Thursday, October 12, 2023

Benjamin Netanyahu – strong but changeable

Benjamin Netanyahu, popularly known as Bibi, the current Prime Minister of Israel, doesn’t have an ordinary hand. His character as revealed by his hands, is shown as strong and ambitious, with a personality which is action-oriented, street-smart and aggressive. His hand also shows Netanyahu as someone with strong emotions and also someone who is impressionable, idealistic and has great communication skills. Impressive as it seems, Netanyahu is a complex human being and has weaknesses in his character.

If one examines his hand features, what is striking are the long,

fine lines on his hand, a broad, fleshy palm, and short, straight fingers, except for the Jupiter (index) finger, which is slightly curved. The pinkie finger is particularly long and a little low-set and the fingers overall have either conic or rounded tips. The heartline is long and curves into the Jupiter mount, and the headline is not even. The third phalanges are a little thick, the second phalanges are mostly a good length, and there are sensitive pads on his fingertips. The mounts most developed are the Moon and Lower Mars mounts.

The thumb is a good length, with a normal balance of both the first and second phalanges. The second phalange of the thumb is a little thick. The Moon and Lower Mars mounts are the most prominent.

You can take a look at his left hand photo here. His left hand needs to be studied, as Benjamin Netanyahu is left-handed and the left hand will show his current self. It is interesting to note that there aren't great differences between his two hands, which means that a great deal of his personality characteristics are inherited, and some enhanced. 

His awesome communication ability and imagination would make him a good speaker, especially as he would be able to inject emotion into his words. He is a curious mind who is quick-witted and at times childlike. A shrewd man, Netanyahu is particularly good at reading people and getting things out of them. He can be persuasive, charming, and yes, manipulative, and very pushy and aggressive, but he is not a liar or a crook. He is in fact a fairly straightforward man, with a good heart. He will be a good family man and a good, loyal friend. 

However, his aggressiveness could rub people the wrong way. He is not the kind to back down easily either.

He has a good sense of money and good business sense as well. The ability to market himself is a part and parcel of his persona. He also likes to get things done and his actions are as quick as his mind.

This is probably why he’s seen as someone with charisma and why he has been repeatedly elected. Does this mean that he has less depth in his character? This cannot be, as his hand shows intelligence and the ability to see the long-term. This would make him good at strategic thinking. He is also not stubborn or bull-headed although he may appear so. This is because he is not always diplomatic and can be unreasonable! This may seem contradictory but if he is handled right, he can see reason and logic and can be convinced to another point of view. 

The real issue is that Netanyahu is impressionable and his mind can waver. This impressionability is compounded by his qualities of idealism and impulsiveness, and it may not lead to the best decisions because he is likely to be difficult to convince. Despite this, his hand shows that he is changeable. It means that his ideas and beliefs tend to change over periods of time and therefore there is a likelihood that he will come across as someone who does not know who he is.

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(Photo credits: Avi Ohayon / Government Press Office, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

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