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The hands of a serial killer – Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was executed in 1989 at the age of 43, but his evil persona is recorded for posterity. He confessed to 30 gruesome murders but is believed to have committed many more, maybe around a hundred. If there ever was an evil character, it was Bundy.

Will the known psychological traits of this notorious murderer/serial killer/rapist be visible on his hands?
Man in a hood dark image

Ted Bundy was known to be:
  • Violent
  • Sexually deviant with a remarkable lack of guilt
  • A pathological liar
  • Manipulative
  • Organized and calculating
  • Charming, also appearing as kind and empathetic
  • Narcissistic, with poor judgement

From the photograph of his hands
from the FBI files (the link to Ted Bundy's hands), one can see a large and thick palm, with the mounts of Moon and Lower Mars developed out of proportion to the rest of the other mounts. The fingers look short mainly because they are all bent, and the fingers of Mercury (little finger) and the Jupiter (index) finger are significantly bent, and could possibly be twisted. The hand almost looks like a claw! The headline is broken, and the overlap creates an island-like formation under the mount of Saturn (under the middle finger). The heartline is long and curved, with one branch going up in between the first two fingers and the other one dropping down to touch the life and headlines, which are joined.

Bundy’s fateline appears to stop in the early forties (around the time when he was caught and executed) but the sunline continues and there is a large cross or ill-formed star on the line, on the mount. The fateline does not usually mark death but every person is unique and death can be marked on any line. This is why it is very difficult, if not impossible to predict death, and you can read more about predicting death here.

Nothing on Bundy’s hand shows sexual deviancy (necrophilia, sexual violence) because the hand cannot show this. Sexual deviancy is simply a symptom or manifestation of a diseased mind. The mind is shown not just by the headline but the hand as a whole. An important aspect of hand reading is to look at the hand as a whole because it is the sum of the individual parts which creates that perilous, potent mix. Balance is important, whether it is between the fingers and the palm, between the individual mounts, the fingers with each other and the lines with each other. The moment an imbalance is seen, it is a red flag. And too many red flags = an unbalanced personality. At times, as in the case with Bundy’s hands, every aspect is out of balance.

Bundy’s hand shows a troubled mind, that of a psychopath, and a person who is not just narcissistic, sly, manipulative and controlling, but also someone who is not a clear or logical thinker and lacks empathy. And feelings and impulses along with an overdeveloped imagination and high sex drive dominate. But it does not just stop there. If Bundy was someone described above he may not have turned out to be a killer but just that incorrigible, creepy office assistant! But he became a dangerous serial killer. Why?

Unfortunately, Bundy’s overdeveloped lower mars and fairly large thumb meant that he would be able to put his desires into action. His aggression levels are abnormally high and he has the strength to do what he decides to do.

This does not mean that looking at this hand would make it easy for a hand reader to pronounce this man a horrific serial killer. However evil a person’s inner impulses are, and however strong-willed and manipulative he is, whether the evil impulses manifest as deviant behaviour depends greatly on opportunities and also law enforcement.

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Perhaps you can compare Ted Bundy's hand with the hands of dictators. There is something in common, perhaps! Or look at the character of an unfortunate street urchin, who is just an ordinary street boy, but has the potential to become a criminal.


  1. Wow. Very interesting. When I saw his hand I immediately felt distressed and uncomfortable.

  2. I guess your last line shows how important cultural conditioning is...

    Destination Infinity

  3. he and charlie sheen seems to have a lot in common in this aspect.of being out of control..but one took his rage and impulses to another level..what does a sun line on his hand represent anyway ive never really understood its significance does it represent charm,some inherent positivity ,talent ..and another thing circumstances that bundy was born in also added a lot negative baggage that would have been difficult for him to forget..but he doesnt seem ruthless on the first look of his hand...i wonder what goes wrong in people...actions they commit borne out of loneliness ,depression does he seem depressed from his hand..i remember there was an another imprint on the internet which corraborates that massive island on his head line..but he seemed intelligent enough ..there are hints of intelligence on his i see a mercury line there..i guess that explains his articulate nature...but there's no denying of the fact that he had no remorse even till the end...i am absolutely sure of sure he saw his reality ..but just couldn't commit to be normal for once..i believe its a matter of chance..these subconscious or conscious shifts of the brain to destroy or be constructive in its nature depend so much on luck..some people just cannot be helped..

