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Jared Leto – a sensitive, generous soul

A few photos of Jared Leto’s hands on the net are quite clear – of both his hands. One doesn’t normally find such photos of famous people so freely available, but when they are, it’s an incentive to study the hand. 

The shape of the hand is distinctly visible – the broadish palm, slightly short fingers, slim, squarish at the tips and curved, except for the Mercury or the little finger, which is straight. The mounts of Moon and Venus are developed well and the first and third phalanges are long. Overall, the hand is good, in the sense that there aren’t too many lines cluttering up the palm, and the fingers are more or less balanced with each other as is the palm balanced with the length of the fingers.

Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad

What struck me immediately is the difference between Jared’s left (passive) hand and the right (active) hand. Three of the main lines, the Heart, the Head and Fate or Saturn line are markedly different on both hands. The lifeline is the only major line which seems similar on both hands. 

The heartline on the left hand is short and straight, ending below the Saturn (middle) finger while on the right hand, it is a longer, curved line going up to between the first two fingers, although the latter part of the line is lighter, almost as if it’s forming, with a potential to grow darker. The headline on the left hand is sloping and a little disturbed at the start, while the headline on the right hand, though thinner and weaker in the beginning, strengthens gradually. The shape is more or less straight and the line improves in quality as it goes along. The fateline appears to be short and broken on the left hand, probably lighter too. On the right, it’s clear enough, getting stronger as it rises upwards and it looks to be heading somewhere. A Girdle of Venus is present on both hands, although more prominent and more in pieces on the left hand. As for the lifeline, it’s good, particularly after one-third of the way down. 

You can check out his hand photos here and here. The photo published above is a free photo.

When the active and passive hands are so distinctly different on a person's hand, it means that the individual has altered his future because of sheer willpower and determination. The passive hand tells you of your subconscious or inherited/past self and the active hand is all about your current self. If Jared had handed himself over to the vagaries of Fate, his life would have been quite different. It may not have been a terrible life, but it would most likely have been minus the achievement. 

So, what is Jared Leto like today, and what would he have been like if he had not altered his destiny? For one thing, his inherited tendencies showed the proclivity to be a drifter but he changed himself by figuring out goals in life and working to achieve them. He was born with a high level of emotional sensitivity of the kind which could have led him down the dangerous path of experimentation. 

What probably saved him is his inherently practical side. It’s ironic, but if one has to conquer one’s weaknesses, one needs either an extraordinarily supportive environment or an important, redeeming quality. In the case of Jared Leto, it’s his pragmatism. This kept his thinking on the level, alerting him to ground realities. Jared could see the consequences of his actions, even at a fairly young age. 

Today, his hand shows more control over himself, a larger heart, and helpful nature. He didn’t inherit this aspect. Nor did he inherit an ego of any sort. He is like this today too – humble. 

There is a desire for fame and renown though, present in his current as well as the inherited personality. This was probably one of the motivators and enabled him to focus.

However, the Apollo or Sunline is not visible on either hand or if it is, it’s very faint. This proves that the Sunline has nothing to do with fame. 

Jared Leto’s hands tell us that he is a clear thinker, enormously disciplined and determined, and something of an intellectual. He is open-minded, and his hand shows unselfishness, and a desire to do things for others. So yes, a philanthropic mindset is present, and always was. What he doesn’t have is business ability. Perhaps delegation would work.

With his willingness to help others and lead them, he has the capacity to do a lot of good for others. 

One wonders why 48-year-old Jared Leto is not yet married. There are rumours that he is Gay, but he has never acknowledged it specifically. The bachelorhood has probably, at least partly, to do with his circumstances and his personal journey, rather than who he is. He took time finding his feet and was probably more concerned with stabilising his life rather than hooking up permanently with anyone. Another thing is that even today, a high level of sensitiveness is present in his nature. He is the kind who could be hurt easily because of little things. Avoiding the intimacy of marriage is one way of protecting oneself, possibly. 

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  1. Nita, as soon as I saw Jared Leto's name I was hoping you would shed light on whether he is a true philanthropist or not. I am a major fan (more of his singing than his acting), and I am not surprised here about the difference between the left and right hand as I saw an interview of where he said he used to be a drifter in Las Vegas until finding solid ground. Him and his brother both who later on formed the band 30 Seconds to Mars. And if you watch their live performances they always embrace fans and take time to talk to them. I remember watching the shooting of a music video and Leto personally thanked every crew member for their participation, so I'm very glad to read that his hand reflects his good heartedness. Business ability might be lacking as the band faced a lot of legal issues early on (not getting royalties from their first 2 best-selling albums).

    Also, how's the progress with your palmistry book? I am very eager to read it. :)

    1. Thanks for your insights. And about the palmistry book, it's very slow going. But one day, it will be out. That's the only thing I am certain about.


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