded and the most prominent mounts on her hand are the Jupiter and Lower Mars mounts, although the mount of Moon is developed too.

Her hand tells us that she is not likely to be a complex person, nor does she have a secretive, manipulative nature. Her

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Taylor Swift - a unique combo of talent, balance of personality, and drive

Taylor Swift Sketch
Taylor Swift is quite the phenomenon in 2023, being the most streamed woman on Spotify! She also has 12 Grammy awards under her belt and is one of the best-selling musicians in the world. 

Her hand tells us why. She is a genius. This is not just about her talent. Usually, the word genius is used for someone with immense brainpower. In Taylor Swift's case, she can be considered a genius because of an extraordinary combo of creative talent +

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Kriti Sanon - shrewd and ambitious

Kriti Sanon in a sari
Kriti Sanon is one of the notable actresses in Hindi cinema in 2023, with several hits under her belt. She is pretty and talented. What about her future? Will she last in Bollywood? She is here for nine years already and that does say something about her staying power. Whether she lasts for another decade or even another five years, depends a lot on what she wants from life and who she is.

The hand can tell us a little about who she really is. Considering that she comes from a non-filmi background, her hand will probably have a story to tell because her life took an unexpected turn and it might even tell us about how she made it in this cutthroat film industry. There are hundreds of pretty faces, but Kriti Sanon must have something special about her.

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Michael Jordan – aggressive and talented

Michael Jordan Basket player graphic wearing red shirt
Michael Jordan, also known as MJ, is a self-made man and this is clearly evident on his hands, particularly in the lines of his palm. The differences between the two hands are fairly distinct, with the lines on his right, active hand being much longer. (The passive hand shows the subconscious/inherited personality traits and the active hand shows the current self). This shows that he enhanced his strengths to a considerable degree through focus and commitment.

However, although the lines on his left, passive palm are shorter, they seem to be of better quality. The fateline is also longer on the

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Park Eun-bin – why is she still single?

Park Eun-bin photograph
South Korean Park Eun-bin started off as a child actor and today is quite a well-known actress in Korea. She is over 30 years old and single, and has apparently never been in a serious relationship! She says she has never dated. Beautiful and talented, and yet, no time for romantic relationships? What do her hand say about this aspect of her personality?

She has a largish palm and the thumb is conic-tipped with a strong first phalange and slim second. The Mercury (pinky) and Jupiter (index) fingers are conic-tipped too. The thumb is held close to her hand but the Mercury finger is held a little apart and is also low-set. The Saturn (middle) finger seems a little bent as does the Jupiter finger although much less. Overall, the

Monday, April 3, 2023

Hands of Attention-Seekers - Uorfi, Rakhi, Donald, Charlie, Rahul and Kim!

Attention-seeking behaviour is known to have psychological causes, due to low self-esteem, jealousy or loneliness, or it can be a psychological condition. All of us know about attention-seeking celebrities and maybe some people in real life as well. Why do these people do what they do? Is it a part of some grand plan or is just what it is… a desperate desire to be the central attraction?

I have selected an odd bunch of people to write about, those who

Saturday, March 11, 2023

The charismatic John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy graphic
President John F Kennedy was assassinated at 46 and ever since then, he has become a legend almost, as he impacted the minds of Americans in a way no President before him ever had or ever will. The famous words that inspired generations were: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 

Can the hand reveal what was so special about JFK, besides his oratory? Does he deserve the reverence that he received from the American people or did he become a part of American folklore because of the tragic and senseless manner in which he died?

JFK has a good hand, and when compared to other great leaders, his hand seems a little different, and better. Of course, there can be varied opinions as to what constitutes a “better” hand, or rather, what the most desirable characteristics are in a leader. You can decide for yourself as you read on.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Jennifer Lawrence - Bright and sensitive!

Jennifer Lawrence wavingIt’s difficult to pin Jennifer Lawrence down or get her to reveal much about herself. Her hand tells us that she is a private person and a very sensitive one at that – sensitive with great sensitivity to the environment and people around her. No wonder she is such a good actor!

She was in the news because of leaked private photos of her (the guy who did that to her went to jail for just 18 months) and after seeing her hand one realises how upset and outraged she must have been. Anyone would be, but as Jennifer is more sensitive and delicate than most people, it would have been quite agonizing; something she’ll find difficult

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Prince Harry – is he the better brother?

Prince Harry smiling
After Prince Harry called himself a “spare” he put into words something no prince before him ever had. What with his book and the tv series – Harry and Meghan – there has been more controversy about him than ever before. Despite the publicity that Prince Harry has generated, if news is to be believed, it’s his elder brother, Prince William, who is winning the PR war. But who is a better person – Harry or William?

Both have similar shaped palms, squarish, but the fingers are a little different, with Prince William’s fingers likely to be a little shorter and thicker. However, both have long

Saturday, December 31, 2022

The hands of Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani businessman
According to Wikipedia, Gautam Adani is said to be the third richest man in the world, and Asia's richest. 

His personality has been described by many as visionary, risk-taking, hard-working, persuasive, and philanthropic. Needless to say, he also has a lot of business sense, otherwise, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Does his hand corroborate these qualities in his character? If yes, what else does his hand tell us about his personality?

Monday, December 5, 2022

Rishi Sunak - a good Prime Minister or not?

There is no doubt that Rishi Sunak’s hands show that he is smart, sensible, emotionally stable and has common sense. He came to power as the Prime Minister of Britain in unusual circumstances, but now the question is whether he will do a good job and manage to steer Britain out of the problems it is in currently.

He is certainly capable of it, if one goes by his hands. He has a large hand with clear lines, the fingers are of medium length and held apart, and the palm is broad. He has rounded tips to his fingers and the first phalanges of the fingers are long, except on his Jupiter (index) finger. He does appear to have a slightly short Jupiter finger and the Mercury (little) finger is low-set although it is long. Although the mounts on his hand are developed, they are not excessively developed. The heart and head lines are balanced with each other, even if the headline is a little high and not absolutely straight. The head and life lines are joined with each other considerably before separating. 

Rishi Sunak has been compared to Barack Obama, and sure, there are some similarities in their hands in the sense that they both have large hands and clear lines. But the similarity ends there. In reality, they are both

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Kartik Aaryan - is he the right fit for Bollywood?

Kartik Aaryan is a popular Bollywood star. He has made waves in more ways than one, but one should take these things with a pinch of salt as Bollywood has its own rules which a newcomer might find it difficult to navigate. Talent is the only thing that should count, and in the case of actors, looks and style as well. Apparently, Kartik has these three aspects in good measure…but does he have the right personality to make it in Bollywood?

Kartik Aaryan photograph
His hand has a broad palm and fingers of a good length, which have a mix of conic and rounded tips. The Jupiter (index) finger is high-set, conic, and a little bent, but it is of normal length. The other fingers are of normal length as well, and not significantly bent. Kartik has a good thumb, it’s long with a conic tip. The lines on his palm are dark, possibly a little thick. 

The palm lines on Kartik Aaryan’s hand are intriguing as it is possible that he has two headlines.