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Sam Altman – an altruistic man for whom the sky is the limit

Sam Altman, said to be at "the frontier of discovery," was fired as the Chief Executive of OpenAI, for alleged breach of trust, and then hired again. No one is exactly sure why, although there are rumours about him being sacked due to safety concerns of the new AI technology. The company has denied these rumours. Only an investigation will reveal the truth, although

whether the public will ever know the full truth is a moot point.

 Sergei Tokmakov, Esq.from Pixabay

We can, however, attempt to see what we can, from Sam Altman's hand. It can give us an idea of who he is. The lines on his palm are not very clear in internet photos, but the shape of his hand and fingers can be seen clearly enough.

He has a broad palm, fingers a decent length, and the Moon mount dominates. The Apollo (ring) finger is dominant, the Saturn (middle) finger is not too long, and the Jupiter (index) finger is high-set, and could be shorter than the Apollo finger. Altman has a long, curving heartline and a headline which is not too clear from photos. What is evident however, is that the headline seems to collide with the fateline. As neither line is clear, it is difficult to reach conclusion based on this.

Here is a copy of his right hand photograph.

A dominant trait seen on Sam Altman's hand is his imaginativeness and creativity. He is a man very passionate about what he does. For Altman, work is not a job, but about doing something to the best of his ability, in a way that reaches the highest pinnacle of excellence. He is the kind of person who will keep trying to improve himself and the world, and has a desire to hone his skills to the highest degree…and the idea can become an ideal to reach for. 

This hand shows a person who is a risk-taker, and there are really no limits which are set. The risk-taking ability means that he tends to trust his gut, and will take calculated risks, but there could be an issue in knowing how far to go. There could be an element of over-optimism. This aspect of his personality, the over-optimism, the desire to cross boundaries, reminds one of Elon Musk.

The best part is that Sam Altman's hand shows altruism, and thus he will always have humanity's best interest in mind, at least that is who he is today. This personality characteristic will colour everything he does.

No doubt Altman wants to shine, but he also has the ability to remain grounded as his hand shows pragmatism and common sense. It is a question of balancing these two behaviours. As long as he does not let his desires, ego or ambition interfere with judgment, there is no limit to what he can achieve.

In addition, he has great reasoning powers, brilliant analytical ability, and a high level of flexibility, especially when it comes to ideas. This same flexibility of mind enhances his creativity, exponentially.

Sam Altman has an uncanny understanding of other people, and very good communication ability, which does not mean only verbal skills, but the ability to sense what others feel and think, and understand the unsaid. Thus, if the board of his company sacked him because of a lack of “consistently candid communication,” it could only have been deliberate on Sam’s part. It is difficult to speculate on the reasons. Whether he wanted to override the board or firmly believed, in his optimistic manner, that the board would agree to whatever he did, and that there was nothing wrong with what he was doing. 

Altman's hand also shows a strong passion and attraction to the aesthetic qualities of life; there is a love of the finer things of life. Anything crude or crass is anathema to him.

There is also a solitariness in his persona, a moodiness, and he has insecurities as well.

Overall, this is the hand of a brilliant, creative, and an ideas man, but also one who can implement his ideas. Above all, he remains a doer. This combination of traits, that of a thinker and a doer, is rare.

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