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Quentin Tarantino's hand analysis

After reading the hands of two renowned movie directors (Steven Spielberg and Alejandro Jodorowsky) one expected a similar level of creative talent from the hand of Quentin Tarantino, the director who directed Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill. From this point of view, his hand is a little disappointing. His hand does not match the hype associated with his name. However, it makes up in other ways.

Let me emphasise, his hand does show talent, just not
as much, when compared to the Greats. It shows a clever man, with a superior ability to express himself in an artistic way as well as intelligence, concentration and imagination. His hand also shows a high level of sensitivity to the environment and the ability to absorb from it, which would help him in his creative work.

Quentin has a long Mercury (pinky) finger, and like all other fingers, the tips are very slim, with what are called sensitive pads in palmistry. The first phalange of this finger is long although the first phalanges of the other fingers, are not that long. The second phalanges of the other fingers are very good in length. The Jupiter (index) finger is a little short and the Apollo (ring) finger is long. The Saturn or middle finger is good, with a pronounced third phalange. Some of the third phalanges are a little thick. Both the Jupiter and Mercury finger are very slightly bent and both these fingers have conic tips. The top phalange of the Saturn finger is also bent.

The headline, sloping a little and goes across the hand although it is a little lighter at the end. Though the headline starts from the lifeline, has a line connecting its start to the Jupiter mound. Overall, the lifeline is balanced with the heartline and the heartline is a little curved.

The mounts of Moon, Jupiter and Venus are the most pronounced mounts on his hand. The thumb is long, a little low-set and the first phalange is long, but not too long.

Check out his hand photos here and here and here.

(The photograph published below is a free photograph and is of his replica at Madame Tussauds).

Quentin Tarantino showing his hands

Quentin Tarantino's hand shows not just intelligence, but mental capacity and imagination, and also an extremely ambitious nature and the ability to lead others. He was ambitious from childhood. There is a desire to lead, and this is probably why he chose to become a director rather than an actor. His hand shows acting talent as well, but as a director, he could put his leadership skills to good use.

Tarantino was probably ambitious from a very young age and also started thinking for himself early. These personality characteristics invariably bring success as they show focus and concentration. 

Tarantino's hand does not show that great a verbal skill, but his hand shows a high perceptive ability and the ability to understand human beings. Creativity and imagination is present. There is some element of morbid thinking present in his character, as is evident from the development of the Saturn finger and Lower Moon mount. However, overall, he is of a pragmatic mindset.

His hand also shows a generous, compassionate and independent nature. People like him are free-spirited souls who are always searching for freedom and independence.

His hand also shows a very shrewd and perhaps, a controlling nature as well; shrewdness which could border on wiliness. This feature of his character is a developed one, as it is visible on his right active hand only (one's active hand shows one's current personality and the passive hand shows the inherited/subconscious quality). 

His hand also shows an idealistic nature. 

There are indications that around the age of sixty he starts to become more reclusive. Maybe it's because of the idealism and cynicism in the personality or because of the strongly independent attitude.

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  1. I had always wanted to ask this - how much is idealism important for a person to succeed? I have noticed that as age progresses, one tends to get less and less ideal. Is this wrong? Should we not lose focus on idealism?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Ah - but you see his films are just like him. A bit on the wild side. So there is a genius in operation but it is his own unique style. So lets not compare him to others - each his own place. And then all what you say is good for a director.
    uncompromising, a bit manipulative (how do you get the best from all they big egos in front of the camera etc etc

  3. DI, idealism is great if you are a religious leader or spiritual leader or godman but it will surely lead to disaster if you are a businessman. Depends on the profession. So I guess people shed it along the way because they want worldly success. In any case it depends how much idealism.

    Anonymous, I guess you are right, why compare? And yeah its true he is quite unique and his independence and boldness gives him that certain wildness.

  4. What about a politician ? :) There was one politician who was an idealist - Jayaprakash Narayan , do you know any politician who was an idealist?

    Destination Infinity

  5. I guess some politicians are idealists, for example Mahatma Gandhi was one.

  6. hey., do you face reading? if you take that into account Quentine tarinto has a long jawline which represents fierce determination.
    wud love to here your thoughts on that.

  7. Mr. Curious, I do not do face reading. I have no knowledge of it.

  8. do u read astrolical profiles. quentine is an aries which makes him a born leader.
    number 9 as he is born on the 27th makes him ambitious
    and his tarus moon sign makes him bull headed.
    i think thats why he was able to be such an influential and independant film maker., a cut abouve the rest.

  9. Mr. Curious, I do not believe that any sign (whether astrological or on the palm) makes things happen. That is my firm belief. I believe it is the other way around. It is the way we are that makes the lines on our hands and that is why the lines and even shape of the fingers can change. We make our lives and rule our destiny.

  10. I still do not get if fate line from wrist to the middle finger makes you rich or not. Is line of sun necessary for being rich and wealthy? Cause Ambani doesn't have a good line of fate but is very rich. How??

  11. No, it does not. And neither is the line of sun necessary for being rich. The lines of fate and sun are very relative to oneself, and how one perceives self. A successful taxi driver can have as good a fate line as any rich industrialist. About Ambani's hand I cannot comment because I have not been able to study his hand.
    In any case no "line" or "sign" makes you rich. It's your own hard work and ability and other personality characteristics and also circumstances.

  12. What about birth? If you're born in a rich family, you're automatically rich, unless of course you decide you don't want to be. Don't you think that that will be reflecting in a person's hand?

    This case falls into the "circumstances" category if I understand your latest reply correctly. Don't you think that circumstances are shown in one's hand? Like if you look at the hand of the Queen of England, there will be signs of her being rich *just* because of her birth?


  13. The hand shows the inside of the mind. It reflects your own reality, not that of society. If a cab driver thinks he is rich and the Queen thinks she does not have enough, the driver's hand will show more satisfaction with the money. The actual amount of money is not shown, just your feelings towards it.

  14. Hi Nita! I was wondering if you could do a hand analysis of David Lynch. he is a famous and visionary director in independent cinema. He is well-known for his artistic direction, which diverged into many different mediums, as well as for his distinct style and voice, much influenced by surrealism and dream perception.
    Here's the reference link of one of the few photos I ran into:

  15. Dust Runner, Unfortunately one photograph is not enough as one cannot make out the hand and finger shape accurately. Usually I work from at least a dozen photos and in addition I need a photograph to confirm whether he writes with his left hand or his right. David Lynch seems to be a fascinating character and I will add add him to my to do list and try to find more photos of his hands.

  16. Thanks, Nita! Unfortunately, this the only one I could find so far. I will keep searching.


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