Sunday, February 9, 2020

Was Nawaz Sharif a great Prime Minister?

Nawaz Sharif became the Prime Minister of Pakistan thrice. People loved him but how right was he for Pakistan?

If one had to estimate the profession of Nawaz Sharif from his hand, a man who was born into a business family and became the PM three times, it would be difficult to say that he was either a businessman or a politician, let alone a head of state. Yes, his hand shows that he is a good man, but do his hand say that he was prime ministerial material?

His hand, with its broad fingers, and a broad, fleshy palm has
very prominent mounts of Venus, Moon and Mars. His hand is nearer to the square shape, with shortish fingers. The thumb is quite long but the top phalange is far too bendy. He has good first phalanges, average second phalanges and thick third phalanges. His fingers are more or less straight although they are not perfectly balanced with each other. The line of heart is normal, entering the Jupiter mount, and the headline though of average length, is not so good in its latter part.

You can check out his hand photo here.

No doubt this is a man of strong will and determination and also someone with courage; a strong man mentally. He is not one who can be pushed easily because he is not easily discouraged. He is the kind of person who would not give up easily, much like a competitive sportsperson. The flip side is that he would be difficult to persuade once he has set his mind on something. Stubbornness is seen. As the hand also shows ego as well as impetuosity the result may not always be good.

Business ability is seen as very average on Nawaz Sharif’s hand.

PrimeMinisterNawazSharifHis hands show great warmth of personality and love for people in general and this certainly means that he would endear himself to a lot of people. He is generous and giving and capable of doing a lot of good. In this sense, he would be a good political leader. But he lacks shrewdness and perhaps could be too trusting. He does not like pretension. Not an ideal quality for a politician.

And while being rich per se is not on his mind, he loves his comforts and luxuries and status symbols. Money for him is only for what it brings. The instinctive and physical drives are strong.

His hand shows a slightly casual attitude to life, perhaps an over-optimistic outlook? And changeability as well. If this hand belonged to a younger person, I would say that wisdom and careful weighing of the pros and cons before making decisions are qualities he should develop. It is mainly because of this slightly brash attitude that his hand shows unsuitability as head of state. If he managed to get to where he did, it's probably because of his connections with people. He would be a great networker and good with people. And we all know that he came from wealth. He was part of the elite.

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  1. Nita, thank you so much for this!

    "He would be a great networker and very good with people. And then we all know that he came from wealth."

    ^Yes, I always think about this whenever I see him. In the 1990s he was very popular especially due to his networking of people all across Pakistan. Ironically, even though he is in self-exile in England right now, I still meet Uber drivers who say that they regret voting for Imran Khan's party instead of Sharif's party PMLN. Actually, all menial workers who I met or work at my home (maid, gardener, etc.) are very strong supporters of him.
    Therein, lies a question of mine. Is there a quality in him which makes him popular with the common folk? Especially in comparison to the current PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan, whose approval ratings are worsening by the day. Also, could you briefly compare their active hands in a reply, but only if that's not too much to ask for. Personally, I always thought Sharif was a warrior for the underdog, but again, every Pakistani has vastly differing opinions about him.
    And yes, no doubt he was stubborn especially as he was a Capricorn, and he never stopped giving speeches about his ousting. So, if I could describe him by one word that would be stubborn.
    Looking forward to your reply, Nita.

    1. Nawaz Sharif's hands show actually likes people, and this means all kinds of people, there is warmth of personality. Also he is a good man, fairly straightforward in approach and with good intentions, almost like a child. Perhaps this would make him relate to the common people better. Just a guess. Imran Khan's hands on the other hand show him to be shrewd, even cunning, manipulative and quite cynical. Chalk from cheese.

  2. Hi mam. I read ur myths in marrige. I have a dout. I have a small and a large marige line in my right hand. The larger line is cut by a vertical line. I saw some where that if a vertical line cuts the marige line it will affect the life of the partner. Pls mam reply. Is this true. Also one hand reader told me that I will have 2 marriage. It's not in astrology but in ur hand it's shows. Am afraid.

    1. If you read my post on marriage lines, why do you need answer? If you are asking me to reply to something you read somewhere, or what someone told you, whom you choose to believe is your choice.

    2. Yes mam I do believe you and read your vlog. But am afraid that's y I asked u again.

    3. I have not changed my beliefs.


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