Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Can Palmistry predict future events?

Can hand reading see into the future? Does the palm tell you what is going to happen to you? Is Palmistry only about predictions?

The truth is that the palm does not lay out a fixed destiny for anyone. Your Character is your Destiny. If the hand shows some future trends, it is based on the behaviour, attitudes and character of the person the way he/she is today. If the person changes, so does the future. Significant changes in character usually happen due to conscious effort or due to the impact of momentous events. The movie "Back to the Future," though simplistic, encapsulates what I am saying.

If people believe that palmistry is about predictions, this is because this was what traditional palmistry was about ancient times and the middle ages! Palmistry has been about mysterious signs, lines and symbols all predicting dire things but every single line or so-called sign has to read in conjunction with the rest of the hand. Would we accept the knowledge of the middle ages in any other field? Would we accept that the earth was flat? Or that diseases can be cured by blood-letting? Of course not! So let us celebrate modern hand-readers like say Johnny Fincham or Richard Unger and realise that the knowledge base in the field of palmistry is growing by leaps and bounds.

It is one's insecurity which makes one crave reassurance about future events, so be suspicious of any hand reader or palmist who promises you an unchanging future.

Modern palmists now call themselves chirologists or hand-readers to distinguish themselves from the ancient predictive type of palmistry, but it doesn't matter whether you are a physicist of the 16th century or the 21st century, you are still a physicist. It is the same with palmists or hand-readers.

People have questioned me exhaustively on this aspect, at times on email, and at times on this blog. In this post I will answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ's) on this most intriguing aspect of palmistry – Predicting the Future.

1) How and why does the hand show future trends, if at all?

As a first step, we have to know that the nerve endings on our hands are connected to the brain, and that is why our thoughts are reflected on our hands. Why this is so is a mystery, but it can be proved by the reading of a person's personality by any good palmist or hand reader. Therein lies the proof. But how do our thoughts (which are etched on our hands) comprehend the future even if it is at the most basic level?

We know who we are already. We may not be fully aware of it consciously, especially when it comes to our negative traits, but at the back of our mind, or rather in the subconscious, we know exactly who we are. For example, an individual may know that he/she is very talented, has excellent will power and is focused. Such people's hands will show success (if the individual is intelligent and hardworking and has correctly evaluated his/her abilities) because they know it at a subconscious level. That is how our brain senses what is going to happen in the future, although in very broad terms. However, our abilities can change, and so can our motivation and health, depending on our circumstances and our habits. With this, the lines change and so does the future. The palmist cannot be sure if the person will change, for the better or for the worse.

Major lines do not change easily once one is an adult unless one makes a conscious and special effort.

2) What about events which are not based on character traits? Something can happen which is beyond our control, and can this be reflected in the hand in some way? Death in an air crash for instance.

Death/Fatal accidents cannot be foretold with certainty but danger periods (to one's life) can be most of the time. These "future" drastic events have some connection to our present thoughts, and it has been explained by Cheiro when he gave the example of death in the water on the hand of a person who was going on a dangerous journey. The person took adequate precautions when warned by Cheiro, and the lines which showed the danger disappeared. The hand can show imminent danger because the person has sensed that something untoward can happen, but this can change if one takes precautions. Lines on the hand can be formed by our fears and our subconscious knows whether these fears are well-founded.

At times people can get a sense of what is going to happen to them in the next half an hour, and we call this intuition. For instance, someone might say, I think this plane is going to be late. Or I have a feeling that my boss is going to refuse the raise. This is also based on some deep knowledge at the back of our mind and at times seems unexplainable. At times people even get a premonition of their death. Possibly it is something our conscious mind is refusing to confront. It is easy to imagine that this ability is enhanced when it comes to life and death events. We know it, somewhere at the back of our minds. The brain processes information at amazing speeds and in unexplained ways and our conscious mind may not always be aware of it, because our conscious mind tends to block out certain thoughts, especially the negative ones.

At the same time, for intuition to operate correctly our minds have to be very clear. Genuine feelings about the future can often get confused with our wishes and also irrational fears.

3) Does our subconscious know everything and senses the future based on it? Is it based on our deep and subconscious knowledge of ourselves and the world surrounding us? Surely we cannot know it all!

No, we cannot know it all, but there are many things we can know, although not every person is the same in this regard. Some people are more sensitive to their surroundings and their own feelings (shown by more lines on the hand and its shape) and their hands show more. The more the lines, the more you can see. The more phlegmatic you are, the fewer the lines. Very small events can never be shown as these are unimportant to us in the larger scheme of things.

4) What about accidents, minor and major? How can these be shown on the hand? Surely this is not always based on our own knowledge of ourselves or anything to do with our own personality? An accident can be due to something beyond our control. 

