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The charismatic John F Kennedy

John F Kennedy graphic
President John F Kennedy was assassinated at 46 and ever since then, he has become a legend almost, as he impacted the minds of Americans in a way no President before him ever had or ever will. The famous words that inspired generations were: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 

Can the hand reveal what was so special about JFK, besides his oratory? Does he deserve the reverence that he received from the American people or did he become a part of American folklore because of the tragic and senseless manner in which he died?

JFK has a good hand, and when compared to other great leaders, his hand seems a little different, and better. Of course, there can be varied opinions as to what constitutes a “better” hand, or rather, what the most desirable characteristics are in a leader. You can decide for yourself as you read on.

His palms are large and broad and the mounts well developed. The fingers are relatively short, as compared to the palm. His hand on the whole seems large. The mounts are well developed, the Venus mount in particular, although other mounts like Jupiter and Mars are developed as well. The fingers are slim and tapering, with the Jupiter finger a little low-set, and a little bent. The Apollo (ring) finger is also a little bent, though less. JFK has sensitive tips to his fingers, and the first and second phalanges of his fingers are good. The heartline is long and curving, deeply etched, and going up towards and between his first two fingers. The headline is of medium length and gently sloping. The thumb is not particularly strong, but it is not weak either. The balance of the phalanges is good and the first phalange is a little supple.

You can see John F Kennedy's hand photo here.

JFK’s hand shows a creative mindset, a good imagination, and a preponderance of heart. He had good self-esteem but was not egoistic, which is so important in a leader! He was also a warm, energetic and very passionate man. He tended to be direct, was at times blunt, and wanted to get things done, and move forward quickly and aggressively. And as he was an ideas man as well, and also very ambitious, and thus it’s natural that people called him a visionary. He was something of an intellectual and he was a doer as well. He enjoyed the limelight and loved people. He was not stubborn and not the kind who would push through an agenda unless he could carry others with him, despite his aggressive and pushy attitude. That is the mark of a true leader. He was in fact a very reasonable man, sensitive, and able to see another point of view. 

Despite his passionate and emotional nature, he could keep a cool head and was mentally able to bear hardship and handle whatever came his way. In other words, he was a tough guy.

He also had a strong physicality about him and that in combination with his other characteristics made him charismatic.

His hand shows that he was not entirely as straightforward as he seemed. He always had some agenda up his sleeve and that is typical of politicians. And as for his character weaknesses, he could be impulsive at times and could have some difficulty keeping in check his high energy levels and passionate nature. Self-control was not one of his greatest qualities. He was also not entirely open, and could in fact be secretive and at times, selfish.

No one is perfect and neither was JFK. But he had great ideas, a wonderful imagination, and vision, was action-oriented, and had a great love for people, was humble, and all these qualities made him a great leader, probably one of the greatest that Americans ever had. 

JFK coin graphic
By OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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  1. One of my favorite political personalities. So glad that you analyzed his palm. Interesting to note that your palm reading matches his Gemini personality traits. BTW have you watched or read 11.22.63 which is a fictional tale about JFK's assassination?

    1. He is one of my favourite personalities too. I haven't read what you mentioned. Sounds interesting! Regarding the astrological inference, I don't believe in sun signs at all.


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