  4. mam i posted a question few days ago.relating to ted bundy..did u get the notification..or did u feel it was irrelevant?

  5. Aman, I am on vacation and do not have access to fast internet. will address your questions shortly.

  6. Aman, I do not think that there is any similarity at all between Ted Bundy and Charlie Sheen. Both are very different human beings. I think Bundy was far more in control than Sheen is. He simply lacked a conscience.
    And yes you are right, the sunline does appear to be connected in some way with charm...but it has to be clear and the sun finger also needs to be good. Its not possible to generalise on one personality trait without looking at the whole hand.
    Regarding the environment influencing Bundy, there is no doubt about it. It probably triggered some latent and inherited negative traits.
    When it comes to ruthlessness, there is no one sign which tells you that a person is ruthless. Its a combination of signs. Bundy's hand shows imbalance, and this can result in ruthlessness.
    I am sure he suffered from some sort of depression and loneliness which was alleviated a little when he killed. But his hand does not show a depressive personality if that is what you mean.But you are right, his was a hopeless case. He certainly felt no remorse.
    There is no island on this hand as far as I can see. Its a broken headline.
    Regarding being articulate, I am sure he was so. He was known to be a charmer. However the Mercury Line does not show this. That can be seen on the other aspects of the hand, like the Mercury finger, the length of the phalanges, the thumb etc.

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  8. mam thank you for your reply ur insights on this subject are always valuable but i still have a doubt regarding one aspect of his personality which seemingly you are sure does one conclude if someone lacks conscience ..i can understand if someone is not greatly empathetic it reflects from the shape of the fingers or thumb or the mount of venus and the heartline.but what exactly do u see in his hand which confirms that aspect..and having said that i dont know if i am drawing the right comparison here how different were say someone like a hitler or bal thackrey who didnt exactly hold any high regard for people either.who may not have personally commited crimes but gave such orders at will..and i know mercury line is not supposed to give you enhanced communication abiltites but whosoever hand including mine ive seen this line on gave a clear hint of being established storytellers or someone who has great wit who can combine two random thoughts and make a fancy story around that subject often at a drop of a hat.which doesnt surprise me in his case.and it certainly enhances mercurial abilities..i believe u have such a line as well..correct me if i am wrong

  9. Aman, when I said Ted Bundy lacked a conscience, it was said in the comments, not the reading itself. That is my personal opinion. It cannot be said from the hand. There is no line or a group of signs which will show this. He is quite different from Hitler or Thakeray and you will see this if you read their hand readings.
    And regarding the Mercury line, you had mentioned it showed someone's verbal abilities and I had told it does not. And nor does it show wit! Or story telling ability! It certainly adds to intelligence and mercurial abilities but this has to be seen from the whole hand, including headline and the Mercury finger. But I am not sure why because Bundy does not have a proper Mercury line. The Mercury line has no effect unless it is very clear and long, and this means it very unlike the other main lines. The Mercury line is not a main line.
    And no, I have no Mercury line, just a small part. I really wish I did, as it enhances intelligence and intuition (not wit or verbal abilities). But as I said, the enhances is the key word. The hand has to be read as a whole.

  10. Also, if you are interested in my hand, I have a practical hand, with short fingers,forked heartline ending inbetween the Jupiter and Saturn fingers, a headline which ends in a very small triple fork under the mount of mercury and it is gently sloping. All my fingers are balanced when it comes to length, all are quite straight. I have a very deep and well etched fateline, one of the important signs on my hand, and it starts from the wrist and though not absolutely straight, goes right up to the base of the finger. I have a very strong saturn finger, slightly longer than normal, and very straight.

