Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hillary Clinton's hand does not show her to be an intellectual

I had expected Hillary Clinton’s hand to be that of an intellectual, knowing her academic background and splendid career. But she doesn't have that kind of hand, even though she is a very intelligent woman, and if one has to compare, maybe even more intelligent than Barack Obama. Yet,
Barack Obama's hand shows him to be an intellectual, not Hillary Clinton's hand. defines the word intellectual as:
a. Of or relating to the intellect.
b. Rational rather than emotional.
The Encarta says:
a. Relating to or involving the mental processes of abstract thinking and reasoning rather than the emotions
b. Having a highly developed ability to think, reason, and understand, especially in combination with wide knowledge

Hillary’s hand (check out a hand photo hers here) tends to point to a person who is a trifle excitable, sensual, and even a little temperamental. Her hand is a little fleshy, many of her mounts well developed and her fingers are on the thicker side. This by itself is less important (for the reading) than her thumb and head line. Even though she has an excellent head line, telling us of her excellent brain power, it is her heart which tends to unsettle it at times. As she grows older her heart will tend to have even more of a say in her life. A true intellectual always allows reason and fact to dominate.

Another disadvantage she has is that her ego can come in the way of her seeing things objectively.

A very capable woman, she likes power, comforts
She enjoys power, and she likes to have her own way. Her thumb does show very strong willpower and she is also quite aggressive. At times her pushiness can make her into a bully. But it is important to keep in mind that Hillary manages to keep herself in balance due to her other qualities which have a softening influence on her. For one thing, she is intelligent enough to understand that going to an extreme or allowing her emotions to take over can harm her and she is also intelligent enough to keep on the right side of the right people. Plus, she is a refined person, and this would prevent her from being boorish. Add to this a good dose of idealism, and there you have it…a woman who is determined to get things done, and not always for herself. One has to respect her for that. Her hands-on approach.

Overall her hand, fingers and headline shows that she is a practical woman, despite her strong emotions. She has the ability to control them if she wants to, and she knows when to. The few square tips show her wisdom and sense of balance.

As the shape of her hand and her quadrangle shows, she is not selfish, and can see things in a broad perspective, not just from her own. She just needs to be careful of a certain arrogance and aggressiveness which can be counterproductive.

She is ambitious and seeks wealth and power, but this trait is not an extreme one. She will not sacrifice her principles. It is not the display of wealth that matters to her, she is too refined a person for that. She just likes to ensure that her future is secure.

She is result oriented, a doer, and as we all know, an achiever.

An independent woman with character
Hillary Clinton does not like to be told what to do and will at times go against public opinion, to do what she thinks is right. She is an honest woman, fiercely independent, and very straightforward in her approach. It is her straightforwardness and her insistence on sticking to some principle or the other that can get her into trouble at times, as it can border on naivete. Hillary will not like to do something she feels is wrong or harmful.

Other qualities
Hillary Clinton has a sharp brain and is very eloquent, can be quite manipulative, and is very individualistic. She is trustworthy and dependable.

As the knots on her fingers and the start of her head and life lines show, Hillary Clinton is an organized person. She is cautious too, her thumb increasing the intensity of her cautiousness, making her cautiousness border on suspicion. Hillary does not reveal her true feelings to anyone, she can be very close mouthed indeed.

She is not the kind who makes a boatload of friends, as not only can she be very blunt, she doesn't trust people readily. Her aggressiveness, argumentativeness, and suspicious nature might have done her great good as a lawyer, but it is not a quality that would endear her to people. Another one of her negative qualities shown by her Saturn finger as well as her thumb is that she can be quite stingy.

However on a superficial level she can get along with a wide variety of people.

She has mellowed
As there are numerous photographs of both her hands on the internet it was possible to note some changes in her over the years. What is noticeable is that her idealism decreased as she grew older, her aggressiveness has been tempered, and her penchant of doing things regardless of what other people think has been controlled. Also, although she was born with a certain idealism in love, this changed very soon, probably in her teen years. However, her stubbornness of reasoning remains to this day.

Wonder why Hillary Clinton forgave her husband his infidelity?
Considering she is so particular about her principles, one wonders why she should forgive her husband, unless one takes a look at her heart line, shape of her hand and the position of her fingers. For one thing, Hillary is not idealistic in love, being the kind who can accept her partner with his faults and not love him any less. Oh yes, if she thought he had erred, she would have knocked him over the head in private, and got all sorts of promises from him to behave in the future, but she would have agreed to stand by him, if he had wanted her to. It is not just out of a sense of loyalty or love, but also because she has a practical approach to life and a certain insecurity of the future.

She is by nature a happy person and can enjoy life, in fact she likes pleasures and has a strong sex drive.

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  1. I was about to ask you for a comparison between Obama and her :) Wonder why she didn't become the president..

  2. Well, the people of America thought Obama was better and I think there are many reasons for that. I think that all of the African American population voted for Obama and also a section of the white voters. I think Obama has more personality and presence. And in my comparison we shall find out if he is really better!

  3. Great post!
    Americans have really good political leaders.
    It would be really interesting if you can do handreading of some other
    US Presidents too. George W. Bush or Bill Clinton may be.

  4. Yeah, maybe one of these days I will. And you are right, a better type of people enter politics there. We have great people too, but unfortunately they are not in politics. There is a huge difference in the hands of politicians in the US and in India.

  5. Her hand shows a practical woman whose head dominates her life. She is intelligent, and in matters of heart wise enough to take charge of herself. A simple woman with an unconventional hand, destined to be in the limelight. Kind at heart but herself, she is one of her kind.Her heart is in her head.She is a leader who knows what her followers want and is determined to achieve her targets. Indeed, a good mix of anima and animus.Truly, represents her times. She keeps improving with every experience. Physically, the age speaks; mentally she controls and surpasses the barriers of age. She takes care of Bill and is forgiving because they are meant for eachother. A strong single line of affection, that is her marriage and commitment.Hillary like her name is the hill amongst us. The role model and the Change Maker. Her hand is unique and symbolizes the cup of happiness and fortune. USA, you are lucky.Hillary will bring peace within and peace around.


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