When it comes to minor accidents, these are not shown on the hand because these are not significant in the larger scheme of things and do not affect our life as a whole.
When it comes to life-threatening events, these are marked on the hand, although certain death or disability cannot be predicted with accuracy as the lines can change.
Most danger points which are marked on our hands do have something to do with our personality as some people tend to take more risks than others, like a person who drinks and drives for instance. Or a person who participates in a risky sport. Or a person who is careless.
Some people are accident-prone. An understanding of psychology will explain that this behaviour is caused by certain personality traits. It says:
The tendency towards accident proneness is a function of behavioral, attitudinal and personality factors, among others.
However, I do agree not every mark showing a life-threatening event on the hand can be explained this way.  For example, why should a person who is travelling by train be blown up in a terrorist attack while another is saved because he/she misses the train that day? Why such deaths (which seem to be unexplained and have nothing to do with the person's lifestyle or behaviour) are marked on the hand is a mystery. I do not have a satisfactory explanation for this but I do know that the mark on your hand is a warning only. Precautions can make it go away.

5) Are you saying that all life-threatening events are marked on the hand? Each and everyone? 

I am not a hundred per cent sure of that. I think that it is possible that not all life-threatening events, particularly those which come out of the blue, are marked on the hand. Only research on this subject (studying the hands of all the people who died in an air crash for example) can confirm this. However, my own experience of studying the hands of those who have died of various causes (accident, disease) has shown the telltale marks on the hand. I saw a life-threatening event marked on the hand of a young nineteen-year-old. This boy was a sailor, and a year later he was dead in an accidental explosion on a part of the ship. He may not have been at fault, and yet it happened. Was there something that he had observed on the ship that led his subconscious mind to sense the impending tragedy? Lack of safety practices? His own clumsiness or lack of expertise perhaps? One will never know. 

6) Some people feel that positive thoughts bring on positive events and negative thoughts bring on negative events. Is there is any truth in this?

Yes, because negativity affects the personality and the choices we make. Positivity too has effects on behaviour. There is a lot of research on this, and it shows how our mental attitudes affect our actions and reactions.

7) Based on the theory that our hands are connected by nerve endings to the brain, and hence reflect our state of mind, where does the state of the inactive hand reside in our brain? 

Our brain is complicated, with its conscious and subconscious states. We may have consciously forgotten something, but it resides in our brain in the subconscious. Therefore the answer would be the areas of the brain apart from the conscious state. The active hand (the one we write with) shows the current state and the inactive hand the past. And if you ask me how I know this, the answer lies in what the hand tells us. We get to know our past selves from the inactive hand. Therein lies the proof.

7) Are people like Cheiro psychic in some way? If so, is this reflected on the hand? Is that how they made accurate predictions about the future?

People with a good intuitive ability have the qualities of perception, understanding of human nature, and they are also very observant and often very intelligent. These qualities are primarily encapsulated in the Line of Intuition, a curved line connecting the Mount of Mercury and Mount of Moon and Cheiro had this line. The ring of Jupiter is another, added indication. People without these lines can be a little intuitive if they have the qualities mentioned above which are shown on different places on the hand.

Not all people with the Line of Intuition can channelize their intuition productively. If the hand shows average intelligence, lack of concentration, nervousness, lack of mental balance, lack of ethics, or any other drawback, then the intuitive ability is either unused, disregarded, exaggerated, or misused.

8) What is Predictive Palmistry and how accurate is it?
In Predictive Palmistry, the palmist or hand reader reads the future, promising a certain course of events. This works 50 per cent of the time but with a good and cautious palmist, the accuracy can go up to 65-70 per cent.

Predictive Palmistry is what has given Hand Reading a bad name because predictive palmists do not take into account the human will and make all sorts of false promises about the future. That the human will is what decides your future is proven by the fact that no palmist can predict the future with even 80 per cent accuracy, and detailed predictions are always a good and intelligent guess by a clever palmist with excellent observation skills, intuition, and a good understanding of human nature. The inaccuracy and uncertainty of predictive palmistry is proof that the Human Will is what prevails. At best, one can indicate broad trends for the future and caution that these may change.

9) How can I change my future?
An ancient hand reader might say that such and such dire event is going to take place. For example a heart attack. Beware of a heart attack at age 50 he could say to a man of 30! A modern hand reader will say: Eat a good diet, exercise and check if you are genetically prone to a particular disease and have regular check-ups and you will be alright!

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  1. Very interesting questions and answers. There's a lot to ponder/check out. This is definitely something to be shared with other palmists as well as non-palmists for the wealth of detail in the article.

  2. 'Human will prevails' - I am not sure how much of this you are sure of. Don't you think the human will has lesser power than we all generally seem to associate with it?

    For example, consider a cobbler who has a lot of will. He can do his job quite very well and is very happy about it. But there is something else called market demand that decides if he stays in business or not. And that is not in his control at all.

    So, what's the point of having immense will when everyone knows that market factors ultimately decide many things?

