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Jennifer Lawrence - Bright and sensitive!

Jennifer Lawrence wavingIt’s difficult to pin Jennifer Lawrence down or get her to reveal much about herself. Her hand tells us that she is a private person and a very sensitive one at that – sensitive with great sensitivity to the environment and people around her. No wonder she is such a good actor!

She was in the news because of leaked private photos of her (the guy who did that to her went to jail for just 18 months) and after seeing her hand one realises how upset and outraged she must have been. Anyone would be, but as Jennifer is more sensitive and delicate than most people, it would have been quite agonizing; something she’ll find difficult

to put behind her.

She has a square palm with longish fingers and fine, medium-length lines. The second phalanges of her fingers dominate and the third are a little plump. The tips of her fingers are rounded mostly although the Jupiter (index) fingertip is conic. The Saturn (middle) finger is not very strong, which automatically increases the strength of the other fingers. The Apollo finger is the most dominant and the Jupiter finger is a little high-set. The thumb is held a little close and long enough, with a good balance of its first and second phalanges. The head and heart lines are slightly curved.

You can check out her left hand photo here. Her right hand photo, from Wikimedia Commons, is published above.

Jennifer Lawrence is left-handed, and thus her right hand is the passive hand. By comparing the differences in both her hands, one can gain some insights. In palmistry, the passive hand tells us about one’s subconscious and/or inherited qualities and the active hand tells us about our current self.

One major difference between her two hands is the lifeline, which seems to be shorter on the active hand. This does not mean that her life is shorter. It is not possible to predict Death from the hand with any accuracy. The head and lifelines are also not joined as much on the active hand. There must be some other differences but the pictures of her hands on the net are not clear enough.

What do all these hand features mean? It shows that her instinctive and physical drives are strong and there is a tendency to be non-conformist. She does not like to feel hemmed in or bound by regular conventions. She can be casual at times, takes risks, and likes to enjoy life. In fact, there could be something a little unusual about her. She does not like pretension and artifice but she does have an ego.

She also tends to think and over-analyse and her active mind can overwork her nervous system. There could be some brooding happening. She is the kind of person who needs love and care.

She inherited a cautious introverted nature and it is likely that she was shy as a child. However, today, she is neither introverted nor extroverted – she is somewhere in the middle. Her ambitious nature has been enhanced, and this could be why she changed.

Her hand shows intelligence and idealism, in addition to sensitivity, and also oodles of talent. She is not an intellectual, however, and more of a doer, and this can limit her ability to some extent. 

She likes to do what she is doing and even enjoys the limelight but this is a developed quality. However, for her, there is a limit to how much she can do as she can get exhausted. Being intensely driven for long is not who she is. Whether it is something to do with bandwidth or delicate inner nature, one is not sure. She should follow her instinct because a hectic work life will not suit her health.

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(Photo credit: Free image by Georges Biard, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Does her hand show wittyness. As she is at time said to have been very funny and witty. Something just like Srk. What do you say about that?

    1. There are different reasons why people are witty. When it comes to Jennifer's case, she is smart and intelligent so that can be one reason. Also sometimes people who are genuine can seem funny because they are being honest and spontaneous.

    2. Yes. That's what I have felt about her. She is genuine and spontaneous so because of that she is funny. But the thing is she is said to be what we call a "Mufat" by her co-stars. Like, her Hunger Games fellow actors have said of her to be somone who can just say literally anything. But yes, what we have seen of her in interviews she is funny genuinely as well, does have a sense of humour.

  2. What are the signs shown on her hand about her married life? Is she a person who handle a commitment like that! Or otherwise.

    1. Of course, she can! Idealism and sensitivity are marked strongly on her hand. She needs the right person to understand her.


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