Thursday, August 27, 2020

Kamala Harris – the woman with a future

Kamala Harris is a rising star on the American political horizon. Will she be good for America as a Vice-President, assuming that she and Joe Biden win? What kind of a human being is she? Her hands can give us some insights.

Kamala Harris copyrighted photo
By Vijoo Bapat
Kamala has large hands and a rectangular palm. Both the Venus and Moon mounts are developed. The fingers are mostly straight and normally set, except for the Mercury (pinky) finger which seems a little low set. The Jupiter (index) fingertip is conic. The second phalanges of the fingers are prominent but the first phalanges are not short, they are okay. The third phalanges are a good length and not too thick. The Will phalange (the first phalange of the thumb) is long, but not thick, and the Logic phalange (the second phalange of the thumb) is slim. The Lower Mars mount is not very developed; Upper Mars is stronger.

These are positive hand features, showing a person who has her head on her shoulders, with the ability to resist adversity and someone who is pretty straightforward in her dealings.

The lines on her hand are not too clear in the photos, making it difficult to know their real length or quality. The lifeline appears to start on the Jupiter mount. The headline is not exceptionally long (could be longer than can be seen), but it is clear enough, and the heartline seems long and curved. 

You can check out her hand photo here.

Kamala's hands show her to be a very smart person, an determined idealist and a thinker with an imaginative and creative mindset which enhances her problem-solving abilities. If there is one thing that leaps out from her hand is her energy. She is a doer, first and foremost. Her mental strength will help her stand up to obstacles and to take her fight right until the end. She has a strong will, but what prevents her from being a bully and/or being stubborn is her lack of overt aggression and possibly some humility in her nature. Her ideas may remain firm, but she can adapt. 

Another interesting aspect of her personality is that her approach is direct, no hanky-panky here. She is not really a manipulative or controlling person. This is an unusual quality for a politician. 

At times she may see things a little too much from her own point of view, especially as her heart qualities are strong. 

Her hand shows inner confidence, a secure, stable personality and extremely ambitious nature. 

Her Saturn (Fate) and Apollo (Sun) lines are both quite good after the mid-fifties, so the chances of her playing a prominent role in American politics are high. 

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(Photograph published in this post is taken by a close relative, and is copyrighted)


  1. She is also a very practical person and does not mix emotion in her decision-making.

  2. Oh interesting. I thought you'd be reading Joe Biden first but I guess you'll be saving the best for last. In terms of Harris' third phalanges of the fingers being of good length what exactly do they indicate for her?

    1. The phalanges of the fingers, first, second and third, refer to the mental, material and physical worlds. If the third phalanges are long (not thick) it usually gives extra points in terms of health/energy. Many athletes have this sign. But you cannot go just by this. One has to also see the shape of the hand (she has a large hand), the palm (she has a large palm) and also the quality of the lifeline. All these signs need to be read together.


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