Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bradley Cooper is distant but not cold

39-year-old actor Bradley Cooper (48 now, in 2023, and still unmarried, with a slew of broken relationships in his past) is another one of the perennial bachelors of Hollywood although he was married briefly. Leonardo DiCaprio is in the same boat, though never married and at 48 (in 2023) also has plenty of broken relationships behind him). George Clooney finally shed his bachelorhood at 53, but what of Bradley Cooper? Can the hand give us any insights as to why he has never managed to have a long-time relationship? 

What is it about his personality that makes him so? Brad’s female fans must wonder what prevents him from being in a long-term committed relationship. Is it because this Hollywood heartthrob is cold and manipulative as
his ex-wife claims?

His secrets could well lie in his hands. Bradley Cooper has a large hand, broad palm, a good low-set thumb, and slim, tapering fingers. He has fairly straight lines but they are a little uneven, not extremely so. The heartline ends under the mount of Saturn and the headline is of medium length as well. The lines are well-balanced with each other. The mounts on his hand are developed, but not excessively so. Fingers are slightly short, leaning towards the thumb, and not significantly bent although the Mercury (little) finger seems bent. The medium-developed mounts are Venus, Moon and Jupiter. From the palmistry point of view, he has a fairly good hand. 

Check out a hand photograph of Bradley's here and here. (The photo below is a free photo).

The hand shows the coolness of nature (not coldness). His hand also shows that he is not demonstrative and can appear distant, but this does not mean that he is unfeeling. He is not demonstrative or effusive or romantic in his affections, but more practical. Let's say he is not the typical romantic hero but any woman would be lucky to have him for a husband as he is likely to be undemanding and would not put the woman on a pedestal and he would give her space. Anyone looking for someone to shower her with attention would be disappointed. Yes, maybe he would not give so much importance to birthdays and anniversaries. 

For Bradley, stability and security is important. He has strong, deep feelings and is loyal and decent. In fact, he is the kind for whom close relationships and intimacy matter. He needs someone to depend on, someone whom he can be sure is always around, someone he can take for granted. He is also the kind who can move on if the person is not suitable. He is not the kind to fall headlong in love and pine for that person. His hand does show some inconsistency in thinking and it is likely that he does not know the kind of person who is right for him.

Bradley Cooper photo
His hand shows objectivity of the mind, clarity of thinking, and a compassionate and philanthropic temperament. Although a lot of Hollywood actors do charity, and some of them also have philanthropic leanings, Bradley’s philanthropic nature is quite pronounced. 

Bradley Cooper is not a nasty or cold personality. He may not, however, be an entirely straightforward person, much like Leonardo in that sense. These are clever, very clever men.

Despite this drawback (if you can call it that), Bradley Cooper’s hands show that his heart is in the right place, even if he is a little distant. Maybe such a temperament could come in the way of intimacy but it finally depends on the kind of person he hitches up with. What is true is that Brad wants a practical someone who will understand and accept him the way he is.

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  1. Human Beings are so complex and so many traits that might seem to contradict each other co-exist. How does meanness coexist with compassion ( leo's case) or cunning with philanthropy?
    Like in Katrina's reading , she's dishonest and has a big heart? I am sure it can if you've mentioned them but i am puzzled, but how does these contradictory traits manifest in one's behavior?

    Regards! :)

  2. Maybe some people find it more difficult to forgive and forget than others (the "romantic" types)? And I don't think manipulative people are cold and distant. They generally engage people and make them believe in their lies. Just my opinion . . .

    Destination Infinity

  3. Swati, that's an easy one to answer. Haven't you come across umpteen people who are say environmentalists, or lovers of animals or humanitarians (eg. Gandhi) who have issues with their personal life? Personality characteristics are not fixed, not even in black and white fictional characters! Even fictional characters are more complex than that. As for human beings, they are more than just complex. They are very very deep.
    Also I am not sure why you feel that cunning people cannot be compassionate or philanthropic. However your feelings are precisely why human beings are reluctant to accept their weaknesses. They feel that if they have one weakness, it means they are bad people overall. There is nothing further from the truth.

    DI, I did not say that manipulative people are cold and distant. These two personality characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with each other. In any case, Bradley Cooper's hands show that he is not very manipulative, only slightly, not significantly.

    Let me repeat what I said to Swati. Human beings are often reluctant to accept their weaknesses because they believe that if they have one weakness, it means they are bad people overall. There is nothing further from the truth.

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