Saturday, February 26, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi Hand Reading

One assumes that dictators are cruel and inhuman without a good side to them, but Colonel Gaddafi has some good personality traits.

His hand is one of the most powerful ones I have seen, showing a
forceful personality. His developed mounts, deep well-cut lines and strong thumb give him immense physical and mental energy and a clear purpose in life. And as oddly as it may sound, his purpose is not primarily a selfish one, seen by the setting of his thumb. Sure, he craves for power (shape of Jupiter finger), power being his driving force, but it's important to remember that he has a humanitarian side to him. He has a mission, a purpose in his leadership.

His Headline and Saturn line show his persistence, perseverance and concentrative ability. His thumb shows his reasoning ability and diplomacy. His head is always in the lead, despite a deep Heartline. This, in addition to his pragmatism (fingers and shape of hand) enable him to make hard, even ruthless decisions.

Gaddafi’s Mount of Mercury is well developed, and so is the finger. This gives him immense mental and physical agility, confirmed by the strength of all his lines and Mount of Venus. He is also fairly intuitive, and very clever indeed when it comes to handling people. His shrewdness, persuasiveness and manipulative ability is the strongest aspect of his character. He can put on an act easily, and fool people.

However, despite these qualities and a well-shaped Headline, Gaddafi cannot be considered intelligent in the true sense of the word. His hand is too fleshy and his fingers too thick to give him clarity of thinking. Also, the shape of his fingers betrays a love of physical comforts and an overpowering desire to lord it, be in the limelight, and control manipulate others (Jupiter and Mercury finger).

To make matters worse, all of Gaddaffi’s Mars Mounts are highly developed, giving him excessive aggressiveness and resistance. There is a streak of violence in his character. He is also not discouraged easily, he is a fighter. Mental strength by itself is a good character trait, but for someone like Gaddafi who likes power it is usually counter-productive. If Gaddafi’s schemes fall flat (he is a perennial schemer and planner) he is the kind who will dig his heels in. The stubbornness is enhanced and confirmed by his thumb, its shape and its phalanges. Arrogance and vanity are also shown on his hand.

In a nutshell, Gaddafi is a smart man with some good ideas, but he is not a strategist and thinker. Besides, he hates to take advise from others. Perhaps if he had been born and nurtured in a country with democratic traditions, his inherent despotic and aggressive nature might have softened and he would have made a decent leader.

(Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, also known as Colonel Gaddafi is the leader of Libya since a coup in 1969.)

(The sketch of Gaddafi has been made by my on photoshop)

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  1. Interesting personality. He is not the type to give in. Is there any way you can predict the future by his lines?

  2. TN, The lines below his fingers which shows his later years are not very clear. Therefore it is not possible. Also in the photos one gets on the net, however clear they seem to be, the minor lines are not visible. The minor lines are an important indication and cannot be ignored. There were some good photos of gaddafi's hands but not so sharp as to reveal his minor or faint lines. One cannot assume he doesn't have them, although that is tempting.

  3. I think such people get addicted to power, and cannot let it go even if the power gets overwhelming and becomes a source of threat to them... What about his reasoning powers? Does the hands say anything about that?

    Destination Infinity

  4. DI, he certainly has reasoning powers and some amount of brain as well. Unfortunately he also wants his way and when his emotions are aroused and if he feels his own power is at stake then his reasoning powers are overridden. That is the problem with most unbalanced personalities. They have some good things about them, but the negative qualities are too strong for the good forces to operate at all times.


    click on the above url.
    in this pic u can se a line coming out of the life line connecting the heart line.
    i assume this is called an effort line.
    your views on it.

  6. Mr. Curious, your comment had automatically gone into spam, I think because of the long url.
    Anyway, what you are referring to is another fate line starting from the life line. I am not sure what it is that you are asking here. That line is to be read as another fate line starting from the life line.
    But look, why don't you write your real name? Are you studying palmistry? If you are, what is the point of writing under an anonymous name?

  7. no i am not studying palmistry just getting a hang of the basics.


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