Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger is unfaithful

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods are both very successful (married) men who betrayed their wives not just for one woman but for a string of them. Oddly enough, their personalities couldn’t be more different. The one thing they share is a high sex drive.

Tiger Woods's hands show him to be a better specimen of humanity as his hands show more refinement, more heart, more balance of personality, and more control. However, Woods's hands also show a naturally deceptive nature and also a high level of impressionability. When these traits are combined with a high sex drive it often results in an inability to stick to one partner although Woods is likely to repent and repent sincerely.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hands show his character to be very different. Arnold has a very
large Mount of Moon, a dominant Apollo (ring) finger, a long Mercury (pinky) finger which is a little bent, a highly developed lower Mars, thick fingers, a very supple, thick thumb, and a fleshy palm with short fingers. The thumb is held a little close to the hand, despite it being supple. The headline is of medium-length and sloping and it is joined with the heartline, which is also curved. The headline is joined with the lifeline and the Venus and Jupiter mounts are developed.

While it is good to have the mounts developed, if mounts are too high, it can mean an excessive amount of the qualities that are associated with the mount. Overall, his mounts are a little too developed.

All these signs on the hand paint us a picture of someone not in control of his physical and sensual self. And the owner of this hand is passionate and volatile. These signs show an aggressive, impulsive person who will not hesitate to satisfy his own desires and will normally act on impulse. The approach will be coarse and direct. It tells us of a person who will act first and think later. He will be resistant to reason. 

Besides, the hand shows a person with a tendency to be fickle and changeable, very restless and often cold. 

Check out a photograph of his hand here and here.

(The sketch above is made by me and the photo published on the left is a free one.)

When passions are aroused, it will be difficult to reason with Arnold. This inability to reason will result in rationalisation and a tendency to do whatever one feels like doing. Rational thought will be put aside, regardless of opposition. His hand also shows the ability to deceive and be secretive as well. It is surprising that his marriage lasted as long as it did, that too to a liberated and educated American woman because a man with hands like these can only be happy in a marriage where the other partner accepts whatever he does. After seeing his hands I feel that his wife must have known of his infidelities (he does not have the finesse to deceive like Tiger Woods has) but turned a blind eye. However, the extent of his infidelity (illegitimate children) may have surprised her.

His hand also reveals high ambition and desire for wealth and fame. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger is a capable man, what his hand does not show is a man dedicated to improving and honing his craft. There is also evidence of self-esteem issues or some type of introversion in the early years. 

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  1. Fame and Money blinds people. They do open their eyes later on, but by then it becomes too late.

    Destination Infinity

  2. I guess fame and money gives them opportunities and temptations they might never have had if they were ordinary people and some take full advantage of it.

  3. I believe his extreme bodybuilding resulted in shaping of some parts of his hands, bcoz when a person works out in the gym his moulds below the ring, middle and little fingers become rough, due to holding the weight bars.
    Just a thought which can be a genuine reason :)

  4. Mr. Curious, sure, hard physical work affects the texture of the hands, but the meaning of a hard and tough physical texture simply means (in palmistry) a person who is very active physically so I am not sure what you mean exactly. The texture does not show temperament or sex drive, although sex drive (shown on other parts of the hand) can usually be considered to be more in people who are active than in those who are weak and sickly. That's a logical deduction. Palmistry in fact is one of the most logical sciences, but unfortunately not everyone practices palmistry ethically. But then there are such people in every profession.
    Also, mounts and lines are not affected by exercise. In fact even if your hand is burnt and the skin on it destroyed, when it grows back the same lines appear. This is because the lines and the mounts are connected to the brain and not physical circumstances.

  5. It is believed that Arnold Schwarzenegger won his elections largely due to the presence of Maria Shriver. With her and her parents' background in social work and her family values, it's easy to see why she greatly influenced their victory. Given that Arnold had openly admitted to being serial groper, his illegitimate child with the house help should come as no surprise.

    But what amuses me is this: When a person holds such authority that brings respect and recognition, why would the person run all of it down for mere sensual pleasures? Do they not learn from other's sterling examples with infidelity? They must believe so strongly that they are invincible, albeit foolishly so!

  6. And congratulations Nita on crossing 100,000 views! I love reading you blog and look forward to reading much more from it.

  7. Sneha, thanks. :)
    About people in high places taking such risks, well, it is about control and being drunk on power. Most of these people have got away with this behavior in the past (in Arnold's case when he was an actor) and I am sure his wife was tolerating it. If the has the green signal from his wife and even from his fans, then I guess he thought he was invincible. Getting his cake and eating it too! Apparently even when he was a politician his staff knew what was going on. It is interesting that his womanizing was publicized only when he ended his political career and I do not think that this was a concidence. Maybe his wife said she had had enough and was going to expose him, I am not sure. Overall though it is a question of control, and there is no doubt that those with a high sex drive think of sex all the time and they need to have very strong will power to control themselves. They have a much more tough time doing so then those with a limited or normal sex drive.

  8. Might be interesting to do a reading on Maria Shriver's hands if you can, though my impression is she was fairly private, so might be hard to source enough photos. Dominique Strauss Kahn and his wife might be an interesting pair too, given she has publicly admitted and even defended her knowledge and acceptance of his infidelities. What on earth would make a woman do that?

  9. Thanks for the suggestions Sinthea. Will keep them in mind.

  10. Awesome reading!!! Can you do old famous hollywood actors, like Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando (his hands are hard to find but I've seen a few good photos) and James Dean:) Thanks love your readings

  11. Nisar Sufi (Aspiring Palmist)April 5, 2021 at 4:11 PM

    Hi Nita. Nisar here. Will be going with my real name from now. Does Arnold's strong Apollo mount have anything to do with his massive success across multiple specturms?

    Also, I'm halfway through The Hawa Mahal Murders. It's going great for now. Can't wait to review it.

    1. Hi Nisar. Strong Apollo generally signifies a desire for fame and name so yes certainly it shows the drive. Glad to know that you are liking the book. :)


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