Friday, October 23, 2020

Joe Biden the democrat and statesman

Joe Biden American flag
Joe Biden has the hands of a statesman. He has a largish hand, pronounced first and second knots on his fingers and long, fine lines along with a low-set thumb held a little apart. His fingers, though short rather than long, are not too short. His fingers are straight, except for the Jupiter (index) finger and the thumb is a balanced one with a slightly waisted second phalange and the first is bending backwards. The mounts of Venus and Moon are the most developed but the mounts of Jupiter and Lower Mars are good too. 

The size of the hand matters. It is the size and shape of the hand within which the actual lines are to be interpreted. When the hand is large (relative to the body) it shows a thinking person. The developed knots add to the thoughtfulness. One cannot help but compare Joe Biden’s hand to Donald Trump’s hand, which is supposedly small. People with small hands tend to be more emotional and tend not to analyse or think too much. Small hands are not found on great leaders. 

When it comes to measuring the size of hands, a hand can be considered small only if it is small relative to the height and size of the person. With experience, it is possible to guess whether the hand size is small, average or big. There are many articles available which tell you about the average hand size. Of course, a large hand by itself does not automatically mean that the person is

In the case of Joe Biden, the rest of the hand is very good. His thumb is a good length, in relation to the hand, and has balanced phalanges, although the top phalange appears to be supple. The lines show high intelligence which when combined with thoughtfulness shows a person who will make decisions which would have a high chance of being correct because the pros and cons will be weighed. However, he is also impulsive. 

Joe Biden’s hand also shows warmth and a love for people – he is a good man. He is the type of person who will think of the “other.”

You can check out photos of his hands here and here.

However, Biden may not always be what his image projects because his hand shows a manipulative nature. This is a very common sign in career politicians and in many successful people as well, and is not necessarily a bad sign. It depends on whether the manipulative ability is used for good or bad and this depends on whether the owner of the hand is a good person or not. It also depends on the profession the person is in. In a businessman, it may not always be the best trait to possess, but in a politician, it is in the very nature of politics to be manipulative! In the case of Joe Biden, his hand shows integrity, honesty, and idealism, as well as a deep compassion for others, and this ensures that his abilities are used for good. 

He is diplomatic and clever and knows how to get what he wants but he is also a reasonable man, only if a little impulsive. He is not stubborn. He would have an open, adaptable mind. 

If one has to sum up, his hands show a sympathetic person who believes in freedom and independence, not just for himself, but also for others. At heart, he has a philanthropic nature. It is in the very nature of who he is. Hillary Clinton does not possess this quality. Barack Obama did, but the difference is that Joe Biden is more of a doer and less of an intellectual as compared to Obama. 

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  1. Thank you for your assessment. I wonder what the curve (and an artistic one at that!) of his index finger signifies. He has also plenty of independence of action more than independence of thought.He may be manipulative but is not immoral.
    From the hand, especially the sun line and index finger, it looks that he would get elected as the President of the US!

    1. Yes, true. But without seeing a high resolution photo of his hand, it's difficult to be 100% sure.

  2. Hi nita,

    I have a break in head line under Saturn means under the middle finger area in right hand. Is this shows any stress or pain in my life???

  3. A break in the headline does not always denote stress. It depends on the condition of the headline before and after it, whether there is an overlap and also on other signs on your hand which shows your basic temperament.

    1. One more thing. One has to examine the fateline too as well as the lifeline to confirm the stress aspect. One cannot say anything definite by a description such as you have given.

    2. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your effort. I heard it denotes stress,Pain or loss of loved ones. That's y am tensed. Since when calculating age it's somewhat near like 30 s.

      Their is only one break a small one . And a vertical line connects these break.

      Anyways thank you dear.

    3. Smrithi, even if a break on the headline can mean stress, it does not show the cause of the stress. If you like you can send me a clear photo of the palm and I will tell you what it means. My email id is blog(dot)nita(at)gmail(dot)com

    4. I will send you. Thank you very much

  4. Hi Nita. Lovely palm reading as always.

    Could you:
    1. Tell us more about Biden via what his fingers show.

    2. Do a palm reading of the late Tunisian leader Ben Ali?

    1. Hi AP, Actually his fingers are very balanced in length. Long fingers show thinkers and short fingers show orientation. He has a good balance of both. I will certainly keep Ben Ali in mind. Thanks.


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