Monday, June 6, 2011

Yousaf Raza Gillani hand reading

I had assumed Yousaf Raza Gillani was a weak Prime Minister (of Pakistan) but his hands do not show a weak personality. The broad shape of his palm, slim fingers, the longish thumb with balanced phalanges, and the good headline show the ability to reason and good judgment. What can also be seen from his hand is a strong determination, the ability to see issues from different perspectives, broad thinking, organisational capability and importantly, a desire to help his people and to put them before himself - all this is shown on his hand.

In addition, the position of his fingers and their shape shows him to be
an original and independent thinker and a man who is action-oriented. This makes him an excellent leader. Gilani’s hands are better than that of President Asif Ali Zardari and far better than that of ex-PM Nawaz Sharif. Benazir Bhutto could have possibly been a better candidate for Prime Ministership (based on her hands) although she had her weaknesses.

Check out Yousaf Raza Gillani's hand photo here.

Yousaf Raza Gillani sketchThe other features of Gillani’s hands are the strong development of his Mercury, Moon and Venus mounts and the dominance of his third phalanges. This shows that despite his capability, he is not exactly an intellectual and nor is he an idealist. One would expect some amount of idealism in a leader but Gillani is the kind who would readily compromise as pragmatism is a dominant factor in his personality. Sure, honour is shown on his hand, and a belief in a cause, but his cause would be a practical one, not an idealistic one.

A good quality he possesses is compassion for the weak. He cares deeply for people and for the underdog, rather than just an esoteric ideal. His hand also shows that he is not religious, however, he may appear. He would never want Pakistan to become a religious state.

His hand shows some amount of shrewdness when it comes to money, but a love of money or a desire to amass money is not shown.

At a personal level, he is likely to be moody and egoistic, with a melancholy side. The egoism would be evident in his work life as well.

His hand shows a high sex drive and his instinctive side could dominate. Combined with other signs like impulsiveness and aggressiveness, it can cause trouble in his home life. The crux of it is that while he is likely to be flexible and broad-minded in his worldly affairs, but in his personal life he is likely to be dominating, aggressive and unlikely to be faithful.

The question that everyone is asking today is whether Gilani knew that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan. The hand cannot reveal if someone has done a particular thing. It can only reveal whether the person is capable of it. What he/she actually does depends on opportunities and on societal norms. Gilani's hand shows a practical nature, not an idealistic one, and so if he felt he had no choice but to keep quiet about Osama, he would keep quiet. If he felt his people were threatened if he spoke out, he would keep quiet. He does not like to see people suffer, particularly innocent people. Neither is Gilani the kind who would be hand in glove with the terrorists as he would never believe in such a violent cause.

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  1. Very interesting but I think you have been too kind to him.

  2. Well, actually he is not a bad guy at all. He is facing very tough circumstances.

  3. Hands seem to tell so many things! I wanted to ask this question - Can you predict the future by seeing hands? Some people seem to be able to, and they are sort of accurate!

    Destination Infinity

  4. The future is written on our hands depending on who we are today. The lines can reveal this. However lines can change and this means the future is not fixed or definite and any genuine handreader will avoid mentioning a definite future. There is no definite future except for those who never change. But why should a palmist assume that someone will never change?
    At times by mentioning pleasant things in the future the palmist can get some brownie points!

    1. I have a friend who says his father can see hands. He tells that his father once told a person that he'd die after 6 months, which happened. After this incident, his father stopped foretelling future. Could it really be?

    2. Hamzah, yes it is possible. Death can be seen on the hand, but not with 100 percent accuracy. It is not right to tell.
      I think it is a wise decision your friend's father made because at times when one tells a person, it can precipitate death in those who believe it. Its like a doctor telling a patient you will die, and then the patient dies. It depends on the cause and the circumstances which the palmist cannot be sure of, so never ever tell, because after all one cannot be sure.
      Please read my latest post on death and that will explain it better.

  5. They seem to tell both pleasant and unpleasant things to a certain degree of accuracy that's quite impressive. Maybe they read the patterns and assume the future, and maybe they think this person will not change drastically so we can predict certain things with confidence!

    But I do agree with your point that people might change in future and hence its not a good practice to predict the future - But what if the majority of people don't change?

    Destination Infinity

  6. That is an interesting question DI. I think the majority of people do not change in the major things, by which I mean the basic nature. BUT the majority of people change behaviors, attitudes and habits. Therefore the future changes. The future can change for the worse too as people get addicted to substances or they see circumstances that enhance greed. And at times basic nature can change as it has happened with Kalmadi or Baba Ramdev. Success and power changes people's basic nature and so do very hard circumstances.

  7. P.S. I am an optimist and firmly believe that one can even stop and impending heart attack. I have seen it happening with people but they have to believe in their own power to change.

  8. Hi,
    I was very curious to know about something I just came accross...
    few weeks back I was made to attend a course on angel therapy...
    In that they spoke abour how every person has angels and guardian angels..and how we can call upon them and ask them to work for us..In all it was a very optimistic and pleasant workshop but it was something no body could relate to!I know its not related to your field at all..but since I am a follower of your blog I wanted to know your opinion...Do you believe in guardian angels?or for that matter spiritual celestial entities that help you when you call upon them ..respecting your free will...

  9. No, I do not believe in that.


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