Saturday, November 20, 2010

Laxmi Mittal's Hand Reading

Laxmi Mittal
In today’s world, there is much hype about a great personality, talent and ability. Successful people no doubt have that, but the part that their energy levels play is often underestimated. Steel tycoon Laxmi Mittal for example (the richest Indian in the world), is admired for his business-savvy brain, which he no doubt has, and a superior one at that. But his hand also shows
extraordinary energy levels. Energy combined with a thinking mind behind a strong will, is a formidable talent in itself. This is so with Laxmi Mittal.

Check out his hand photo here and here.

Three aspects of Mittal's character stand out. First, his high energy level. The large palm with strong lines and mounts and short fingers and good middle phalanges of the fingers bears it out. The lifeline is also very strong, and goes wide into the palm in the latter half.

The balance of personality is the second factor. This too is a quality much underestimated when it comes to evaluating business and/or managerial success. Most of us are slightly off balance, which affects our ability to deal with the real world. Those of us who are well-balanced can achieve much, even with ordinary abilities. Bill Gates is another example of someone who possesses this quality, although Gates is an entirely different kind of person from Mittal.

Laxmi Mittal has a good thumb, with a strong first (Will) phalange, mostly straight fingers with a long finger of Mercury (little finger). The first phalanges of the fingers may not be long, but they are slim and well shaped. The mounts are developed, but not excessively so, and he has a good mount of Venus and both Lower and Upper Mars as well as Mercury. The head and heart Lines are in tandem with each other, and his Jupiter (index) and Apollo (ring) fingers are long, although the Saturn (middle) finger seems a little short. 

All this shows not just shows ambition and a grasp of worldly affairs, it shows a good balance between a strong will, reasoning powers and warmth of personality. It also shows a fairly straight-talking person with firm control over emotions.

The fingers show an action-oriented, decisive nature, but these qualities are tempered by reasoning, and thoughtfulness and his hand also shows mental resistance and a nature which is not easily discouraged. This is very important for a businessman as business always has its ups and downs.

The third important aspect of Mittal's personality is his desire for excellence. This adds strength to his other characteristics. It shows a person with a strong motivation to succeed along with a quest for excellence. His aim is not just to make money. This means his ambition and desire to excel are in balance with each other. Greed will not dictate to him the future course of action.

The last but not the least important factor is business acumen. He understands money, and that is an understatement. Mittal also possesses shrewdness without cunning, an unusual quality.

For a person of his type, it is normal to expect well-developed Mounts of Jupiter, Mercury and Apollo as they add to the strength of the fingers and the qualities of the Mounts. The strong Moon is a great asset to an entrepreneur with a strong mind. This adds to his personality the quality of imagination and creativity, which is being directed towards entrepreneurship.

From whatever is visible of Laxmi Mittal's lifeline it seems that he needs to watch out that he doesn’t burn himself out in the coming years. If he came to me for a consultation I would tell him to take a few weeks off every year, starting today.

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  1. I think what makes you good at this is that you understand people. Thanks for a good read.

  2. As you pointed out Nita, many successful business persons have a great deal of energy. I guess it boils down to how they channelize it. There are many examples of people with talent and courage channelizing all their energies in the wrong direction. If he is the fifth wealthiest person, that tells us a lot! Another interesting point you made was that of using imagination and creativity in business - very few people do that!!

    Destination Infinity

  3. Yep, channelising is everything. That is what type of person you are matters. I guess Mittal grew up with the virtues of hard work impressed upon him. And about the creativity aspect, I guess thats what makes an entrepreneur different from a manager.

  4. BTW, I am tagging you on the topic 'My top three movies of all time' - Pls do the tag, in my comments section if you dont want to do it here...

    Destination Infinity

  5. Okay DI, I'll do it in the comments section.

  6. A commentator on this post posted a rude comment asking me to post Laxmi Mittal's hand photo on this post even though the link to the photo is clearly mentioned here. I guess he either did not read the post or is too lazy too click on the link. Just in case he comes here again, I want to assure this person that I do not have a personally taken photo of Laxmi Mittal with me and I do not post copyrighted photographs on this blog. I know that being ethical is not rated highly these days but sorry, I do not break this code even though I know I will not be prosecuted if I post a copyrighted photo.

  7. Very good articles on Laxmi Mittal's palm reading . Give some more insight to other celebrities as well. This is treasure house of celebrity hand reading.


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