Friday, August 24, 2018

The hand reading of Jack Ma

Jack Ma Photo croppedJack Ma, the Chinese businessman, has an interesting hand, the kind which could baffle some hand readers because Ma does not have strong, well-etched lines. Strong lines show a strong, clear-headed and focused personality so does this mean that Ma is not a strong personality? This cannot be because Jack Ma is the founder of the Alibaba group and he is not just a businessman with a high net worth (over 4000 crore or 39.1 billion USD) but also a politician and philanthropist.

Without strong lines on his hands, how did Jack Ma take Alibaba to such great heights? Well, for one thing, all his lines are not weak. The fateline on his hand is not very clear, not visible in the photos on the internet. Possibly, he does have a clear but thin fateline, not as dark as the other main lines. Considering Ma's success, one would have expected a stronger fateline. And as for the headline, it is by no means a superior one, although it is better on the right active hand – which shows that he is a self-made man. One can call it an average headline. The heartline and lifeline appear to be good though, well shaped and dark, and perhaps these compensate for the other lines.

His hand shape is good. Long, slim
fingers, broad, large palm, and good Venus, Moon, Mars and Jupiter mounts, long Apollo (ring) and Mercury (pinky) fingers and good first and second phalanges. He has a slightly short, curved Jupiter finger.

You can check out a photograph of his hand here and here.

The hand shape and the fingers show energy, aggression ambition, drive, risk-taking and money-making ability, a business mindset and shrewdness. It shows a person who plans, takes risks and has the energy to work towards his goals. He is a man with a desire for excellence and the desire for the limelight. Jack Ma's hand and finger shape also show good communication abilities, and this is not just about language skills. It is about getting a sense of what the other person wants, and understanding of people. He is the type of person who knows what’s required, and would be good at persuasion and negotiation.

Many successful people have average headlines. Successful stockbrokers and businessmen, in particular, may not have great headlines. People who tend to have beautiful headlines are often intellectuals: writers and authors and poets. 

We know that Jack Ma was not very good at academics and we also know that he failed many interviews. Perhaps he was always best at doing things and following his own vision, rather than juggling questions and debating points. However, he is unlikely to be able to stand up to opposition. That kind of mental strength is not seen on his hand.

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(Free photo of Jack Ma from the Wiki: Foundations World Economic Forum/CC BY [])


  1. I wonder if great people are normal people with normal hands like us, but just managed to take efforts, risks and pains far beyond us.

    Destination Infinity

    1. The effort and drive part is the main thing, followed by the ability to get along with others and network with people. A lot of people fail to reach great heights not because of their lack of intelligence, but their lack of the right personality. However a certain basic capability needs to be present. It depends on what a person is trying to be an expert at...

  2. Hi Nita. His heart and head lines are quite close to each other. What would that indicate in terms of his personality?

    1. Generally speaking, this is a narrow quadrangle and it can mean a difficulty in seeing another point of view. However, other signs on the hsnd often reduce the intensity of thus reading. Whether it is a prominent ring finger or a prominent hesrtline or s nsrrow quadrangle, these signs if resd in isolation can give an erroneous picture of the person. Another thing about the quadrangle. It is narrow in some hands only for a short period. One also needs to check why it is narrow. Is the hesdline which is high or the heartline which is low?

  3. Hi Nita, I just finished his interview on the World Economic Forum. He is such a charismatic speaker I did not know that the interview had finished haha. Like I've seen many billionaire interviews and of course more or less they have excellent communicative abilities but it's been a long time since anyone impressed me as such.

    BTW my maternal aunt used to be a palmist (we are muslims so she quit as it's taboo in Pakistani Muslim society) but I'm a tad open minded and close to her so I show her celebrity palms from time to time. Would even suggest her to read your articles but she only speaks and understands Urdu.

    Anyways, she said that Jack Ma has extraordinary fingers, that's like all that she said. So, is there something that stands out (though yes you have mentioned that in the article), like have you seen similar fingers on other celebs/non-celebs before?

    1. I am not sure what you mean. Both long fingers and short fingers have different meanings and I would not say that any one type is superior to another.

    2. Oh yes my Urdu is a bit weak so she said like he has beautiful souls so a very beautiful soul. Selfless. Thinks about other more. I think along those lines.


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