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Kiara Advani – an actor with a future

Kiara Advani
It’s said that Kiara Advani is one of the most promising stars in Bollywood today. Her hand is good, in the sense it shows talent, sensitivity and a strong character. What's even better – her hand shows her to be a genuinely nice girl.

Her hand is a long one, with a big thumb and a good first phalange of the thumb. The lines are fairly clear, slightly curved, and there is a gap between the head and life lines. The Saturn (middle) finger is significantly bent although the others are not. The little (pinky) finger is relatively short if one compares it to the other fingers, and is low-set and held apart. The tips of the fingers are either conic or rounded and the most prominent mounts on her hand are the Jupiter and Lower Mars mounts, although the mount of Moon is developed too.

Her hand tells us that she is not likely to be a complex person, nor does she have a secretive, manipulative nature. Her

straightforwardness, and perhaps some naivety in her personality is probably why she might not have made it without connections in Bollywood.

You can see a few pictures of her hand here.

One of the reasons why she is likely to have a bright future is that her hand shows tremendous willpower, the ability to lead and get things done and also oodles of ambition. There is a kind of heightened desire for leadership, and it’s almost like a physical energy. Once she sets her mind on something, she will work hard, be pushy and aggressive, and be consistent towards her goal.

Kiara has more to give than what is mentioned above – she thinks creatively, has a good imagination, and is sensitive and emphatic. These personality traits would add to her acting skills. But there's more. Her hand shows a distinct individuality and independent thinking, and this is what will set her apart from the crowd. 

She is not particularly extroverted, but that doesn’t really matter because her hand shows that she is not shy, and can in fact be quite bold and fearless. This is what probably gives her screen presence. Kiara is the kind of woman who will take her chances, and she will put herself out there, and there is a willingness to do new things. Her hand shows confidence and focus and also an understanding of what marketing is all about and that can be critical while choosing which film to take up.

Intelligence and judgment is evident on her hand as well and the best part is that although she is introspective and has strong feelings, but she is not overly emotional or temperamental.

So does this mean that she is perfect? Not at all…Kiara has some cynicism in her personality, and there will also be some moodiness, and dark thoughts. She could perhaps take adversity hard, although her strong will should help her tide over the rough spots.

 Although talented and fully deserving of her success, she is not the kind of person who could have survived the rough road to success. She could ideally brush up on her communication skills, and speak what she really feels, if she wants to get what she wants. Whether it is some simplicity of nature, one is not sure, but the result is that she could be misunderstood, and this is more likely to happen in personal relationships.

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(Photo credits: Bollywood Hungama, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Who in your opinion is better Kriti Sanon or Kiara Advani?

    1. It depends on what you mean by better. In terms of temperament, I would say Kiara.


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