    Destination Infinity

  3. Thanks Padmini,
    DI, I am certainly sure of it. Have believed in this from a very young age. Uptill now nothing has happened to shake my faith in the power of the human will. I know people who have postponed death as well.
    About the cobbler if he has the will he can always diversify, and change but ofcourse he has to have the capability and the flexibility and the fortitude and strength as well. The will is a tool only and a powerful one, but it needs the actual material to work with. The will is simply the steering. I will give you a real life example of someone close to me, my neighbor for many years. This was years ago, when I was very young and this neighbor was in the textile industry when it was in the doldrums. You know the time, late seventies, early eighties. This man was very intelligent and smart but when the industry started doing badly, he blamed circumstances and when he lost his job, he refused to change his line. Another person, a friend of ours was in the same industry. He immediately took up another calling, although at a lower level. He did not blame fate or destiny. The first person soon started to drink, and was relying on his wife to support him. He was intelligent, but became an alcoholic and died recently. The second person struggled for years in a profession he was not qualified for (he was a textile engineer) but he carried on, studied part-time, and is now doing fairly well for himself.

  4. As I see both of your examples, I feel that both of them had a lot of will. The first person had enough will to want to carry on in the same line and the second person had enough will to shift his line totally. Perhaps, if the first person had not taken to alcohol, he could have been as successful as the second? I mean, demand/supply keeps changing. After a few years, perhaps the demand for textile engineers could have increased?

    There is a place near Coimbatore called Tiruppur. People in that town were doing very well due to their export orders. Tiruppur still has a higher density of population than Coimbatore. Can you believe it? Today, many export orders have diminished and only a handful of big industries (having a firm base in the local market) survived. Many small scale textile industries either closed or were not doing well. What I am trying to say is, there are many many factors other than will that decides how much success a person might see.

    Destination Infinity

  5. Ofcourse that is true DI. Will is simply the driver. It needs the backing of other qualities, but with a strong will one can develop the other qualities.

  6. no one can tell the future,
    if one will do the hardwork he will get the fruits

  7. I agree with you a hundred percent sm. That is the basic truth.

  8. An intersting blog....i read thru few old palmistry books published including desbarolles...i appreciate ur effort given here Nita...expecting more...thank u

  9. I have read the book "Breaking the Habit of being yourself" from Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is a neuroscientist, and I've learned there, the difference of when we live in a survival state, and in a creator state.
    A survival state is when one is behaving in predictable ways, dictated by its own subconscious mind - which has certains beliefs built during the life.
    HE teaches us then, how to "reset" the old program by creating new ways of thinking, until it became new ways of believing - consequently, we change our destiny.
    Also dr. Bruce Lipton who wrote "the biology of belief", teaches us that what we believe to be true is attended by our cels, which reflect whatever our beliefs are. Of course,as you change your beliefs, so your cels, and the physical manifestation of it.
    Both scientists studied cases of people who had terminal diseases with no hope from the doctors, but then, they could reverse their cases.

    According to the modern palm reading, how can you relate it with the work of this two wonderful scientists?
    Thank you,

  10. Actually palm reading is the manifestation of one's own thoughts so it is simple to co-relate. If you change your thoughts it is reflected on the hands. Changes in lines can be seen on the hand within days. But again, not everyone changes the fundamental aspects of himself or herself. Some simply do not have the will. And there are many cases of people surviving long even though their life and mercury lines are very poor.This is an indication of a person surviving due to his or her will.

    1. If a person suffers from PANIC ATTACKS (which means this person is constantly beliving she/he is going to die), can it confuse the palm reader?
      I mean... if a person believes for year that she is under threat, this is probably seen in this person's palm... Can a palm reader detect if it's a "fake" threat or a real threat , since panic is lots of fake thoughts?

  11. Mariana, what the client thinks should not affect a good hand reader.
    And yes, the hand can certainly reveal if the person lives in his own imaginative world or is a practical and down to earth person.

  12. It seems palmistry itself is not a complete solution in predictive astrology and hence it needs to be supported by other conventional branches such as horo or even Tarot and thus a combined analysis needs to be made for more accuracy

  13. If you believe that tarot or horoscopes can make accurate predictions combined with palmistry, then you must also believe that our future is a fixed thing and cannot be changed. Palmistry operates on the premise that if we change, so does our future. The lines change if we change. That is why it is not possible to make accurate predictions as there are too many instances of lines changing. Even the shape of the hand changes as we grow older. It is very unusual to find people who don’t change at all. In fact that is why Palmistry is the most accurate, as it takes into account the changes in our personality, and with it our ability to fine-tune our future.

  14. I think our future is a fixed thing to the extent of our past actions or "karma". Every action has a reaction even as per conventional laws of science but beyond these reactions we've it in our hands to create our future. So one has to look at those "fixed things" as manifestations of our own past actions.


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