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Vladimir Putin's hands give us a glimpse into his personality

Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia who is now back as the President, is a man of action, and a quick thinker. His hands show a personality that is impatient, of a man who wants results, not talk. The only profession he is suited to is a managerial one, where he manages not just people, but events and changes. According to his hands, he was certainly the right man to oversee the massive changes that Russia went through as he took over the reins as the President of Russia in 1999, mainly because of his ability to get things done.

There has been some criticism about his methods, with many believing that he is fascist, and there are fears that he might go back to some of the old ways. Once we interpret his hands we can find out if this criticism is justified.

Not only is Putin a doer, he has a
good understanding of people, and of issues, quite clear from the overall shape of his hand and fingers.

He has a broad palm, short fingers, the typical "square" shape of the hand. Relatively speaking his Mercury (little) finger is long, and the Jupiter (index) and Mercury fingers are conic-tipped, along with the thumb. The thumb is not particularly long, and the second phalange is a bit thick. His fingers overall are a little thick, with long phalanges. The heart and headlines though are well balanced, and not excessively long, although the quadrangle is narrow underneath the middle fingers as the heartline dips down. The mounts of Moon and Venus are well developed and the hand is stiff.
Check out a photo of his hand here.

These hand features show that Putin has ideals, and love for his country and people. He is patriotic, and certainly, his intention is to see Russia become a leading nation. However, he is not a true visionary but could have been if it wasn't for some ingrained shortcomings.

His cautiousness and conservatism, even narrow-mindedness, when it comes to his ideas and their implementation is a weakness of character. Even though he wants to get things done, he is a man in a hurry, and then his views may be on the conservative side. He is not an independent or revolutionary thinker.

Down to earth, he may be, but he lacks diplomacy and can be unreasonably stubborn and inflexible. If he does adapt, he will do it if he thinks it is necessary and practical. He probably found it difficult to see another point of view but this aspect has softened.

Good leader
He is a good political leader, not just because he has the interest of his country at heart, he genuinely cares for his people and can be compassionate. His hand shows warmth of personality. Besides, he understands people, and can be quite shrewd and clever. He has a sharp, adroit mind, and is articulate and intellectual as well, although he can be quite blunt.

He may not seem aggressive but is actually very pushy and tough mentally. Yet he has a sensitive side.

Other qualities
His hand shows that he is not particularly a materialistic person, and nor does he hanker after status symbols. He is a simple man at heart.

Restless he is, and also a bit of a loner. Overall his hand tells us that he can be a good leader, but cannot be considered a world leader.

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(Free photo by, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons).


  1. I do not know much about him, but whatever little I have seen of him and heard, makes me respect him.

  2. True, he has a good image in India. I too have respect for him, but somehow don't trust him entirely. However there was nothing shady as such in his hand.

  3. I find the most unusual thing about his hand is the extraordinary length of his Mercury finger. He is a talker- and his childish pride is dangerous. Love your site!

  4. He is the most corrupt politician and has jailed and killed critics. His level of corruption makes the Indian leaders look like Scandanevian politicians. Just google Black Sea palace video. Surprised none of this shows up on his hands. A modern Tsar with no regard for welfare of the common Russians is more apt.

    1. It cannot be said that that none of it shows up on his hands. I read his hands a long time ago, almost a dozen years back and it is possible that his hand has changed or I did a cursory job. But more likely, he doesn't think of himself as what you described. The hand is about self image. In certain countries and societies, certain type of behaviour is accepted. That is why a Putin or a Xi in India or America would be considered unacceptable. Violent behaviour or wife beating is also common in some societies and people who are like this are unlikely to think they are doing anything wrong. Even if there is a bit of guilt, or doubt, this shows up on the hand. I suggest you read this post:
      There is no behaviour which is universally accepted as correct even if we want it to be.

    2. Fair point, though inclined to think Putin is corrupt even by standards of an autocratic state. Might be interesting to do a hand reading of Stalin, and see whether his hands betray a mass murderer. Would be hard to make a point of societal acceptance for Stalin’s actions.

    3. Maybe corruption itself is not considered a sin in some countries. I think it was like that in India till some years ago. But I will relook at Putin's hand in any case sometime soon. I remember checking for Stalin's hand photos some years ago but didn't get enough. I need several photos so as to get a decent idea of the hand.


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