Sunday, January 2, 2022

Saddam Hussein's hand – does it show that he was evil?

One assumes that the hands of men known for their evil deeds will show a hand with an evil personality. People do evil deeds but there is no hand which is evil per se. If one comes across a person who does bad things, the hands usually show a selfish, out-of-control personality, someone with a brute will and strong impulses. People are not usually heartless. They are just out of control.

Saddam Hussein speaking

There are several hand readings of dictators on this website, and each of these characters tend to be different from each other although almost all of them have a base, primal side to their nature. What this means is that the instincts prevail and dominate and these people give in to these primal instincts. You will find such people in everyday life as well and they usually land up in prison if the country they live in is not lawless. If people of this type come to power, as they do in weak countries, they will destroy the very fabric of society, cloaking their criminal behaviour in either religious or political ideology.

Saddam’s Hussein’s hand shows the base of the hand developed, with heavy Moon and Venus mounts. The Lower Mars mount is developed as well, and the Apollo (ring) finger is long, too long. The thumb is of average length and possibly a little low-set with an average first phalange which bends backwards. The second phalange of the thumb is a little thick and quite long. The fingers are fairly straight with tapering, rounded ends. The Jupiter finger is quite low-set. There aren’t too many clear pictures of Saddam’s hand available on the net, however.

You can check out Saddam Hussein's hand photos here.

In Saddam Hussein’s case, there doesn’t appear to be a religious bent of mind. His hand in fact shows is a man who hungers for

fame and wealth – that is the predominant characteristic shown on his hand. Being extremely ambitious, very aggressive and self-indulgent can result in unstable behaviour although Saddam was in fact quite a steady and logical thinker. Whatever he did was not because he was mentally unstable. He was the type who would go to any lengths to get what he wanted.

His hand also shows unreasonableness and difficulty in handling his emotions, and his willpower is limited. As the instinctive drive prevails, his character is a potent mix of dangerous qualities. When such people are opposed, it brings out their worst side. People with these hand characteristics often have violent instincts. Plus, his hand shows an utter lack of pride. His conscience would allow him to do anything because the only thing he cared about was saving himself.

At the same time, his hand shows that he had a warm and loving side to his personality and was good to those whom he loved. He could also be a do-gooder if it suited him. Yet the world will always see him as evil because finally one is judged by one’s actions. 

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(The photo used in this post is a free photo from Pixabay)


  1. This was beautifully written. Even poetic in a way. Saddam is indeed a controversial figure. Always love reading your analyses of dictators' hands.

    One question. In your study of the most famous dictators' hands is the low-set index finger a commonality?

    1. Thanks Nisar. :) About the low set index finger, I can't say that it is peculiar to dictators. In fact I have found it quite common in the hands I read privately and these people are from all walks of life.

  2. Oh interesting I remember Mao Zedong having a similar finger placement so I assumed so. =P

    1. It is very important to see the person's qualities as a whole. For example aggression which is shown by the lower mars mount is an excellent quality in a businessman. Even a negative quality like stubbornness or wilfulness if found on a hand with intelligence, ethics, and drive, will work to benefit. A low set index finger can be an excellent quality as on a good hand it shows humility. Sages can have it too. It's all about the whole hand. The mounts, the lines, the shape of the hand all need to be taken into consideration. Long fingers, short fingers, flexibility –all of his is important. Hand reading is a very complex exercise and nothing annoys me more than people I see at malls or at a party, reading hands in 10 minutes. These people usually take just one sign into consideration and use their intuition to do the rest. I get a lot of emails from people who have done this and ask me if a certain thing is true. I have to mostly re-assure them that it is not. These so-called "palmists" prey on the vulnerable.

  3. True that. BTW could you do Mao Zedong's palm reading next please?

    1. When you mentioned him earlier, that is exactly what I was thinking. How could I have forgotten Mao! Yes, he is definitely on the list.


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