Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Is Donald Trump a bigot?

Some people may love Donald Trump, the potential Republican nominee for the US President, but others call him a bigot and a racist.

This post is not about Trump’s chances of winning the Republican nomination, leave alone his chances of becoming the next President of the United States. This is about what his hands tell us. Is he really the racist bigot that he is accused of being?

Trump’s hand broad, thick palm, short fingers (some bent), long lines, and the supple, waisted thumb all tell a story and a very revealing one! The mounts of Venus, Moon and Jupiter are heavily developed and the Mars mounts developed too, though a little less. The lifeline sweeps across the palm, the headline is gently sloping, and the heartline goes up in a curve, reaching the area in-between the first two fingers.

Trump’s lines are quite good, fairly clear, and show capability, intelligence, and a good heart. It is not surprising that he is a businessman because not only is he smart and shrewd, he is aggressive, ambitious, and quite the go-getter.

The fleshy hand tells us that he is a very passionate, energetic and emotional man, and quite excitable too. At the same time, he is warm and giving and yes, compassionate as well.

But Donald Trump’s hands do not show him to be a narrow-minded bigot. On the contrary, his hands show
that he has the ability to think holistically. He can be surprisingly broadminded. This may seem odd considering his public statements and behaviour but there is an explanation.

Check out his hand photos here and here. The photograph posted above is a free photo.

Other hand features show some not so desirable characteristics. His thumb is supple and conic, with a strong will phalange, Lower Mars is heavily developed and the heartline is a little too strong as compared to the headline. His little (pinky) finger is a little bent.

This, when combined with the fleshy hand, shows impressionability, impulsiveness and at times thoughtless aggression. When his mind is set on something, Trump is quite likely to go ahead without listening to advice. He may not be reasonable and when it comes to decision making, he may not rely on his good judgment, but instead on his feelings and impulses. He may actually believe he is doing the right thing at that moment in time. Self-control is not his forte.

Donald Trump's hands show a strong desire for not just wealth, but also for fame and his hand shows that he is not entirely straightforward. There is a desire to be a great leader. Unfortunately, Trump's personality characteristics (as shown by the hand) are not ideal to propel him into fulfilling these high ambitions. He may not have the staying power if things get bad but financial ability is not shown, except in an average way. Perhaps if he had been born in a poor family, he may not have made it.

Regarding the bigot tag, there is an explanation. Donald Trump's hands show that he could well say things he does not mean (and do what he does not believe in) if he feels he will get the kind of fame he is seeking. If Trump makes statements which are racist, he is not doing it because of an ideology; he is doing it because of opportunism. That is what the hand shows.

Donald Trump's hands do show tact and the ability to present a clever argument (which might have helped him make money) – a quality prized in politicians. However, because of his other personality characteristics, this ability of Trump's may not inspire faith and trust.

2nd February 2017: Donald Trump is the American President. The qualities which I have mentioned in this write-up are likely to get amplified in anyone who is the President of the US. Actions will automatically have far-reaching consequences on the whole world.

Donald John Trump, an American businessman and billionaire who is now the President of the United States.

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  1. I wonder how he got this far in the first place.

    Destination Infinity

  2. He has the talent, intelligence and personality. He would go far...but in politics he will be found out, in the US at least. He would fit as a politician in India though! :)

  3. Could you also do a reading of Bernie Sanders? He's creating quite a revolution of sorts here in the US.

  4. Yes sure Ria. There are a sufficient number of photos of his hand on the net.

  5. Hi Nita, the Tussaud imprint of Mr Trump's hand must be his right palm? Given it is reversed when mounted. Also his palm lines in all the photos online, match those of his right hand. His right (especially) thumb, top phalange is most concerning in one to become POTUS. And a major change/departure - not fortuitous, not new high office - coming up for him soon...

    1. Hi Susie. It must be of the left hand, not the right. I do not know what you mean by it being reversed when mounted. I do not know why they should reverse a hand horizontally while mounting. That would not be a correct thing to do. Comparing with the lines to get the right answer would be difficult as no clear photos of either hand are available on the net.

  6. Dear Nita,
    Just to confirm, the imprint is of Donald Trump's RIGHT hand. This has now been certified for me by Madame Tussauds (can forward if you like). When you take a mould [US: mold], the final impression is reversed laterally.
    I have many pictures of both of the Donald's hands, as our collective destiny is somewhat in his hands at present. Reading only one hand really gives only half the story, as eg the non-dominant hand feeds in to, helps explain, the whole. I look at both hands from as many angles and different light as possible, so the lines can tell their story.
    As you say, the finer lines in his pix are pretty well elusive/missing. Putting all the many available images together and magnifying them builds a more comprehensive picture. The character of the lines in his signed Tussaud imprint is much more in keeping with the right hand of a right-handed person, as he is. If you really magnify the Tussaud image of his right hand, you can see the upcoming massive calamity for him, which would be all I could say ethically. This is confirmed by the lines in his left hand. Nothing is set in concrete, naturally, though from decades of experience I know that lines do not lie.
    Thank you for your work; I keep learning from it and all sources ongoingly.
    Sincerely, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie for telling me about the methodology at Madame Tussauds. That was helpful.
      And yes of course both hands need to be studied to get a true picture of a person. I try to do it as much as possible. In many cases however lines in photographs on the internet are not visible clearly and that is a limitation.
      Even in the case of Donald Trump, the headline looks much longer in some photos. In the imprint of Madame Tussauds for example it looks short. And long in some other pictures. For example in this image:
      one can see that Trump has a long headline.

    2. Thanx for the link Nita. Oh, for an hour in person with those hands. I find the top phalanges of the thumbs just fascinating; they tell reams. Susie

  7. Hi Nita,

    Great palm reading as always. I wanted to ask that does Donald Trump have a popular personality. Like despite being a businessman and politician does he have a personality that inspires people to like and follow him?

    Secondly, I wanted to ask that many politicians' palms reveal either a faint fate line or one emerging from the moon or one starting in the middle of the palm. Why do many politicians (whose palms I've seen) not have strong fate lines? Is it because they depend so much on other people's approval for their success?

    1. Regarding the first question, yes, his hands show some amount of charisma.
      As for the second question, I think you have been reading Cheiro? The fateline starting on the Moon has nothing to do with the career depending on people's approval otherwise all actors and musicians would have such a sign. It is almost impossible to tell a person's profession from the hand and therefore one cannot say that many politician's hands have a particular type of fateline. Just recently I read the hand of a person with the fateline starting quite high up and on the mount of luna, and he is a ceo of a finance company. If a person does not have a strong fateline, it has nothing to do with the profession but more to do with the personality. Many many people have weak fatelines and these people are more or less evenly distributed across professions if one looks at it from a world perspective, not just India.

  8. Aspiring PalmistMay 1, 2019 at 1:00 PM

    Thank you, Nita. Yes, I was reading Cheiro. Thank you for being so specific about the fate line depending on personality.

    As for charisma, is this the most necessary personality factor for a politician as per the palm?

    1. Politicians can be of different personality types. Today, however, charisma does seem important. If you read my post on Abraham Lincoln you will know what I mean. And as I said, the hand cannot tell you with certainty what profession the person will choose. I personally believe that charisma helps a great deal for all those who are on stage. Whether you are a guru or a politician, singer or actor or speaker, charisma will naturally help.


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