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Wang Yibo - an actor and a philosopical man

Wang Yibo
The swanky Wang Yibo is a Chinese actor, dancer, singer, rapper, and professional motorcycle racer. Quite a versatile celebrity, and one of the most famous in China.

His hand is unique, in the sense that it is large. Sure, people do have large hands, but it is not so common. That is perhaps why there are many mentions of Wang Yibo’s large hands. Large hands have significance in palmistry, but their significance can never be understood fully unless one takes into account the hand as a whole. 

Wang Yibo's fingers

are a good length as well, and the palm is on the broader side, not narrow. The fingers are slim, with long first and second phalanges. The second phalanges are waisted and the third phalanges, which are of average length, are thin. The Apollo (ring) finger dominates, and the Jupiter (index) finger is a little high-set, but seems to be of normal length. Yibo's thumb is good, with the first and second phalanges balanced with each other. The fingertips are either rounded or square and spatulate. The Apollo fingertip is distinctly spatulate. The fingertips have pads.

The lines on his palm are fine, and considering the size of his hand, they can be considered too

fine. The heartline line tends to be straight and the headline, which is joined with the lifeline for quite sometime, is long and slightly sloping. The shape of the headline is quite beautiful, like that of a long bow. The head and heart lines dominate his hand. The photos of his palm on the net, do not show the lines too clearly, so it is difficult to go into depth about how he thinks and feels.

Here are some pictures of his hand.

His hand shows a tendency to get into the details. Yet, he can see the big picture. His hand shows control over his emotions. Wang Yibo is not the kind of man who will make any decision in a hurry. He is the kind of person who will study any issue, go deep into it, weigh the pros and cons and then come to a decision. He likes to be thorough and this makes him a steady and solid person, although not a quick one. The disadvantage of him being this way, is that when people meet up with him, he is not likely to be spontaneous or impulsive, and could have difficulty in making up his mind on the spot. He is thus not likely to be good in interviews. His is more of the patient, thoughtful and observant type of personality.

His hand shows high ambition and desire for the limelight and this is another significant aspect of his character. This desire must have been his greatest motivator, because he started to dance when he was very young. His hand shows the talent, the artistry and also a very active personality so it is not surprising he went into the field of dance and acting. Wang also has a strong desire to hone his talent to perfection. This is more important to him than making money. He wants to be known for his good work, his talent and originality, and there is no doubt that he does things differently. He will always aim for perfection in whatever he does, and thus put pressure on himself to do better. 

He can be extraordinarily sensitive, and the environment he works in, and the people he works with, all matter to him. He will find it difficult to function with crass, rude people or in a tumultuous environment. He likes peace and he likes order.

His hand shows that he is a very just person, and his nature is philosophical which makes him very understanding of human frailties. Yes, his ability to get into the details means that he can be critical, but he is more likely to be critical of himself. He is too sensitive to hurt others, and would in fact avoid it at cost to himself, because he knows what it feels like to be hurt. It is likely that in his early years he was quite introverted and although by the twenties he opened up a little, his introversion will always be a part of his persona.

His hand does not show a great penchant for romance, and nor does he believe in the high-fangled notions of love. His attitude towards love would be more practical, and he would prefer to partner with someone who is like a friend and does not expect the moon.

The fact that the owner of this hand is more in control of himself than the average person, and that his emotions are balanced, that the head rules, makes him a very good, decent man, and also a very philosophical person.

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(Photo Credits: 晴心向云深, CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons)

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