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Your hand reflects your opinion of yourself!

Your hand revea!ls your true self –  not who you actually are but whom you think you are. In plain speak, it outlines your opinion of yourself – what you think of yourself deep down, at the bottom of your heart, maybe even in your subconscious. The hand does not provide an objective evaluation of an individual and nor is hand analysis about what you and I think of a particular person. Such evaluations emerge from outside of the person whose hand is being studied, and therefore, will not be shown on the hand.

Our hand shape and lines are formed by connections to the brain, our own brain. Like I have explained in this post:

Image by VSRao 
... Hundreds of nerves connect our brain to our body parts, including the hands. Why our conscious and unconscious thoughts are transmitted via the brain onto the palm is like asking why is it that we have ten fingers and ten toes. This is how our body is designed. Each body part has a function, sometimes multiple functions. The hand shape and palmar surface give us clues about ourselves and we can decipher them if we try.

That's why an outside/objective view of a person is likely to be different from what the person's hand shows.

This can be understood better if one takes racism as an example. From the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries slavery was rampant in North America and slave owners did not think they were doing anything wrong. Slavery was not considered immoral at the time. Therefore, an average slave owner’s hand would not have shown him to be a cruel or immoral man, certainly not in the early days of slavery. It could in fact actually show him to be kind and compassionate if he treated his slaves well, better than the norm. Everything is relative, and most humans do take upon the societal standards of right and wrong as a reference point to measure their own behaviour.  

This also applies to other barbaric customs of the past.  It depends on the society the person comes from, and his community values. If the person genuinely believes that he is doing the right thing even while committing a violent act, then his hand will not show him to be evil. Of course, such people are rare in the 21st century, because communication networks and the internet have connected people all over the world and most people are well aware of how the rest of the world functions. It has become easier to measure our own behaviour by the universal standards of right and wrong.

Another example is that of humanitarians. The hands of all those who donate to charity and do all the right, philanthropic things do not necessarily show generosity and unselfishness. A few could have a selfish motive and may know it at some level. Or maybe they have double standards. A beatific face for the public, and a selfish one in their personal lives. These people's hands will not show them to be humanitarians or good, loving people, however charitable their outside face is. Such hands will likely show hypocrisy and dishonesty. We may repeat something a hundred times but however hard we try to convince ourselves and others, it is not so easy to fool the subconscious mind. 

Image by John Hain

Another example is that of the hands of corrupt people. If people genuinely believe that taking their “hafta” is their right, their hands will not show dishonesty. Yes, there are a few people like this today too, despite bribery being looked down in society nowadays. We may brand such people as those without conscience because they show no guilt. They have justified their behaviour to themselves. Perhaps they tell themselves that they are badly paid. Or believe that they have been terribly wronged in some manner, by the system. Or they might believe that every sensible person around is doing it, even while pretending not to. They are those non-thinking, hardened stalwarts of corruption who have got so used to the comforts of the extra income, they don’t even want to consider that they are doing wrong. However, the majority of corrupt people do feel some guilt and if they feel even a sliver of it, their dishonesty will be revealed by their hands. 

The hand of Oscar Pistorius is interesting in this context. He is a convicted murderer but his hands do not show him to be a bad man. Another example is that of the hands of Xi Jinping, the Chinese head honcho. His hands do not show him to be a nasty man. In fact, his hand shows him to be a man with ideals and compassion. This is who he sincerely believes he is: a leader doing his best for his people. The way the Chinese society is shaped and the very nature of their political system ensures that Xi Jinping's view of himself might be difficult to change. Or take Donald Trump. He has a very high opinion of himself, although that has probably been eroded da little of late!

However, if one takes the hands of Adolf Hitler, his hand shows his evil. He may have loved Germany but he didn't love all Germans. There was never any precedence for what he did. Hitler thought up the evil all by himself. He planned the mass murders in a calculated manner and executed his plan ruthlessly. 

This doesn’t usually work in reverse. Those who are good usually know they are so, People whose behaviour and actions are exemplary, those who set very high ethical standards for themselves, higher than the societal standards, know it. The hands of such people will usually show idealism and integrity. Often, these hands will also show sensitivity and compassion. They can also show pride and arrogance if such a person feels that he/she is superior to others. 

Two people with equal integrity could have hands which do not show this trait in equal measure. If a person with very high standards of ethics slips up once or twice, he may think he is not that honest. A person who is more forgiving of himself/herself will believe in his/her total honesty. 

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  1. A very unique and well-written article. :)

  2. Hi . out of curiosity .. does having a guilty conscience actually show someone as a bad person .. logically is this not a paradox - For e.g. If i make a mistake, but take responsibility for the same and try to redress resulting grievance, my hand still shows me as a bad person due to my conscience vis a vis someone who makes a mistake and refuses to accept the fact this its actually an error or steadfastly believes that he/she did only the right thing even if people are adversely by their actions.

    1. It's a little more complicated than that. Humans are complex beings. A cold, unfeeling person (as are many of those without a conscience) will show up as this. Lack of feeling shows up clearly on the hand. So let's take the other end. Someone who is narcissistic and egotistical and selfish who believes he is not evil although does evil things. The hand will show a person who is egotistical and selfish. The hand often shows a crude nature and many dictators have such hands. The overall shape of the hand is important. It shows whether a person is civilised or not. Everything is to be seen in context. A sensitive and a highly self aware person will be shown as such on the hand. So you see, it does balance out and it is possible to get to know who the real person is, by looking at the hand. If a hand shows a crude type of personality which is volatile and selfish, one can only imagine what sort of life this person is leading. Maybe he/she is a criminal, maybe just an obnoxious person. I can go on with examples but you get the idea.

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