  11. right mam you have given those details before as well and i remember you mentioning somewhere that you had a mercury line but the line itself is so common and it changes its meaning on each hand so differently that i am often confused what it stands for..i guess the storyteller aspect probably is enhanced in individuals who have a sloping head line along with a enhanced mount of moon propelled by a clear mercury line like in the case of robin wiliams(btw whose hands i still hope ull read some day because nothing in his hand hint towards suicidal tendencies so i am hoping u debug his mind for us ) and if i am not wrong einstein had such a line as well along with cheiro..but i am yet to see a hand including the one's ive mentioned where this line was clearly etched and i want to get one more question out of the way before this topic gets stretched any further you say ted bundy had more self control than sheen now thats a very serious point..comparing a ruthless killer to a "junkie" why do you say that..i can understand sheen is self destructive and cannot control his impulses..but then comparing him to what bundy indulged in ..i fail to see how he was any different

  12. and why do u say that your strongly etched fateline is the most important sign on your hand what significance do you attach to it in your case

  13. No I have not ever said that I have a mercury line. I have a part of a mercury line and even that is poor. It is simply not possible that I would say I have a line like that when I do not.
    Regarding Ted Bundy. Yes he had self control, more than that of Sheen. We are talking of control which means the ability to do what one wants to do with planning and discipline. That is the meaning of control. We are not talking about activities here.
    And just as you are completely mistaken that I would say I had a mercury line when I do not, you are also mistaken that I said that the saturn or fateline is the most important sign on my hand. I did not say that. Even your earlier question about me saying that about his conscience based on his hand was your mistake but I was patient enough to answer you.
    As I never read a line without reading the whole hand it is not possible to answer you about my fateline unless I read my whole hand here. That is a huge exercise and pointless as this website is not for such things. I do not have the time.
    I may not answer your next question unless it is relevant to the topic (ted bundy) and is not repetitive and it is based on something which I find necessary to explain.

  14. sorry mam if my over enthusiasm around the subject and the person in concern seems irritating that was not my intention however i would assume possessing a part of the mercury line would be counted as having that line ..i have yet to see people who have this line fully connected..and regarding the "conscience " question ...i was more keen on getting your personal opinions on both hitler and thackerey whether you think they operated out of any lack of conscience my understanding they did ..i wouldnt brand thackerey as psychopath but he certainly had extremely militant communal and narrow views about humanity in general.i dont know if he spoke that language to attract masses..but he was certainly no saint and regarding the fate line question i can quote you directly in your previous reply" i have a very deep and well etched fateline, one of the important signs on my hand, and it starts from the wrist and though not absolutely straight, goes right up to the base of the finger.' plz tell me if i misunderstood the context here you were clearly talking about your fate line..i know you are a busy person and you dont have time to entertain such random inferences and i will understand completely if u dont wish to reply ..sorry again to take up your time.

  15. Yes, Aman, I said it is one of the most important signs of my hand, not the most important sign. A clear difference. I am well aware that your intentions are good and that is the reason I am replying. All the best.

  16. as u mention,there is a star like formation, what does it significance for this particular hand.

  17. An ill-formed star, particularly if it is so large as it covers the full mount of Apollo, destroying the presence of the Sun line, is not a good sign at all, and it denotes disrepute, disaster of some type.

  18. But i have read somewhere that presence of star in any mount except Saturn is generally positive indication, so what about this particular case, i mean what are the points we have to look at before considering a good or bad sign.

  19. Zaineb, I have already answered that but perhaps I was not clear. The star is ill formed. It is too large. It destroys the Sunline.

  20. I have similar markings on my hand too and I can understand the murderous impulses Bundy would have to go through...but unlike him I have trained in controlling myself and recently conquered myself as well (mystic cross ftw)


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